blue dawn to a rainstorm of lost souls.


we took three pictures today and just wanted to post them here before we say goodnight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere was a strange torrential rainstorm in los angeles today – the city looks so odd under dark clouds, they come so rarely – we got stopped by the weather while driving along hollywood boulevard – past the bit where grown-up people dress up as characters from movies – all the way past the re-development of what was once glorious and now, at street level, is scary and full of deranged souls trying to escape from their miserable existence – usually one doesn’t see these people (much) – not in the centre of town anyway – the forgotten have usually moved slowly down towards the beaches and sit there, surrounded by their last worldly belongings – or someone else’s cast-offs and now claimed and suddenly imbued with significance from a life they didn’t lead – and so the traffic slowed to a halt and we caught the eyes of some of the tortured souls, dragging their soaked possessions in the rain – and we almost could not take how much we felt – we never talk about this kind of thing (here) but sometimes we think about a woman we financially support through a good kind charitable organization who lives in africa – we’ve done this for a few years – it feels good – but today we thought about closer-to-home and we remembered the first christmas eve that we spent in los angeles – back in 2001 – when we drove with a convoy of people-trying-to-make-a-difference all the way downtown to skid row and our trunks/boots/backofthecar was filled (like the other cars in the convoy) with donations and at the appointed place we were told to open the trunks – but we were So Naive – we’d never seen anything like skid row before – we thought we’d be allowed to go and give the bags of clothes and talk awhile – but we could not – it was an anarchist society with its own rules that night – sadly we were extra naive because we left a whole bunch of paperwork and music-to-weep-by-on-cds (mostly from the mid-80s) and as soon as the trunks were opened Everything Was Gone.

it was sort of liberating (to lose what we did not need) – and terrifying to see such want and need from others.

this is an odd post for us.

just the rainstorm and the lost souls made us think.

we have nothing to complain about.