new words (to live by)

we brought a couple of new pieces of typography deliciousness to the Day Job today to inspire – do you like them?

it’s from bill. this bill.

we find such words Useful.

we also find looking out of the window Useful. and Inspiring.

isn’t manhattan looking GLORIAous in the hazy first days of heat? apparently it will hit 80 degrees (whatever that is in old money) – blimey.

you can’t make them out but there was a small photoshoot taking place on the rooftop down there – we saw the glint out of the corner of our eye and wheeled ourselves over in the wheel-y Mad Man Office Chair-ness to look.

and then – in between Lots of Important Work – we wrote some thank you cards.

one to Hal Hartley

and a couple to New compatriots of Corporate America.

one to someone delicious we Just had tea with….

then this one – to someone who is feeling somewhat down and sad and needed a little cheery definitely, Doris, up-and-at-em-lady sort of a card.

we love to write those.


in the spirit of loving-other-people’s-blogs…………may we recommend William’s Most Amusing description of a night with Patrick Gale (it was a public event of some literary note so there were Other people there – it’s not one of Those blog posts, darlings ;-)

we enjoyed it Immensely.

giggling on the sofa-in-soho-while-reading

but there again we get to spend a Week with William (yes, in Real Life) in Cornwall so we have Much Merriment to look forward to.

oh yes.


Hal Hartley shook our hand.

we feel totally smiley and blessed.

just walked back through the misty late hours in Greenwich village, after a screening of The Book of Life, by director Hal Hartley.

And at the Q and A after, we used our special smart British Accent to ask two questions.

Then, as we all filed out, we saw him pause by the door.

And Hal Hartley shook our hand.

thank you for the great questions

Hal said.

Isn’t that Just Delicious?

that’s how gracious we will be after screenings of our movies…..



definitely, doris.

sometimes you just need to start – and end – the day with Doris.

wouldn’t it be utterly delicious to go to a sumptuous party in a darling apartment all festooned with Tiffany blue walls and taffeta gown drapes and sing a little ditty with Doris by the piano?

we watched a little of please don’t eat the daisies en route to the Day Job to prep ourselves with a Sunny Attitude and a rather imaginative slant to what turned out to be a pretty grey/gray/mushroom colour/color/shade day (cloud cover wise, we hasten to say).

off to SWIM soon.

and then – be still one’s beating heart – to the IFC to see Hal Hartley.

yes, in the flesh.

although being Hal Hartley, we bet he’s in a Very Sharp suit with a smart polo neck underneath.

we’ll let you know…

by the way – we met the next Nora Ephron recently – Drew Grant – remember her name.

i sat through a lot of Hal Hartley movies

this was the line that made team gloria fall in love with tina fey:

I sat through a lot of Hal Hartley movies.*

if you haven’t read her book go and buy it now. we read her on the subway on our blackberry (torch, in case you’re curious).

that woman is a genius.

and awfully funny.

*Hal Hartley made it possible to survive being twenty. discuss? ;)