thoughts in the heat.


it’s hotter than new orleans at teamgloria towers.

we’re not huge fans over here of the “A. C. ” unit (because it’s loud in places where there’s not central Air embedded into the fabric of the walls but buzzing angrily inside a wall-based machine).

it’s hard to think.

but there again the last few days of summer are not a time to think.


instead of thinking (before we settle down to working) perhaps you’ll indulge us as we quote a little from St. Augustine (which is Very Rare for us to quote a man of the cloth/saint but this is a beautiful passage):

And I come to the fields and spacious palaces of my
memory, where are the treasures of innumerable images,
brought into it ... by the senses....

All these doth that great harbor of the memory
receive in her numberless secret and inexpressible
windings, to be forthcoming, and brought out at need;
each entering in by his own gate, and there laid up.


There also meet I with myself, and recall myself, and
when, where, and what I have done, and under what


Behold in the plains, and caves, and caverns of my
memory, innumerable and innumerably full of innumerable
kinds of things ... over all these do I run, I fly; I
dive on this side and on that, as far as I can, and
there is no end.


we spotted this (we’re talking again now – we’ve asked the Saint to step aside) on the street in ocean park the other day – isn’t it so L.A and also intriguing.

what will you do?

we’re going to make some Changes today and hopefully our Future selves (for they are numinous) will cock a smile back at 2013 and say “thank goodness”. 305cdd9a110011e3a43e22000aeb0ef6_7

but there’s still time to smell the fragrant blooms. 18e6c35c10fa11e39cee22000aa803c7_7and take tea (abstemiously with lemon – it’s too, too hot for anything else) at the place listed on the lovely pen in the picture (fancy).

While sitting and watching this video in admiration of the great Lana Wachowski who made brave and wonderful decisions of her own.

not *many* commentators on popular culture and its discontents can get from air conditioning units to st. augustine and on to one of the makers of the Matrix – but we can.

and we love that you read thus far.

have a beautiful friday.

stay inside if the weather is inclement out there.

foreign films, taking the long road home, evening heat (and a new piece for #HuffPo)


we had the most delicious day yesterday – packed with meetings and interesting people and a drive down mullholland drive and a Foreign Film from 1972 and who-we-are-in-RL had another piece published (which we thought was rather Saucy and Surprising in its use of Dating Tips with Marketing Campaigns – whodda-thought? Well, she did, clearly and that’s splendid).


Bien sûr as they say in all the best parisian-style cafes around the world.


valets standing to attention like sentries outside a Palace (any palace, pick a palace). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the splendid-ness of a Local Library (local to where-we-were-driving-briefly yesterday so we Had to pop in). #weadorealibraryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky was SO blue (and the temperature SO high). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

splendid. splendid. splendid. 1972. alain delon. catherine deneuve. un flic. une marvel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

can you see how hot it was (and this was the evening time)? #phew. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we took the (very) long way home. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

because we could.

before you go!

justaddattitude wrote a very lovely and poignant and deeply interesting piece here about media-that-is-sociable and we just wanted to share it in case you didn’t get it in your post box today.

isn’t life delicious?

we. think. so

hello, palm springs.


it’s gorgeous here.

and the mercury is rising…….it was 104 degrees (whatever that is in old money) when we arrived late yesterday #phew.

a scorcher.

and delicious.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe have a book to read, thoughts to let roam around one’s head, blood pressure to see drop, a pool to swim in, splendid companionship with the Host (mr. GB) and a movie to make………..


here’s our subject.


Zippy is ready for his close-up.

oh the places we’ve been | India

we went to India last year for the first time.

It was a business trip – not an attempt to find oneself or drop out or whatever else one is meant to do on a trip to India.

But it happened all the same. we loved the heat, the Namaste, the frankly curious meeting of minds and spirits. But most of all we loved the afternoon we got to slip away with who-we-are-in-RL after she had finished work and watch the cricket match before walking in the cool gardens of the temple nearby. The sounds of summer. Swishing saris, thwack of the cricket ball and flies buzzing in the thick air.