downtown with dub at the #downtownartwalk

hello darlings


it’s (almost) midnight.

but we just had to tell you about our evening….

there was something called the “downtown art walk” in los angeles tonight (and as you know, the words walk + los angeles are rarely seen together so this was a curious Happening indeed).

we went with the artist dub williams and looked at all the galleries and walked around (as it was the downtown art walk) and sipped a little iced coffee (which is why we’re still awake at almost-midnight *sighs*) and then some faerie-like-being came up to us both and said:

would you like some chalk?

and we looked around slightly askance (downtown was riddled with cops this evening), wondering if that was a New Code Word for *coughs* narcotics.

but no, she meantĀ chalkĀ (as in blackboard/school/lessons/small people)

the faerie-like-being (long drifty skirt and Joni Mitchell cleanly washed henna-enhanced hair to give you a visual) held out large chunky pieces of chalk to us both.

we shivered.

(we don’t like the texture of chalk, gives us the creepy-crawly-feeling-down-the-spine)

but Dub took a piece and thought for a while.

we got the Distinct Impression that Dub was Going To Create Something (he is an artist after all).

and we like to make movies, as you know.

so we started to film.

and Dub began to draw…….

and thus we both made our own art show (and it was only afterwards that we thought of LA Story when Ariel shoots Harris. K. Telemacher roller-skating through LACMA) but everything in L.A makes you think of a movie reference, eventually.

which is delicious.

here’s our movie, darlings: