classic manhattan pied a terre all pale roses, gilt mirrors and shimmering charm


we cannot reveal the divine owner of this pied a terre but we just had to share a few glimpses of a stunning place to sit and talk as the twilight fell over uptown Manhattan.




isn’t it Exactly how you imagined glamorous people Lived in New York back when there was a clinking-and-fizzing of imported Italian minerale eau-ness and a shriek of excitement at the wrapping of something Gorgeous! in satin revealed beneath Clouds of Tissue paper and a discreet cough in the lobby for the Guests have arrived, darling,  and the mixing of tinkling Hollywood blonde voices with sweet baritones from visiting Polish Counts and a removing of heavy wool overcoats with brass buttons and a slithering of Wraps and checking the blush on one’s cheekbone with a shiver of anticipation at whom else Might have been invited too.


It was one of Those apartments.

So happy to have been inside one……..before we leave for the Other Coast.

Thank you, dear one.

What a delicious afternoon!

Can you tell…..

……manhattan is doing its best to tug at our heartstrings……


hello, autumn leaves and Lush skyscrapers.