guerilla captioning: our adventures (so far) on instagram.

so we’ve found this EXTRAORDINARY group of new creative types and have become (we’ll admit) pretty obsessed (in a bordering-on-worrying-but-jolly-exciting). you see we met them on instagram (sadly this is just an iOS thingy right now and can’t be used online per se – we have a multitude of devices because it’s sort of connected to What We Do in our Day Job – so we use an iTouch).

we started to follow a few people that we knew – we were all using our digital personas (just like we are here although being gloria feels a lot more sane and joyful and delicious than being who we are in RL right now – sigh) so it felt special and quiet and nobody-knew-about-it.

ostensibly it’s about sharing photographs……but it’s so much more…’s really the curious phenomena engendered by the interweb of being able to document and share one’s life Through Images (rather than status updates which appear to be hideously dull at times from what we’ve heard) – Images tell far more – “here’s how we lived today – here’s what we saw, did, ate, loved, got-up-to” – the beauty of small things, the delicate nature of sharing moments with people we love and trust – whether we know them at all or not.

we know. that ALMOST turned into a little University seminar in one’s tutor’s dusty rooms with leather-bound books and probably a decanter of something potent stashed behind the Milton ;-)

so we’ve been sharing our photographs (and we are Notoriously Private – not even a Facebook account for our RL persona – gosh no, no interest at all to be honest in being traced by our Past – hell, no, in fact, darlings, but that’s Another Story – or several, really – and much of it was So Full and Rich (and Painful) that we’d sort of like to profit from it (or, you know, share it so others can identify, in our more egalitarian loving moments) so we’ve written the screenplays et al and Who Knows Where They Will Go (when team gloria gets a green card – oooo, snappy title).

sharing our photographs and applying cool filtres/filters/shades/effects and then linking to other people and being linked to and SUDDENLY we found ourselves in the middle of a small yet delicious group of people from tokyo, madrid, los angeles, nyc, london, rio and berlin (we know – so CHIC and cosmopolitan!) where we just check in with each other (the different time zones make it so elegant a transition through the day “goodnight tokyo, good morning los angeles”) and look at each other’s pictures and comment.

and then team gloria started getting inspired by other people’s pictures and doing what we can only describe as….

guerilla captioning.


guerilla captioning.

we can’t reprint any of them here because they’re not our pictures and the lovely owners didn’t Ask us to write about them – but if you join instagram and follow us (yes, at team gloria) and want us to write about your picture….

we’d be tickled pink, darlings.

do join us.

the water’s most clement in the sea of creativity today.

here’s one of ours and the terribly elegant habilleuse helene¬†joined in the imaginative flights of fancy on one of our shots…….enjoy.

don’t forget to write!