hello frankfurt! hello new zealand! hello cross continental flight! and *shhh* OM to the sighting on a meditation cushion in berlin


we are so very VERY grateful for all the delicious sightings.

here are today’s.



darlings – oh look……..*proud_smile*……doesn’t the book look so very Pretty in New Zealand at Gallivanta’s house wearing two simple (and very beautiful) strands of pearls, on a soft cushion, fragrantly lounging next to some best-wishes-from-bay-leaves?


and here it is again – this time on a cross-continental (the Americas, we believe, although we Could be wrong) with the inspirational design guru Ms. Gretchen Anderson


this is Mr. Tom in Frankfurt enjoying the book while listening to some deep grooves.

beautycalypseand here’s the book in Digital Format (so modern, as William would say) on a m e d i t a t i o n cushion (speak softly for this one) at the house (yoga studio annex/rooftop aerie?) of Ms. Beautycalypse

glorious sightings all!

and in other news:


we caught up on lots of work – sending out 50 handwritten (of the 500 ordered so quite a few to go!) cards promoting The Digital Check Up c667f1a4a6ff11e3b79212c22f46ab0d_8yes, those Are special edition Harry Potter stamps (and why not – we like to keep a British theme whenever possible) and yes, we did work, even though it was a saturday but we generally work 7 days a week if you have not already noticed that but we love what we do and there are Lots of gaps during time zones where our Editors from Abroad are asleep, when we go to the movies……

d37c143ca72811e3a50e128da8721583_8or ride around in floral delivery vans for an hour or two (more on that on Wednesday when the Column comes out in Los Angeles, I’m Yours)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand sit in the car in an outdoor parking lot for a while just to admire the sun as it sets in blazing glory over east los angeles – before driving West again and singing to suitably rousing radio stations playing stuff like This on an intensely glorious rotation.

a field in germany and a glorious fragment from rumi.


we have to be Up and At Em early and all day today – tasks and digital lessons and People to Meet and things to Do.

but we wanted to leave a little picture and a poem for you here.

this fragment by Rumi kept coming to mind and we thought about a Suitable picture and the only field we could remember taking a photograph of was in Hamburg in 2009 (who-we-are-in-real-life was being all grown up and proper and speaking at Nokia World in a nice slim-fitting black trouser suit and Prada motorcycle boots).

so here is the field –


and here is the poem

I’ll Meet You There
by Rumi

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.

don’t go yet!

there’s a magical bit……….(tis us, after all, darlings ;-)


we saw this sign in Hamburg when we went to buy fizzy mineral water and fruit to eat back at the hotel during jetlag despair.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa full two years before we started to write as teamgloria but something knew; something said “take the bloody picture”

so we did.

isn’t that GLORIAous?



oh! delightful care packages arriving from all over the globe.

oh. hello there. lovely to see you again.

so. um. the countdown begins. and we’re completely freaking out (inwardly – this being our last day in the office until the end of september we’re trying to keep it together outwardly for a few more hours).

we are going into surgery on friday morning (arrival 0600 at hospital escorted by the redoubtable and capable and lovely Cheltenham Lady and under-the-knife-and-high-as-a-kite by 0730).

and the most delicious “care packages” have been arriving from all over the globe – both real and virtual – from england, seattle, spain, los angeles, germany, tribeca, sweden and east hampton and beyond…..to add to the lovely books and music and best wishes already in the “apartment-of-confinement” (how ARE we going to cope with not going ANYWHERE for THREE WHOLE WEEKS? especially as, prior to this experience of tobias the tumour/tumor we led a Very JetSet Life)

here are a few pictures we took this morning. our hands were a tiny bit shaky. we’re not in our body and we’re really trying to get there in order to be most helpful.

oh, hell, no we’re not.

we’re just going to Let it Go and Surrender to the whole bloody experience.

maybe a tiny bit of it will be fun.

maybe there will be Beautiful People in the hospital and we can have a tiny flirt.

you know how much we like that, darlings ;-)

et in arcadia ego: or many roads point to gloria.

thanks to dZ for this one……

and we are especially tickled pink that he stopped the car en route to practicing with the band and stopped to take a picture. we love that kind of behaviour/behavior/kindness.

the most splendid moment in our email conversation (although we believe he was being most modern and using his “smart phone” judging from the “header” in our “string” as the young people say – or, more likely, the geeks we know and love from early email mid-90s might still write) was when we said (with a vast squeal of glee upon opening the picture)

“oh! where WERE you?”

and he said:

“i was in arcadia”

which of course made us think of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited as this is the title of chapter one:

et in arcadia ego

isn’t that completely delicious?

if you require any excuse at all to languish on one’s elongated chaise (as you know we will be from september 9th until the 29th on – sigh – medical leave) and watch the entire mini-series here’s your supplier:

by the way, we spotted THIS sign for gloria in hamburg in 2007 when we were speaking at a conference in our RL persona. sigh. we are/were so ridiculously well-travelled/traveled/experienced in world affairs/romantic entanglements (although in Hamburg, Germany, in case you needed clarification, the romantic entanglement we had in mind never quite got going – gosh no, not a Local Love, but a Visiting American…….so we took a train into the city itself and had a most enjoyable evening instead. Another Story indeed.)