(almost) Two Years On.


you know it’s been Nearly Two Years Ago since you-know-what-happened

hospitalbedwe took this picture as we walked very slowly out of the hospital room with BF helping us into his car – because we sort of wanted to remember what had just happened.

it’s Odd (many things are but this is odd in particular) – that we never named our thyroid.

we named the three tumo(u)rs: Tobias and his Sisters in case you’ve just joined us.

and we fretted about them a lot because they were said to have C powers (you can guess what that is) which is why we had to have an operation (and also because Tobias – the larger one – was pushing up against our main artery and if he had pushed a bit further – well – our head would have exploded – that’s a bit Dramatic – but apparently not far from the Truth).

in the end Tobias and his sisters didn’t have C powers.

which means that every time we tell the story (and we tell it less and less these days but we Assume we’ll be saying it more and more round about the time This comes Out and we talk to Lady Reporters and Gentlemen of the Fourth Estate – and we don’t mean that misguided one just outside Milton Keynes) and we get to the bit where we didn’t have C powers the face of the one listening sort of changes.

it’s imperceptible at first, but it’s the same face after a while so we got used to it – it goes from sad-loving-big-eye-look to slightly glazed over and they always follow it with a crisp, “But you’re allrightnow, yes?”

and as the conversation is clearly Over and we really ought to get back to discussing the weather/books/technology (depending on the country/virtual or otherwise they come from – we can happily do all three) we don’t get to say what we’d like (obviously we’re saying it Here so bless you for reading thus far):

how well do You think you’d function without Your thyroid and para-thyroid glands?

it’s sort of Rhetorical.

because until one Has (and know just a few people who Do) – it’s impossible to describe.

so we’re not even going to try.

at best, one feels a Tiny bit Cyborg (which we like) – having an essential organ replaced with (in our case chopped up bits from an animal’s organ) a daily pill that marches around our body and checks that the pituitary gland, hormones, metabolism and general-emotional-state is ticking over (sometimes it does the job Well – other times we’re reduced to the boudoir to wait for the endocrine storm to pass.)


books are Very helpful while waiting for the storm to settle in our body. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

especially when they are Very Deep in Thought themselves.

and then there’s the permanent scar.

which has definitely lessened over Time from caught-in-a-serrated-knife-fight-in-moscow to a “oh, i can barely see it!” (this is our Least favo(u)rite response btw, as the young people say) – we like what Tina said:

“Oh, I rather Like It”


so the other day, who-we-are-in-RL, was doing an Interview (she was the member of the Fourth Estate on this occasion) and instead of being allowed to call the Interview Subjects on the Princess Phone (much preferred – then one can wear a robe and no mascara and sort of look into space a lot while thinking), she was told she had to do it using Google Hangouts (this happens to be a Deeply Interesting Technology Piece which we will share with you in October when it comes out – as long as you can read Spanish, for it shall be Translated thus).

we like to be helpful.

so we re-arranged the furniture so we had a good Background for the “Google Hangout” video call and tried to Imagine that we were playing the part of Floyd in 2001: a space odyssey  placing his “video call”

13_dialling-numberand then people from all over the world (well, four people, two countries, three cities which is still Deeply impressive) logged in and who-we-are-in-RL started Asking the Interesting Questions while we arranged the pencils and made sure anything not Serious was kept Out of Shot.

while she was Doing the Interview, we took a screengrab from the Google Hangout to check that the background of pictures/articles-in-frames and inspirations looked nice.

which it did.


we think she looked rather sweet-serious actually (we suggested the blue shirt – it was sort of Androgynous and Tech-savvy with the glasses).

but it was only after that we looked at the dark shadow on the neck and thought, “Oh, right, the Scar.”hospitalbed

but all that’s behind us now (or at least left on a petri-dish-in-some-lab).

we must get ready and apply the mascara.

for we have been Invited To Tea over at George’s rooms (that’s what they used to say in Brideshead and George has as many books as Rooms in an Oxford College so feels appropriate somehow, plus he has a lovely set of Spode)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit might seem strange to bring books to someone who has Lots but those are Exactly the sort of people who appreciate them.

here’s what We are reading now.


and if we get a chance tomorrow, we’ll tell you about Quintessence, the Fifth Element (not to be confused with that lovely Sci-Fi movie starring Mr. Willis).


two. years. on.

and (you know) still here (but bits of us are still missing).

wilde in the gardens at the library


a most divine evening.


our (newest) friends at the Chalk Repertory (doesn’t the word Rep make you think of Penelope Keith as a young Thing in some Restoration Comedy-esque in the outskirts of Manchester? Oh, just us then) were performing Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan in the gardens at the Clark Library.

the play was delightful – pleasurable to the ear, pleasing to the eye and full of those Wildean Witticisms that make the lady behind one turn to her husband and repeat them (a tiny bit too) loudly.

No, we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
(Sits down at C table)
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the
stars? Upon my word, you are very romantic to-night,
Too romantic! You must be in love. Who is the girl?
The woman I love is not free, or thinks she isn’t.
(Glances instinctively at LORD WINDERMERE while he

Ah, what a fascinating Puritan you are, Lady Windermere!
The adjective was unnecessary, Lord Darlington.
I couldn’t help it. I can resist everything except
You have the modern affectation of weakness.

we went with George – who brought the most delicious Picnic (it was terribly glyndebourne, actually).

the roses were in the early August stage of slightly wilting but ready for summer’s end. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

George brought the family silver. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the balconies at the library are very romantic – one Ought to be inside with a first Folio and white archival gloves and a wistful expression – non?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the Chalk Rep makes clever use of surprising spaces – like the Grecian statue infused anteroom for Lord Darlington’s personal chambers *shivers*. WSWMClarkLibrary2 WSWMClarkLibraryalas the Library itself was not used in the Performance (we were all outside on blankets and seats and wandering between sets from Act to Act which was delightful and felt very Modern, as william would say)

but we could peek behind the blinds (or use an earlier photograph from the last time we were at the Clark).

such a lovely evening.

only in Los Angeles could one have an evening approximating a drawing room comedy under the stars (In england one would need to carry a Macintosh Square).

Mr. Beebe had lost every one, and had consumed in solitude the tea-basket which he had brought up as a pleasant surprise. Miss Lavish had lost Miss Bartlett. Lucy had lost Mr. Eager. Mr. Emerson had lost George. Miss Bartlett had lost a mackintosh square. Phaethon had lost the game.

It was of drawing-room people that Miss Bartlett thought as she journeyed downwards towards the fading sun. Lucy sat beside her; Mr. Eager sat opposite, trying to catch her eye; he was vaguely suspicious. They spoke of Alessio Baldovinetti.

9610_viewyou’re right.

in the end it Always reminds us of Miss Bartlett and the naughty novelist Eleanor Lavish.

which makes life odd in L.A – but different, certainly.

are you having a divine (no pun intended – or perhaps we Did) Sunday?

do tell.

what news from your part of the world?


sunrise to sunset. #losangeles.


another hollywood-and-hectic day of Work (such a lovely word) so just a few photographs to show you how we saw both the Sunrise and the Sun As It Set yesterday.

isn’t that delicious?


sunrise over the Hollywood hills (actually the flat bit – but still – lovely trees and splendid Palms)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

at 5.40pm we took a break and popped over to see george, drink tea (english breakfast, a little milk, in a proper tea cup – so civilized) and nibble on a light brie with some dark luscious blackberries. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

admiring the cool evening twilight as it rolled in over the Hollywood hills (the actually hilly bits this time)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

don’t you just Adore a teapot, cups and proper saucers?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a sun setting over the hills……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and then we drove back across town and got back to Work (most grateful) again.

so soothing for the soul, being here.


lingering with fellow europeans in beverly hills


we write to you mid-sip of a freshly squeezed melange of fruits and vegetables – it’s been a delicious day but we’ve been quite frankly rushed off our (with lovely Work) size 9 doctor marten originals and completely forgot to post!

the fruits of lingering with europeans in cafes is most definitely paying off.

here’s another Record(you knew that was coming didn’t you?)

Talking of Post (in another Context) both william And george sent missives today.


We do adore a glimpse into the pastoral beach scenes of the garden-of-england and we do Hope william will be reporting from both the Oyster festival and Ladies Bowling.


roses, chandeliers and 18th century paintings: @thehuntingdon


we need to take a Nap (in fact we dozed happily all the way back in the car – gosh – no – we were Not Driving) but really wanted to share the photographs with you now, before our friends in Europe turn in for the night.

after a Most delicious brunch (and some sipping of coffee in the kitchen and patting Diego, the beauteous golden) we were Off – to the HuntingdonGeorge and Richard – both chaps in Oxford blue shirts – Richard in a fine hat – teamgloria in pearls (it was Easter Sunday today after all) and white linen and a sky blue pashmina (no pictures of Us, but we wanted to give you a Visual).



all roses and chandeliers and 18th century paintings – all in all, the perfect Sunday.

did you have a delicious day today, darlings?

easter egg hunts?

something roasted with root vegetables?

a walk in the country?

were You at the huntingdon too? – so sorry we missed you – oh, you were in the tea room? lovely.

(more) questions from berlin or weitere Fragen aus berlin @raptorapid

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe were at George‘s for tea this morning – hopefully we can show you the portraits that we took (but only if we get picture Approval because we’re That sort of a kind photographer, darlings, as many of you know.)
Now – back to the matter at hand!
our newest friend via the interweb, Beautycalypse, responded to Our questions here and then turned around – in Berlin (such a glorious city) – and said, “Answer these, in return, please.”
and so we must *bowing_humbly*.
because we started our career as a journalist and so Questions and answers are integral to our very thrilling experience of  life itself.
someone said, “are those Your answers, or gloria’s?” and we looked all confused and to be honest, we’re not entirely sure.
do we have to decide today?
we thought not *small_smile_to_camera*
so here goes!
1. What tourist places – anywhere in the world – would you love to see out of hours?
2. Name a menu you would set up and be able to cook in order to impress a new love interest.
we don’t really cook, per se. 
but we love to arrange the following on our beautiful set of pure white plates from clever Mr. Conran with heavy silver cutlery: figs, camembert, apricots, avocado, chicory, walnuts and olives. 
3. Animals are property – by law. Is it slavery or absolutely normal because we are the crown of creation?
we know many a willing slave in the guise of a black labrador willing to be subjugated in return for Love and walks and a regular meal. 
4. If you could ask for ANY fine artist, graphic novelist, fashion illustrator, sculptor, or photographer, dead or alive, who should make your portrait and how would you be pictured?

black and white portrait, just a key light, by terence donovan – always wanted to meet him – distraught when he died – stood outside his studio that day near berkeley square, london and wept. 

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?
guilt is a useless emotion ;-)
6. What advice would you like to give your 18 y.o. self?
that pink lipstick from Miss. Selfridge really doesn’t do you justice, sweetheart. 
7. When did you last lie and why?
a few days ago. to avoid repeating a bad situation. it was necessary. 
8. What was the book/fairy tale/short story that moved you the most as a child?
the lion, the witch and the wardrobe (we still climb inside, just to check) 
9. Who scares you the most: Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein?
Dr. Frankenstein. 
10. Who’s your favourite James Bond villain? Explain.
Javier Bardem was extraordinary – properly shivery and with some excellent up to the minute geek gadgetry and smart intellectual concepts. 
11. Since it’s the LIEBSTER (“beloved”) blog award: What is your favourite old-fashioned word that you actually like to use?
“splendid” is one we do use on a very regular basis – especially in a text message when it is unexpectedly enjoyed. 
btw (as the young people say) Ms. Beautycalypse has some Deeply Splendid answers to our Questions – including this one:
7. When writing, I wear my writing cocktail rings.
8. Do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty in Pink? If so, which one? And – still?
Oh I’m so sorry, but I can’t answer to this. It’s The Breakfast Club for me.



now we’re intrigued…….which character in the Breakfast Club do You identify with?


we’ve been all of them (even, briefly, on just one shining afternoon when we were Finally told we HAD to participate in sporting activities, the Jock, because we surprised everyone with our prowess – hey, once a competitive person, always a competitive person).

but secretly we always wanted to be Judd Nelson.

how about you?

did you have a delicious sunday?


Do. Tell.

A delicious sunday?

We did.

In fact it was one of those sundays where we had to Stop for a moment and *giggle* because it was Exactly the sort of sunday that we Imagined when we were very small.

Not as small as this (we are 2.5 in this one)


But maybe not long after…..

The sort of sunday where we woke up with the sun – prepared Tea and Strawberries for a fellow Writer friend (this being George.)


And he arrived bearing incense from an ashram (naturally – this Is California, darlings and fragrant gorgeous incense it is Too).


Then we both sipped tea, delicately enjoyed the fruit and talked a long while…


Before heading off to the Farmers’ market where we purchased salad greens and more delicousness for Later.


And en route au Casa once more, we saw a chandelier!


Now the reason we had a picture to hand of us as a small person is because there’s a Meme going around.

No – this isn’t some strangeness – it’s an idea/concept/interestingness going around the interweb where people tell #5curiousfacts about themselves and then “Tag” others to take-up-the-baton (small sporting reference – rare, for us, we know So little – it took a phonecall with Barry on the Other Coast – for us to find out why everyone at the supermarket last night was frenzied in Buying Of Potato Chips. Apparently they go down well watching large men in vast shoulder pads pass a ball back and forth while someone sings the national anthem – curiously enough)

We digress.

The Meme.

So Here Is someone We tagged who shared her factoids + most excellent they were too.

And Here are ours.


Would you join us?

In the comments or tag us on instagram and we will come and say hello over there.

But if you put your 5 Curious Facts below we would be Thrilled.


We adore Factoids.

Don’t you?

They are particularly appreciated on a sunday.

a rather glamorous 24 hours.


a Whirl of excitement and being all-fashionable (as who we are in RL, but we seriously hope it doesn’t go to Her head, considering We’re the one with a Book Deal – ahem).

so – yesterday – as we didn’t manage to Post last night…..forgive.

here we go (do you have some strong coffee to hand? it might be a long one – but you never know…)

there was an Early Breakfast with some Television Executives from England (and a great deal of Nodding and Eye Contact and extemporizing-when-required and generally being Very Excited about this new project that we are consulting on – can’t say what it is – but it’s Deeply Beautiful and Business-like).

it was at the Dream Hotel – serafina restaurant – do you know it?

Lots of sequins on-the-walls.

and Industry legends
with very sartorially-impressive-pocket-Squares.

and then we Rushed Across Town, popping into The Plaza en route to, well, darlings, does one really need an excuse to drop into The Plaza and pay homage?

and we were completely On Time for our lunch with someone-very-chic (who also used to be anonymous for a long while and then did a big reveal).

our lunch?

Bergdorf’s darlings.*

*we did warn you this was a Rather Fashionable 24 hours ;-)

with an extraordinary View over Central Park (and the Plaza next door).

Then there was Just Time to take the escalator all the way down to admire the mint green walls and 1930s light fixtures.

Then we were Struck (no, not dumb) by the thought that this day felt Very Familiar in all its Fashionable-ness with locales and light fixtures and people with pocket squares and walls-decked-in-sequins……..


the entire day was straight out of a Judith Krantz novel.

no, not I’ll Take Manhattan (we wouldn’t dare presume – and anyway, we’re leaving soon, that would be rude to do so and run).

one of the other ones…….in fact, with all the photographing of glamorous friends, we’re feeling a tiny bit (in the Nicest way) like Princess Daisy.


the most important thing about having a day out of Judith-krantz-Novel is that one Truly Appreciates it.

and scrapbooks it.

those are just our scrapbooks from the past five years ;-)

oh yes.


lots of glorious people, places and things.

and we’re doing some more portraits tomorrow – here’s the Cecil Beaton-esq set we built today chez teamgloria.

white satin gives such a lovely sweet lighting bounce to the face, we have found.

talking of glamourous moments – we curled up in bed last night to finish Mr. G. S. Snyder’s novel (actually, his third) – (it’s thrilling – very well-paced and insider Hollywood and West Hollywood adjacent gossip and wrong-doing and naughtiness and a congenial sub-plot involving, gosh, we can’t Possibly say) – and then we sat up in Shock and (very good) Surprise.

we’re in the acknowledgements.

well. she is.

you know, who-we-play-in-Real-Life (sort of).


how glorious.

and what a glamorous end to a Very Fashionable 24 hours indeed.

in the acknowledgements of a book about Hollywood and its environs.

we’re even In the Book – did we tell you?

well – we cannot reveal any details – but there’s a simply Splendid English Woman who has a glamorous Life and Travels The World and is generally Very sensible in giving-advice (when asked, using on a Transatlantic Trunk Call, in the middle of the night in CHINA – or Paris, naturally).

Look: Proof!

The Author signed it to all three of us.

How Nice.

you see?


or as William says: GLORIAous.

but some of us are looking at the stars………

we are feeling So Much Better today – all that scary stuff has been dissolved by lots of pure mineral water, Tons of Sleep and a large pot of weak tea and novels and – curiously affecting – Being There from 1979 with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine (whom we once sat Awfully Nearby in a Hollywood restaurant and – blimey – a Ribald sense of fun and a Very wide and deep vocab, darlings ;)

and the Lovely George sent us a delicious card with his elegant penmanship tracing out immortal words from the great Oscar.

the card is perched whimsically by the windows where we sit, right now, eating half a grapefruit, very slowly, and watching the tiny birds Frolic on the newly sprung canopy of leaves.

continuing on the Oscar note, another friend just sent us a “txt” from Paris!

where – due to our recommendations, he is staying at the Hotel La Sorbonne! ah – memories of Paris.

No, twas not the Very Same hotel that Oscar met his demise……….but it Does have Very distinct wallpaper (in our room it was a dusky red, almost bordello-like) – so we felt somewhat attuned.

Packing awaits us today, in fact.

as we shall gather up our various pashminas (pashminae?) and medications and the Comme Des Garcons long black dress that we wore to the Gala for La Divine Deneuve and snatch the European adaptors from the cupboard with various black stretchy NY executive apparel and a couple of Tailored jackets and Fly to Espana tomorrow night…………..

after a week of Work, we are staying with a Very glorious friend for an evening and then heading to Lisbon until May 2nd.

Oscar would approve, we are sure – especially of our clandestine and covert nature of La Vie Double as we live it – can you Just picture Wilde on the internet, darlings? Multiple personas, an Official site curated by Some young chap in Bosie’s employ and numerous witticisms throughout art blogs and curated cultural delights…………

delicious, we’re sure ;)