healthy, holistic and with hair by kenneth – #eastcoastportraits – Jamie


we’ve started to collect precious moments in manhattan as the countdown (just a smidge over 3 weeks before we Fly to the Other Coast to find an Apartment – powderpinkwithbluepoolbuildingplease and a car – something easy-to-park and sweetToDrive – then we return – not sure for how long but probably just a smidge over 3 weeks in Jan and then………we go.)

one of our fairly recent precious moments was sitting in a late night Parisian-style cafe in the environs of greenwich village (a world away from greenwich, london or greenwich, connecticut, of course) and talking over french onion soup (oh! look! a Recipe Redux from our friends at the local newspaper…….1907: Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée) about visions and the Future of one’s career and dreams with our friend Jamie Whitney.

isn’t she healthy and vibrant and full of the joie de vivre?

Jamie Whitneythat’s because Jamie is an Holistic Health Coach.

now she’s not our Coach (although we probably could have used the services of one after you-know-what) but we do enjoy Learning and listening and understanding and Most Especially hearing about Jamie’s future plans in the world of health and wellness and visions and dreams and helping people and generally La Vie Vibrant.

which, of course, is very different to La Vie Cashmere (an example, here) – a lot less languid and probably fewer layers, some of them even with that special “wicking-away” underneath fabric now we come to think about it… in the Athleta catalog(ue) which, yes, does arrive chez teamgloria because we have purchased from the “swim solids section”(which is less scary than it sounds).

but back to Jamie (for this post is about our #eastcoastportraits of her).

the thing that Most Impressed us about Jamie (before we heard that she was an Holistic Health Coach) was her hair.

take a look again.

Jamie Whitney

do you know what those curls signify?

Hair By Kenneth. 



Hair By Kenneth.



Marilyn, Jackie – and Jamie Whitney.

Her curls are part of a long-term plan (they do that at Kenneth’s in the Jewel Box at the Waldorf Astoria) and come from an era that not screams but lightly laughs in a very MGM sort of mid-1960s way with Elnett non?



hair by Kenneth on a Very Modern holistic health coach.

why yes, darlings…….of course we still use the bubbles to free up the cheekbones and the face muscles (under a light dusting of Parisian powder in a click-to-close compact) and engender a laugh and a giggle and a delicious smile.

we love these moments of countdown from manhattan Life.

especially with our friends who are holistic health coaches with hair by Kenneth.


thank you Jamie :-)