home. sweet. soft linens. lavender scented. home.



darlings – we are HOME!


we arrived home (although you know we are at home anywhere we lay our cloche hat and gloves, of course, being a Citizen of the world and living virtually on the interweb as one does) in L.A sometime *saidvaguely* yesterday…..

and had the Nicest conversation with our taxi driver (and got some tips about visiting a new ‘hood: লিটল বাংলাদেশ = Little Bangladesh because we adore a spicy curry from time to time) and then unpacked (because we ALWAYS unpack instantly and the silver samsonite emitted a sweet fragrance of English washing powder as William said we could do a load of laundry in Whitstable – so very grateful for that) and watched an episode of English Television while eating a quick (brown rice gluten free) pasta supper (tomatoes, spinach, peas and a few saucy slices of light baby-bel with a healthy sprinkling of turmeric) and then slipped between our own lavender scented linens…….

……….waking up a full TWELVE HOURS LATER.

thank goodness we didn’t make any plans, darlings.


such a blissful rest!

what’s that?




that’s when we woke up.

actually, that’s what the clock said (because we were in NYC when the clocks went back for daylight savings and we have an old fashioned battery-powered elegant ladies’ boudoir 1930s style clock which is not connected to any interweb time-changing power source).

so – *coughs* 2AM.


2AM is not that helpful a time to wake up.

but there you go.

luckily we live in Los Angeles.

so, for the second time in 24 hours we asked Mr. Google for a 24 hour diner (you may recall yesterday – was it yesterday, really? when we took the A train from JFK into the city to eat at the Washington Square Diner) and he said: “try Fred 62

so we did.

and it was amusingly packed with young people satisfying their craving for carbohydrates at the counter.

then we took a walk (quite safe here) and became all misty and grateful at Where Life Has Brought Us and that sort of appropriate-for-the-early-hours-of-the-morning-with-jet-lag feeling.

the realiz(s)ation that we had No milk in the fridge (and had just used the last of the mini baby-bel) meant we went to the 24 hour grocery shop (on Vine and Melrose in case you’re ever here and in need of supplies at an unsocial hour) and Stocked Up.


the Technical Term for these is “shelf wobblers” (we know that because we worked in Commercial Content for a time and even wrote copy for a meal replacement bar – we’re very flexible, darlings)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

so happy to be back in L.A! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then we did laundry, unpacked the groceries.

wrote a piece for Good Housekeeping (March 2014 issue! the UK one! so excited!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand stood in silence at the window (the one in the living room) and watched the sunrise.

what a truly glorious life.


now we’re off to the Post Office (it just opened) to pick up our mail/post (they have been holding it for us since Nov 2 – at least we Hope they Have – gulp) and the Library (where there are Many pieces of Requested Items just waiting for us!) and then we’ll probably have to crash again as we’re due to meet-up-with-friends later, which is always delightful.

you have a beautiful tuesday out there.

stay warm if you’re in the northern hemisphere and take a wrap if you’re in south africa, just for effect.




we are back.

a long day’s journey into night.

as someone once wrote.

there are Renovations going on at LAX so it was even more surreal than usual to arrive.


taxis, trains, planes & taxis – and we crossed the usa and returned to This Coast.


and now we start to Plot the next move.


undoubtedly the princess phone will come in handy as we do this.

but now, coffee (black) and an Italian cracker (nothing else in the fridge) and a drive to the Valley shortly.

more to come.

home. a place to sit and read and dream.


Beyond Exhaust-ed.

Emotionally, physically and all the other ways one Could Be.

We met the (very charming and kind and considerate and remarkably Swift) Moving Men outside the apartment building at a very early hour.

They would not hear of us picking up a Thing.

Apparently our job was to Tick off the numbers of the boxes as they called them Out.

So we stood behind the kitchen counter and felt a Tiny bit like Martha Stewart directing workmen on a new TV set:

Oh. Over there, please. Yes, lovely. Oh maybe that way round. Gosh. Perfect.

And then it was time to say goodbye and cut down the parking permit signs and go back upstairs.

Almost had a Tiny meltdown at sight of So Many Boxes.

But then we remembered to be grateful that we were just unpacking them. We didn’t have to Pack anything back in nyc as Jonathan had done that (and wonderfully, with lots of softly folded brown paper).

Five hours …….(a few tears and a dead beetle) later…..

We have a new stage set 


Home ;)







We are smiling at you from the milk chocolate shade couch and waving wearily but Most Happily.

Note to self: going to the hardware store in Beverly Hills because they have a handyman service and Hanging Pictures has not been part of our skill-set judging from Past Experience.


The wisdom of advancing years…..

We have a List.

It will be lovely to ply the handyman with tea and see which moviestars he (or, optimistcally and most modern perchance – she) has Also hung pictures for. Because the hardware store has been there since the 1920s so you just Know there is a History with the movie colony people.

Bet they’re Terribly discreet of course.

But it Never hurts to show Interest.

So happy.


But thrilled.

the irony.


from. the. couch.

(well-spotted – an archive picture indeed – not a leaf to be seen today).

soho.in the city that doesn’t sleep?

defd2aa25bad11e2ab6822000a1fb191_7we haven’t.

since monday night.

hours of strange half-sleep-half-awake-half-panic – yes.

but actual blissful SLEEP?


not since monday.

we hear we’re not alone (we were going to link to a newspaper article but why scare you).

safe to say that apparently the city of Boston has gone into a state of emergency because of the flu epidemic.



calm down.

calm down.


this was our last day in NYC.

and we saw it through the windows (mostly*).

*we attempted to emerge swathed in a great many layers at 7.20AM this morning to see our favo(u)rite downtown chaps at a place we sometimes gather of a morning but 20 mins into the hugs and smiles and trying To Be Brave we started shaking (either emotion or flu or the sheer bloody low temperatures of the Eastern Seaboard – who knows).

so we walked (very slowly – again – the Irony – of the feet that have walked so many lands for Hours and Hours and we can barely make it round the corner).

having painted a truly pathetic (in the Dickensian sense of the word you understand, no self-judgement here, these days) picture, we’d like to tell you that we feel a Lot Better.

just staying safe and waiting for the boxes to arrive.



we shan’t actually Do anything with the boxes.

Jonathan ordered them.

and so they’ll remain in some corner (we don’t have a great many of them, this being a NY pied a terre you see) until After we leave on a jet air plane to palm springs tomorrow morning.

just to be Entirely sure we get there in one piece, we booked a black town car with a driver.

we’ll be the one fast asleep in the back, wrapped up in a pashmina, a DKNY slim-fitting leather jacket (all coats have now been consigned to the lovely people at Housing Works) around our shoulders, clutching our Jackie O sunglasses for dear life.

we will miss new york.

and it’s been a terrible irony that we haven’t seen ANY of it this past week.

come to think of it, this has been the cheapest week we’ve ever spent in this city.

sips of tomato soup and medicated lozenges and lots of hot water with ginger root powder and fresh lemon.

a most abstemious existence.

which is (almost) funny because everyone we spoke to Last Week said they were going on a “Major Cleanse” (so scary) and had shelled out (british slang for you there) a Fortune for those orange boxes which come with various potions and cayenne pepper and what not.

they could have just come round here. we have several sorts of pepper and not a Cake in sight.

see you on the other side (of the country)!

grippe. Flu. Misery.

Oh no, darlings.

Our last few days in NYC.

And we get sick.


Even our eyeballs hurt.

Everything aches.

Send kind thoughts.


Apparently it’s going around.

Which is dreadfully upsetting.

Sort of a common sort of a Flu?

Whatever would the Mitfords say?

Sleep. Hot baths. Tea. And a novel read to one by Nanny.

No doubt.

Thank goodNess for British radio via the interweb, then.


Update: so Moved by all your comments both here and on instagram darlings!


So kind.



Feeling a little less gloomy now.

Isn’t the interweb delicious?

strangers in the house, with cameras.


a Very odd morning.

the landlords (yes, we rent – haven’t taken the home owner plunge as yet – no idea where we want to live when we’re grown up, you see – apart from the Motion Picture Retirement Home, eventually, because it sounds like enormous fun) sent round someone to photograph the apartment.

you know, to List It (which means Strangers are going to be tramping through our space to see whether they feel this apartment is Right for them – sigh).


we sat at the long farmhouse (french-style) table (which is actually called Big Sur and yes, we bought it not just because it’s beautiful but the whole Big-Sur-Henry-Miller reference tickled us too) and stared nonchalantly into the middle distance and moved each time they said we’d be in shot (which was necessary because we don’t actually Come with the apartment and that would be False Advertising).

we did make our bed. and tidied away all of the belongings that feel precious and not-to-be-photographed (oh god, are we going to be stuck up in an estate agent/realtors’ window? horrors.)

but it felt so Invasive.

and yet we’re being Practical (for once).

they need to re-rent it.

we are going to Move.

this is what needs to Happen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but we didn’t like it.

and we’ll like it Even Less when potential suitors for the apartment come to call in the early days of January 2013 to look around.

Unless they are gorgeously Fun and interesting and we decide to make a new friend.


you never know………Deeply Interesting characters have lived in Manhattan since the dawn of excellence and beauty.

final note.

this is a Beautiful apartment!

said the (actually very sweet) landlord’s photographer.

we blushed, prettily.

thank you….

we murmured, trying not to get into a conversation.

why are you leaving?

he said.

we looked out of the window and for a moment couldn’t remember why.

it is ever such a long Story.

let there be light, darlings.




it’s 5AM in downtown manhattan and suddenly the bedside lamp, the one that had trying to valiantly provide light but failed as soon as the blackout hit on monday at 20:00 hours in the evening just sprung proudly into service again.

we have never been so happy to see its shining face.

darlings – our friends from what apparently was dubbed SoPo (South of Power) – do you have light too?

street lamps and everything?

all ALIVE!


a Huge Exhale.

the life this past week has been strange – heading uptown 60 blocks to find showers at the gym (memories of boarding school watching Tough Prefect-style behavio(u)r in the Orderly Queue monitoring towel usage rations), heading into the Dark Zone with a hand flashlight, seeing cops directing traffic in the pitch black with red flares as the sun went down, watching movies while the power cells diminished into red, by candlelight, with canned soup and evaporated milk with coffee (no fresh milk to be had downtown since the fridges broke – we popped our head inside the fridge just now to say hello – and there it was – an almost empty tin of coffee and some crackers from a Nordic country – smiling back, quite friendless, we shall re-stock with fresh items when the Shops Re-open) and a flashlight to read by in bed in the Extreme cold under Mountains of quilts.

it’s over.

it got darkest before the dawn indeed.

and an hour or so ago we heard shouts outside – the first street-light-had-come-on – we felt how cold it was in the apartment by pulling our head unwillingly off the pillow – and went back to sleep again.

and then – just now – the lamp burst into proud Light.

let there be light, darlings.

so relieved.

so relieved.



take the long way home.

Sometimes it is best to take the long way home…….breathing and dreaming of future years in a Quite different life.

Thank you jw/1 :)

jw/1’s car (actually this is j/w2’s car) looks like Tron!



We crossed 57th.


And walked to grand central station.

Where we people-gazed. Ate a lobster puff or three (a dinner party in connecticut in a waxed paper bag). And sipped a skim latte. Shopped a little at body shop (memories of 80s England and peppermint foot lotion and elderflower eye gel) and slowly made our way home.

Something happened in the immigration process today that shocked us.

We are ok.

But someone else has our file now, apparently.

We can’t say anymore, darlings.

But if there’s one thing that Freaks out teamgloria, it’s Anything to do with The impending (please!) green Card.

Talking of teamgloria.

Look what we found today.


Peels of laughter when we spotted the card.

Quelle joy.

More than made up for the Scare around the immigration Status ;)