zippy, the movie.


this. just. in.

zippy, the movie.


as we mentioned before, we went to palm springs to make a movie about zippy (and see GB of course, too, which was lovely).

zippy and teamgloria conferred out by the (delicious) pool about Theme and Music and Concept.

we were Pretty surprised (he’s very mellow you see) to find out that zippy’s Idea was more of the classic Bond movie (classic as in Mr. Connery).


well, we said.

that’s a Splendid shorthand-for-a-short (or “the high concept” as they call it in movieland where one says “Classic Bond, as in Connery” and everyone nods as if they “get it instantly” which not everyone Does but one must Never Admit That in a Pitch Meeting you see).

then we turned the camera on and zippy Flew (not literally, we just mean Fast) around the delicious palm springs property and was very Active.

until he wasn’t.

and then he slept for reels and reels and reels (if we were shooting Film that’s what we would say – sadly we are not on celluloid but we try to Light as if we were) but we continued to shoot that too.

finally there were some Tricks (also known as “structured play”) done (the final Action Shot of the water squirting scene – we did Several Takes to get that right).

and then it was a Wrap.

we must share zippy’s video with sparky to get his input too – such different visual styles (Sparky loves Godard more than Mr. Connery) – but both Great To Work With (as actors always say when they do the DVD extras).



DVD extras?

now there’s a thought….

an evening that ends in icecream @neveuxcreamery is super-sweet-ness


Our friend Greg came to stay (he’s in Town renewing a Visa to Foreign Lands for business Trips).

So there was a very chic (i.e. French) housewarming gift….


A swift tour of our building (and the backlit underlit Pool – very LA)….


Parus for supper (get onto sunset boulevard and keep going East – rather appropriately)…


Followed by Delicious icecream at Neveux Artisan Creamery with unbeknownst combinations that totally worked like strawberries and balsamic or honey and lavender or rosemary and butterscotch or blueberries swirled with creamy chevre.

Very sophisticated and incredibly swoony.


#eastcoastportraits daisy, Jim and Greg in The Hamptons.

happy Sunday, darlings!

We have returned from a delicious time in The Hamptons.

And we just got picture approval to share with you our Hosts.



Very Attractive friends.

You are correct.

And with a soupcon of Deauville in The ocean nearby and wild grasses and Proust and Chanel and two pairs of sleek cheekbones and intense gaze with History and Movie stills and languid weekend conversations and Talk about the Future; for us all.

Photographs are a world to themselves.

As are The Hamptons. 


And small blonde dogs with limpid eyes and congenial dispositions.


With a knowing look to the West as the wind whips up and one’s curls fly delicately.


Another look at the shot from Deauville via Hamptons?

Bien sur.



east coast portraits – so far – and a confession.

oh this has been Such a divine project so far – and there are still many to go.

we realized how happy we are with camera in hand, a cardigan discarded on the sofa, listening intently to how someone sees themselves and how they’d like to look and – when there’s children involved, working out distractions (cartoons) or puppies (snacks) or older dogs (stroking the ears – actually that works with humans too but then you just call it “may I just smooth out your eyebrow?” but it’s really touch and being kind and connecting – shhh – don’t tell).

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we have an odd and yet necessary confession to make.

when we were at university (we talked a little about our experiences there – real and otherwise fictionalized – in the Library here) our happiest moments were with-camera-in-hand (in those days, of course, there was film in the camera and celluloid canisters rolling around our pockets ready to be loaded into the camera, when needed).

we took courses in photography and learned how to Print (oh – the joyous hours spent in the darkroom with Joni Mitchell on the tape player – yes, children, a tape player in those days) and the smell of fixer fluid (always slightly dangerous to the brain and fuzzy when we were printing at 2AM – ah, the heady enthusiasms of Youth).

during those days – and for a couple of years after – we did headshots and band album covers (or the ones in their heads – sometimes indeed even ones that got pressed as vinyl and covered with our photographs –  gosh, no, they are all gone to the four winds – we kept nothing, sadly) and Many theatrical productions.

there were photo sessions galore (we have very beautiful friends) – especially late night in our kitchen (in south london, by those days, having Graduated and living with lots of actors, writers and people-who-did-creative-type-activities) with a strong light and a Vivid Imagination (and a wardrobe of ballgowns, gloves and waistcoats/vests which we liberally dressed everyone up in).

here are a few.

we even took some photographs (sadly lost now and the book is Out of Print) which got Published (and then ripped off by some club promoters in NYC which was daring and exciting and sort of naughty but thrilling to see them pasted over downtown on our First ever trip to the USA)

but – here comes the confession – we messed up a professional photography job (Many Years ago) and the film got ruined and we were so Mortified that we Didn’t Pick Up A Camera for almost Fifteen Years.

we went and did other things.

and became successful doing those other things.

but the heart was broken.

you get that, don’t you?

it hurt for a long time.

and doing these most recent East Coast Portraits (and having been on Instagram for over a year now and slowly, shyly, trying to accept that we Adore taking photographs and sharing them) has helped us, you know, feel a lot better.

which is completely delicious.

and if you’re in our pictures – we thank you for that. Immensely.

how’s your Monday?

we swam, had some work-y type meetings, saw our Financial Advisor (and was Remarkably grown up and enjoyed the experience a lot actually – always a nice surprise) and generally felt Rather hopeful about the future.

do you?

you know – feel hopeful?

we hope so….


TriBeCa at dusk. Made by Hand. Art show.

TriBeCa by dusk.





The 1 train had signal failure. So we had to take the Express and Walk.

Which was actually very Helpful to decompress. If you know what we mean, darlings.

And then to an Art Show made by hand with One of the Artists himself,


Strange and beautifully intricate work with chenille stems. Like a Victorian set of wall hangings.

We confessed that we don’t possess artistic language beyond Fragonard at The Wallace.

But thestemist , aka Greg, was kind.

He knows we are into chandeliers.

And crystal water features like this one at the trump soho.

But there was something tranquil about greg’s work. Like an afternoon with a ticking carriage clock and the grandfather Swedish tall one chimes cheerily next to the barometer as tea is brought out from the kitchen on a trolley with bourbon biscuits on Thursdays as a Special Treat.



And Quite different from martyn thompson who is exploring new horizons with falling glitter, cut outs and a pulsing Grace Jones soundtrack.

Very glam. In a Bowie, stardust, Roxy Music, Leigh Bowery way.

We do the most Interesting things.

And it’s only Tuesday.