making soup, a bold orange moleskine and a carrie donovan view, darlings.

we have no idea what possessed us.

(****update: but clearly we weren’t the only people making soup today ;-)

the thought of wanting to nest when we return tonight (we’ve been Very Sociable recently and a night in might be a good idea)?

or just that autumn is turning into winter (albeit very sunny today with a slight nip in the air).

anyway. we made soup.

at 8AM this morning.


but rather fun. chopping and looking-at-the-clock and making morning coffee post-one-hour-Synthroid-time and then letting it cook while we checked our International Emails and answered a few.

the house will smell delicious when we return tonight.

and the windows gently steamed up from the soup bubbling on the cooker/stove while we took a shower at the other end of a (not very long) corridor/hallway/picture gallery

we’re having a Jolly good day in the office so far.

a lovely bold orange moleskine and splendid clutch bag (with Very glam owner who reminded us a Lot of a Carrie Donovan circa 1965 with the fabulous glasses and swingy-go-to-it-spray-fragrance-and-shimmy-forwards sort of a joie de vivre)

and due to the clocks changing, it is dark now when we leave.

gotham looks very pretty at this time of year, by night.

don’t you agree?

a Very Carrie Donovan view from the office while slipping into stern black pumps, re-arranging the double-strand-of-pearls and heading out to a reception on the arm of Calvin Klein.