early morning sunday sunshine

It’s early. 7.52 AM on a sunday. Doesn’t the sunshine peeking through the blinds look gorgeous? Team Gloria photography expedition today, I think – the sunlight beckons.

In case you were wondering, the photography is from the great Norman Parkinson: “Jean Patchett, Jean Desses evening dress, Paris, Vogue 1950” and last came up for auction at Sothebys in 2004 for lots of lovely British Pound Sterling.

I was not the bidder, on that occasion.

There was a lovely print that I bought from one of those open-all-night-it-seems poster shops on Bleecker in NYC. And I got a posh framer in Tribeca to make it seem gallery-specific…….

[The sofa? Oh, that’s from Pottery Barn – it’s called Greenwich. And is most comfortable for afternoon naps under a thin cotton sheet].