dogs in portugal, flowers in berlin and the hollywood prom.

hello darlings!

the sightings are coming in thick and Fast now!

here are our (furry) siblings in Portugal.


you see – the last time who-we-are-in-RL was there she could not mention the name gloria so we are always touched with a little sadness – and hope – but we did our Best while going through the whole Tobias-and-his-sisters time…….

you know how it is..


IMG_0026 IMG_0028our (furry) siblings look like they are slightly bemused by the book (well they mostly speak Portuguese or “dog”)

but Toby really got into the “inspiration” section because, in a former life, he was a world travel(l)er and did the Grand Tour, you see.

IMG_0025AND 1726.6 miles to the East – Maggie in Berlin got her copy and sent pictures of the Book enjoying the scent of freshly cut flowers:

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 presetartfully arranged (well, tis Berlin – Art is Sustenance over there).

and she also wanted to express her deepest affection for the book – and her choice in chic turtlenecks (isn’t aubergine a striking shade?)ca390eb4a22511e3ab8c0e26c82a83f6_8and some of her friends (also in Berlin – and one in Austria who is still waiting for her copy to arrive as mr. Amazon hasn’t got over the Alps yet) made some nice comments:

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.25.16 PMgosh.

we Are feeling Terribly Continental all of a sudden.

what else?

let’s see…..

ah yes.


we went to El Royale to see Le Duc yesterday for a cup of tea and an elegant bowl of mixed berries and we *giggled* at his fireplace (apparently Miss. Netflix has an eternal looping virtual fire “screensaver” one can transmit on one’s largescale television unit). 793782faa22211e3be7a1240bc19271b_8

back at home, it’s been Raining (we didn’t take photographs because we’re certainly Not going to dash your image of Los Angeles – it only happens once a decade).

so we curled up with a new find – the Autobiography of Audrey Withers (yes, darlings, the Editor in Chief of Vogue – “brogue” – the British one during the 1940s and on into the 60s). – more from Miss Withers when we’ve finished the book – it’s a delightful read. d558b246a19d11e38bd40e22c5f7ee48_8as was the Financial Times yesterday (not the front section, that was awfully depressing, but the interiors and arts coverage and fashion and the rest of it).


so there you go.

DO send word as soon as your copy comes up the garden path wrapped up in brown paper and string with the cheery postman.



gosh, how modern, good for the Royal Mail in your part of the world!

what’s that?

Not Royal?

you live in a place without a Monarchy?


we DO?

no, no, no darlings.

we have Royals.

it’s called Hollywood.

and they’re having their prom tonightfc724170-4bb5-0131-d459-5a526f42d8c1gosh.


we’re not going to the Prom tonight.

although we are going to see some friends not far away, up in the Hollywood Hills actually.

one day we’ll go to the Hollywood Prom.

but not in a dress.

at least we don’t think so.

and we’ll be there because they’ll have made the movie about us which who-we-are-in-RL spent Ever such a Long Time Writing (and it’s very good, and we don’t say that JUST because it’s about us, we’re not on every s i n g l e page).

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.43.04 PM


of course we can dream.

dreaming (and a vast amount of obsessive work) gets us into ever such interesting places.


and the Book is seeing the World.

unverified reports say that it has reached ASIA!

isn’t life delicious?






mild winter thoughts over hot wonton soup

How was (is?) your tuesday darlings?


Chez teamgloria?

A breakthrough, actually (as opposed to a breakdown but we hear those can be remarkably similar in effect or affect – never Quite understood the connection and usage of those two).

We digress.

First, a few pictures. And then the revelation.
(pause for arrival of hot wonton soup – we are at the noodle place, post-therapy, hence the revelation.)

Oooo. That Is Hot.

We shall leave it to cool…..



So we were up Very Early and made our way out of soho (as you can see from the change in decor)


Into the gritty and glorious lower east side…..


To have a splendid breakfast with someone with excellent sequin-y tastes in mini-tablet-cases.


We do love having friends from Abroad. Especially when they bring news of ideas that we shared a couple of years ago which are now in breathtaking Reality in a Far Off Land. #delightful  and quietly proud and pleased actually. 


Then we walked back through town and admired the concept of christmas which is expressed in Such individual ways as one moves from one Quarter to t:other.


Caught up on some reading between Tasks.


And inspirational imagery for potential commerce.


Under a strangely blue sky considering the Month and Coast and usual weather patterns at this time of year.

Then the revelation……..

We have noticed how Delicious it is when people (very lovely people, said with approving nod and moist eyes to give you the full Picture)email or text (how Modern as William would Say) to say “we loved it when gloria said that today” or “before we emailed you back, we caught up with gloria to see what has been going on” and so on….or our Fav one from Yesterday:

Could you send a hi-res version of that picture you took of us so we can frame it for the staircase gallery?

(we ADORED that One).

Or our friends on IG (the picture place via the interweb ) suddenly realize that our literary agent told us it was Time for the reveal and they were Most Pleasantly surprised by who we are in Real Life.


We are very twinkly to get messages like this from Mr. Puff (or is it Mr. dub? So hard to tell with these new/digital/monikers).

In contrast.

And we say this biting our (clara bow-esque) bottom lip, darlings.

We have received a few messages in the past week that ask when we’re moving to the Other Coast or Whether we’ve been travel(l)ing or other such inquiries/enquiries/questioningness and with a Gulp we realize that (and this is Very hard to say):

They haven’t been reading At All.

They’re clearly Not Interested in our writing or ideas or allusions and illusions or the book deal or one woman photo show or just-7-weeksto-Move-experiences.

Deep sigh.


We guess it isn’t mandatory to love gloria in order to be our friend.



Yes. It. Is.

because gloria (getting a tiny bit cross purpose and multi personality on you for a second) is our best self (as our friend the goddess we used to work with says.

Thank you for listening.

Because you’re here.

And we Adore You.

Cue *winningandwinsomesmile*

We really. Do.

having a delicious effect.


not everyone has an effect.

you know – on other people.

we Thought we did, once.

and then we forgot and became all Self-Involved (not pretty) and sort of scared and looking-behind-us and protecting-our-back and, we became – we hate to admit it, but here it is –  Not especially Kind.

and then we – you know – we found ourselves lying on a gurney waiting to be operated-on (who knew there were That many people Needed in an Operating Theatre for one poor throat and three Tumors – we sort of miss Tobias and-his-sisters, as weird as that is to say) and Everything Changed.

and it’s not who we are in RL (although from time to time SHE has been pretty fabulous, we have to admit), but our GLORIA-ous-ness has started to have Quite an Effect.

in the past few days we’ve had Lovely people say things to us (via the clever Interweb) like this:

do you remember when we had tea last year and you said “when’s your next massage and when’s your next vacation?” and we couldn’t answer you?

yes. (gulp) hope we weren’t Mean-n-pushy about it.

not at all. well, the thing is – we thought about what you said and we booked a Road Trip with a jeep so we could Ride with the Top Down and everything and, well, thank you.


here’s another one – someone we love Very Much is in Vegas (don’t judge, lady – they have to – for business purposes) and they emailed us to say this:

you know how you really take care of yourself? well we just had a 90 minute massage and the best roast beef sandwich ever.

(darling, if you’re reading this – we do hope you don’t mind us quoting you – tell us if you do and we’ll SNIP instantly and re-publish – it just really affected us in a beautiful way).

which is all Rather Delicious and lovely.

and someone else Very Glam sent a small note to say that as-soon-as-they-can they’re going to book-something-lovely for themselves (and DO, dear one, you know how crAZy that place is ;-)

so there you go.

nice effects all round.

which brings us to the book. 

now – if you’re a Writer – and several of you (that we know) Are.

especially George.

can we digress a tiny bit?

this is the Postcard/flyer for George’s new book (which he’s Almost Finished and we seriously hope that Celia saves the day – fingers Crossed).

isn’t it delicious (and rather sexy if we do say so…..blush)?

so back to us (grin).

the book. our book.

here’s the bit we wrote about Looking After Yourself (well, the whole book is about finding the beautiful in small things and self-care) but here are the two questions we always ask people………ready?

Tip #8: Answer Two Questions: every time I saw a co-worker by the coffee/tea/hot chocolate/strange soda machine at the office look tired and frazzled, I’d say, “answer two questions: when is your next massage and when is your next vacation?” Sometimes people would look annoyed (hey, their problem, not mine – if you stopped me by the coffee machine I could always tell you – Tuesday and Los Angeles in February) but it got around and people started to anticipate me. And those that never had a massage booked or a holiday planned? Yeah, I gave them a wide berth after a while. You need to plan things to make you feel good. Martyrdom is so unattractive.

so – go on – answer those two questions for yourself – and write us a note in the bit below, you know, for Comments (we adore comments).

did we tell you that Our Book is Being Read Right Now by a Publisher (they have an Exclusive Window – which apparently doesn’t mean a Very Special View but a period of time to consider……you knew that, didn’t you?)


and a bit shivery.

and Someone Else (rather splendid in themselves and in the Movie Industry) is reading gloria. the movie.

oh yes, there’s a gloria-movie – didn’t we mention that?

Gloria |

Gloria is a trainee angel, who hasn’t done her homework.

So when she arrives in Manhattan to rescue her first assignment, things go terribly wrong.

would you like a Sneak Preview?


just don’t tell anyone…..

it’s from Near the End….

a bit from the beginning?

sure (as the Americans say).

can’t you just picture Elle Fanning as gloria?

and Anna Kendrick for Anna (won’t be hard for her to picture herself as an Anna, non?) and plus she is VERY funny (and smart and thoughtful and meaningful) in Pitch Perfect – please go and see it – it’s delicious.

George has been thinking about casting (it’s Rather Fun) for his book.

so there you have it.

gloria is a blog, a book and a movie.

and she’s having a wonderful effect on people.

including us.

(that was a bit post-irony but you know what we mean, non?)

so – 2 Questions – please answer in the bit below, darlings……

1. When is your next massage? (and we mean at a Spa type facility, not a guy-that-pops-round that you-might-be-dating – thank you..)

2. When is your next vacation/holiday/mini-break?

answers on a postcard.

(actually we really love getting post so do, if you know us, in RL)

or, you know, in the bit below.


et in arcadia ego: or many roads point to gloria.

thanks to dZ for this one……

and we are especially tickled pink that he stopped the car en route to practicing with the band and stopped to take a picture. we love that kind of behaviour/behavior/kindness.

the most splendid moment in our email conversation (although we believe he was being most modern and using his “smart phone” judging from the “header” in our “string” as the young people say – or, more likely, the geeks we know and love from early email mid-90s might still write) was when we said (with a vast squeal of glee upon opening the picture)

“oh! where WERE you?”

and he said:

“i was in arcadia”

which of course made us think of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited as this is the title of chapter one:

et in arcadia ego

isn’t that completely delicious?

if you require any excuse at all to languish on one’s elongated chaise (as you know we will be from september 9th until the 29th on – sigh – medical leave) and watch the entire mini-series here’s your supplier:

by the way, we spotted THIS sign for gloria in hamburg in 2007 when we were speaking at a conference in our RL persona. sigh. we are/were so ridiculously well-travelled/traveled/experienced in world affairs/romantic entanglements (although in Hamburg, Germany, in case you needed clarification, the romantic entanglement we had in mind never quite got going – gosh no, not a Local Love, but a Visiting American…….so we took a train into the city itself and had a most enjoyable evening instead. Another Story indeed.)





one day two glorias

serendipity abounds.

at the doctors we got up by mistake and had to sit down, giggling silently.

they called out for GLORIA and a little spanish woman got up and went in.

as you’ve probably guessed by now, our name in RL is not gloria ;)

and then – at the restaurant after when we treated ourselves to a delicious gumbo (for our british friends, this is a dish from new orleans and yummy) and – guess what – our lovely waitress/host gave us the check – we looked down – did a double-take and said:

oh gosh, is your name GLORIA?!

It WAS! and we talked for a while about illness and not needing so much stuff and Never Seeing Things The Same Way Again and we felt comforted and pretty smiley to be honest.

plus she had the Nicest tattoo.

we’re off to see One Day (movie) now………