William’s Halifax Cash Card Day

darlings – we draw your attention to William’s blog – william godwin: get mummy’s purse this evening – do visit him.

we returned from a second Day Job three-line-whip event (and we’re Not ashamed to say we had to Use the Scar to slip out early) – and despite a Very full day and evening, we are not yet Tired #sigh

so we were Very Glad that william wrote here as we had something excellent to read and giggle and muse and be thoughtful about.

and we liked it so much we wanted to recommend it to you – with footnotes (read in the manner of Nancy Mitford doing a precis of an Evelyn Waugh short story)

Have you read it yet?

Ok – now you’re back……

So – for our Foreign friends (non-Brits or People-who-don’t-watch-Downton, that is), we feel that some vocab might be helpful.

so here goes:

1. Halifax cash card advert – the lovely humans at You Tube have posted that here

(Note the very accurate way William points out the easy-like-a-sunday-morning chambray shirt and simple pleasures of life aspects of the narrative)

2. Polytechnics = community colleges

3. Docklands = SoHo loft-dweller area

4. Jermyn Street = Brooks Bros, but older

5. Jam = jelly (Bonne Maman jam is from France and very fruit-intensive and the gingham lids are good for catching wasps in summer months)

6. Cocaine, cooked = crack

7. Two minute silence = on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – honoring/honouring the dead at the end of WW11

8. Yorkshire Gold = very good (black) tea

9. National Trust = when WW11 was over, many titled aristocrats could not maintain their big houses due to no heirs or spares (eldest or second sons) or due to death duties and taxes. So, in return for living in a bit of the once grand property, they signed it over to the National Trust. There’s a Lovely catalogue of houses to visit and both William and teamgloria have (alas, not together, as yet) have been members and visited many of their properties.

10. Pont De La Tour = Terence Conran – the gifted designer and bon vivant – opened this yuppie hangout restaurant at the height of the rich boys from the City (Wall St types, but English)

11. Rising Damp = seventies down-at-heel boarding house with a collection of colourful/colorful characters, including the Radiant Frances de la Tour (hence William’s clever pun)

12. The image is Danny La Rue = Britain’s very own Liberace crossed with Marilyn (and William met Her).

But that’s his story.

Here endeth the seminar on Get Mummy’s Purse.

(darling W – we would have left a Nice Note on your blog itself but bloody wordpress and blogger are Not compatible when we’re on our bbry :( and we are Tickled Pink you are getting sly and luscious looks due to your newly returned slim physique, love.)

visions of the last week of June: bucket, spade, novels, tea-shops and William in CORNWALL!

oh, darlings, we are So Terribly Excited.

our Good Friend William (who writes this very witty and occasionally rather naughty blog here) and I are planning a holiday/vacation/respite from manhattan (for us) and london (for him) for the last week of June in CORNWALL!

do you know Cornwall?

it was its own country for years and is, of course, the site of Tintagel, the Seat of Arthur (and William’s sister lives awfully nearby so we hope to visit her too if we are on our best behaviour/behavior/manners)

we’ll be staying in Porthleven at a cottage very near the beach.

helpful arrow showing location of cottage. (the children looking for cockles and bugs do not belong to either William nor team gloria ;-)

and according to the guidebook the beach was built during Napoleonic Times – sadly by French prisoners of war – we told you before it was hard to grow up with the bloods of three warring nations – but, on the plus side is there might be distant cousins still residing in the area, one hopes – wonder how we’ll recognize each other.

we could always ask Beatrice, the President of the Old Cornwall Porthleven Society (founded 1970s). we may well drop her a (digital) line right now. sadly we noticed that the Society does not meet in June. which is a pity because, we note from their site, they serve a good tea following each occasion.

All talks followed by refreshments..[Pasty or Tea Treats ] and a ‘cuppa’.

what do you suggest? have you ever been to Cornwall? do tell!

something that deeply appeals is the watching of films set in the place itself.

we are going to start with Ladies in Lavender, starring Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. here is the DVD cover from the German edition, just for some cultural enrichment of mixing-it-up (plus the ladies look much nicer on this one than the other english-speaking covers for some reason).

talking of lavender – our good friend Cheltenham Lady (whom, if you recall, took us to the hospital on the fateful day of September 9th), came round for tea yesterday evening and brought us a gorgeous and Most Thoughtful gift of bath oils, including a sumptuous french lavender which we sunk into Most Gratefully late last night and had a little healing cry, if truth be told. yes, we see the surgeon again today for follow up blood results and have a tiny bit of apprehension as we feel so Horribly Old when we wake up in the morning due to the nasty synthroid…..

it’s going to be a long night:

but in 16 hours it’ll all be over and healing begins.

so – hmmm – not much point getting an early night – we are so wired and awake and, surprisingly productive, everything’s packed.

here’s how tomorrow looks (as they say in Los Angeles):

up at 4.30AM or shortly thereafter (and a panic at No Coffee Allowed) so we’ve put the yellow roses in front of the coffee pot to remind us and a black town car will pull up outside at 5.30AM. Cheltenham Lady is going to walk up to our house (we are Most Grateful) and accompany us to the hospital. 6AM we’re due in “admissions” (feels like boarding school and university all over again) and a variety of uncontrollable substances will be dripped into our body and hopefully we won’t care about what happens next…

under the knife at 0730 hours East Coast Time if you’d like to send us good thoughts and we know several people are going to meditate at exactly that time (isn’t That GLORIAous?! we are very charmed that we know such spiritual and deeply cool people – wonder if we’ll “see them” while under the influence of the scary shit they’ll put in our veins…..that will be Fun!)

and then the machine we’ve put into place will kick into gear, like this (just in case you’re going through a similar experience and need inspiration on how to get the right team onboard – our team ROCKS.)

* M will be here tomorrow to make the apartment into a nicely spare and super-clean recovery/nesting place for the next three weeks.

*J arrives sometime in the afternoon to pick up the overnight bag (which is a rather lovely beaten up but very glam brown leather bag – as seen in Oceans Eleven, actually – while others sighed:

“Oh, Brad Pitt. George Clooney”

team gloria leaned forward in the darkness of the cinema and said:

“now THAT’S a Delicious Bag……wonder where That’s from?”

because we have Connections in the Industry we found out the answer was something along the lines of Vuitton or Gucci at the upper end of the ridiculous scale of dosh (American friends = money). And then because we have Connections in Retail, we found out that the same leather factory (at the time, we hasten to add, don’t fact check us) in Italy was providing product to Banana Republic (for chaps). And so we dropped some cash there. and it’s traveled/travelled the world with us since then. Along with the trusty silver Samsonite.

we lost our thread….oh yes, (scrolled back), here we go (tomorrow):

*then J comes to our hospital bed and drops off the Oceans Eleven bag and we swiftly reject the nasty (nylon, we’re sure) “gown” for our Noel Coward celestial blue soft cotton long robe and comfy cashmere-mix socks, apply a little mascara, decent face cream from Boots, the Chemist in England (courtesy of Belinda at Lady Geek) and settle back to listen to William’s rockin’ “smack bottom” (he IS naughty) playlist (all those tunes that transport us back to 1992, the clubs in south london, gritty floors, Camel cigarettes smoked to the bitter end, nasty pints of something nasty chased with something ever worse, if our memory serves us right and mopping up the hangover with a full english at the greasy spoon caf’ in the small hours) – not at All Suitable for Hospital (and, as a result, Perfection).

Then we shall also crack open our novel sent from George (1904) and settle in for a long read (while peeling back the top from a zero percent fat greek yoghurt and waving away the scratchy broccoli probably on offer – “hello, people, we’ve had our Throat Slit!” – yes, that’s what was given to someone else who’d had the same operation – pur-lease).

*in the morning, mC arrives with a copy of the Financial Times and a lukewarm misto (cafe au lait for our french friends), and hopefully will sit on our bed and tell us that we don’t look like we just went through hell. (note to self: more mascara and Boots finest creams).

*then we’re sure various doctors will come and nurses will administer (not any scary drugs – we’re going to work through the pain…..believe us the consequences for not doing so are too hideous to bear) tylenol (British = Nurofen, no codeine)

and, at some point in the late afternoon, bF is going to drive up and sign for us as we sit in the lobby in a wheelchair doing our best (young’ish) Elizabeth Taylor impression in large dark glasses and a wrap and a big Hollywood smile.

of course, if we have cancer. then, we guess, the story is slightly different.

depending on what they found and cut out and can ZAP with the radioactive iodine (we are still confused how they squish the radioactiveness into a “pill”) for six weeks.

quit the chat?

share some pictures?

of course, darlings.

a few from today.

bless you, habilleuse helene!

we had a delicious breakfast (abstemious oatmeal and fruit and a Ton of Coffee) at Balthazar with lots of newspapers and Very expensive imported fashion magazines from Continental Europe.

and of course we spent some splendid moments on instagram with our glorious companions from all over the globe, sharing pictures and sentiments, much needed to raise our spirits…..

and now we’re at home: drinking more coffee (yeah, completely aware how insane that is) because the option of staring at the ceiling wondering what it’ll be like having our neck slit compared to hanging out on the interweb, listening to music, talking to people and then a…

double feature!

we’ll probably start with glorious and educational yet witty and profound and uplifting like:

prime of miss jean brodie (thank you william)

and then we’ll need something (ahem) else like:

coyote ugly.



naughty. we are ever so naughty.