sharing a feeling. or two.


can we share a little something with you?

it’s a little – how can we put this gently – painful.

so we asked the Lovely Jonathan to send parcels out to England, in time to catch the Christmas Post.

and we just got a response.

ah. we received your “Collage”*.

*don’t you hate passive-aggressive inverted commas, darlings?

oh good. glad it arrived.

(silence in the texting universe)

(a little later)

we have roses like that in our garden.

(pause for teamgloria to swallow – still smarting from inverted commas)

that’s our most recent photography……


yes, the roses are doing rather well this year.


yes. we’re related.

……………….just IMAGINE if we told them all about teamgloria ;-)


but we have You.

and that’s delicious.

Now to a better feeling…….

as you know we Adore a Parcel!

William sent english lavender linen spray, guide to cornwall (we’ve rented a cottage for a blog-hols in June), Fortnum’s tea and Hinge & Bracket (hysterical drag comedy duo – think edwardian ladies with surprisingly hairy legs underneath the brocade, darlings). #giggle


More than Makes up for the inverted commas Incident.

thank the gods for friends.



medical leave day 19: a walk in the park and GB flies in from the Other Coast

a delicious day.

we took it very slow. and things are getting easier. most noticeably because we are getting out a little – a little further each day too.

we took a stroll across washington square park (On Our Own!) and rested a lot (tis strange how long it takes to get anywhere when one has to rest at highly frequent intervals but we did manage it).

mC came to meet us at NYU where we spent some time with friends. while we waited for her we sat here on this window seat and read a while.

this was the view out of the window from that lovely spot. a rare sight – a back garden in manhattan.

then – back chez nous – Another Parcel (we Adore a Parcel)! some more delicious sunday supplements from the English newspapers courtesy of our splendid friends @ilicco and @kate_day. so kind. especially good to ward off any potential blues on the horizon. one cannot be sad with the british telly reviews of Downtown Abbey, darlings.

GB arrived! now GB is our Most Traveled (American, so we are only using this spelling) Friend. he flew in from the Other Coast to come and stay and cheer us up for a couple of days.

and he brought us a present From JAPAN (we are So Lucky to have all these lovely friends bringing and sending delicious gifts – we are truly grateful in our time of confinement)

the gift of bubble baths and deep yogic breathing.

so there was an earthquake in NYC yesterday – isn’t that extraordinary?!

the building we were in (and on a Very High Floor) started to shake.

something was happening……but we didn’t know what

there was commotion and excitement and fear (and those of us who had lived in Los Angeles tried to be all cool and experienced about the whole affair) but secretly it was truly frightening – we’d never been so high up in a skyscraper during an earthquake – usually we were in a low’ish office block, or a design studio near the beach in malibu – or a spanish-style house or a wall-to-wall 60s shag pile studio in westwood where one earthquake felt like a HUGE truck was backing into the supporting wall. we stood with our face away from the glass windows and under a strong door frame and it passed.

things change in a second.

you’re sick. you have something wrong with your body.

these words don’t take long to say. but they change your life. our life. the lives of people we love. the lives of people we’ve just started to become new friends with and Very Much Treasure (so you know we’re thinking of you today and please remember the Yogic breathing as you go into surgery…….we won’t even identify you by an initial. but we will be thinking about you LOTS.)

the greatest gifts we’ve been given are those of comfort: music (including a very delicious mix-tape!), tons of splendid books to help and amuse and tickle us pink during the 3AM scary times and soothe us.

and then there’s the gift of many candlelit bubble baths.

a box arrived with a friend last night and we didn’t unpack it because we knew it would look beautiful in the morning light – like this:

we are so grateful to have friends. especially those with delicious taste and elegance of mind and generosity of spirit.

all we can say is (see picture) – thank you darlings.

did we tell you we like to buy cards?

we once read something – we’re pretty sure it was written by Martha¬†– that said:

keep spare cards on hand for special occasions.

so every time we travel, we browse with some excitement at stationery shops.

we know, it’s not exactly retail therapy as we give them away (mostly – sometimes we do frame them, it’s true).

but we do so enjoy it.

here’s some we bought in LOS ANGELES this week…..some at Yolk, naturally.

aren’t they darling?

the gentle kindness of those who love books.

what can I do? a fellow book-lover and gentle, kind soul said.

team gloria thought about it for a while and said: I might well need some delicious tomes to help soothe away the fears of surgery and aid recovery after………

oh I have all sorts of things in mind….. she replied.

we sighed, gratefully, and went about our day (job) with as much grace as one could muster in the light of imminent throat-slitting.

then – today – on team gloria’s (day job) desk – OH such JOY – books and postcards wrapped up in a dove grey christian dior shade ribbon!

cue cutaway shot of overwhelming emotion…….

thank you, lady-of-letters :)