twiggy, the movie.


we shot another friends-with-fur (their own) movie just recently.

this was with twiggy (not that one – although we’re a HUGE fan)

when we went over and met with twiggy (the friend-with-fur, not 1960s model and all-round fantastic human being) we talked through story ideas and yet we sensed that twiggy was Not Paying Attention.

she lay back on the red all-weather-proof chaise in the back garden by the pool and looked at us from under her long eyelashes.

let’s go Blonde.

she said.

how Blonde?

we asked, curiously.

As Blonde as it gets baby.

she replied.


we had to think for a moment.

we came back with tear sheets from old 1930s and Forties Hollywood fan magazines.

twiggy barked happily.

let’s do Jean, MarionMarilyn and the one that has all those clever licensing deals!


Jessica Simpson?

yeah – that girl is no dummy.

said twiggy, suddenly falling into something of an L.A Noir pose.

we started to roll the camera.

and Blonde it was.

very Blonde.

jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

zippy, the movie.


this. just. in.

zippy, the movie.


as we mentioned before, we went to palm springs to make a movie about zippy (and see GB of course, too, which was lovely).

zippy and teamgloria conferred out by the (delicious) pool about Theme and Music and Concept.

we were Pretty surprised (he’s very mellow you see) to find out that zippy’s Idea was more of the classic Bond movie (classic as in Mr. Connery).


well, we said.

that’s a Splendid shorthand-for-a-short (or “the high concept” as they call it in movieland where one says “Classic Bond, as in Connery” and everyone nods as if they “get it instantly” which not everyone Does but one must Never Admit That in a Pitch Meeting you see).

then we turned the camera on and zippy Flew (not literally, we just mean Fast) around the delicious palm springs property and was very Active.

until he wasn’t.

and then he slept for reels and reels and reels (if we were shooting Film that’s what we would say – sadly we are not on celluloid but we try to Light as if we were) but we continued to shoot that too.

finally there were some Tricks (also known as “structured play”) done (the final Action Shot of the water squirting scene – we did Several Takes to get that right).

and then it was a Wrap.

we must share zippy’s video with sparky to get his input too – such different visual styles (Sparky loves Godard more than Mr. Connery) – but both Great To Work With (as actors always say when they do the DVD extras).



DVD extras?

now there’s a thought….

sparky, the movie.


we wanted to make a little thank you gift for barry & john (we stayed with them last week in manhattan) and so we asked sparky (who lives there too) if he wanted to collaborate with us on a short film.

he said (of course we speak “dog”):

yes – but only if it’s in B&W like Monsieur Godard‘s films.


we thought.

how chic.

but not surprising, considering the provenance of such a statement.

so we both chewed over pencils and did a storyboard and then shot-the-film and we took the footage back to Los Angeles (where Absolutely Everyone edits a film on sunday mornings) and spoke with sparky via email (yes, he has an email address – refreshingly retro actually – neither of us skype you see) and here it is!

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.30.43 AMwhat do you think?

sparky is already in a beret.

and we’re in a battered old leather jacket.

/V. Godard.