foreign films, taking the long road home, evening heat (and a new piece for #HuffPo)


we had the most delicious day yesterday – packed with meetings and interesting people and a drive down mullholland drive and a Foreign Film from 1972 and who-we-are-in-RL had another piece published (which we thought was rather Saucy and Surprising in its use of Dating Tips with Marketing Campaigns – whodda-thought? Well, she did, clearly and that’s splendid).


Bien sûr as they say in all the best parisian-style cafes around the world.


valets standing to attention like sentries outside a Palace (any palace, pick a palace). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the splendid-ness of a Local Library (local to where-we-were-driving-briefly yesterday so we Had to pop in). #weadorealibraryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky was SO blue (and the temperature SO high). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

splendid. splendid. splendid. 1972. alain delon. catherine deneuve. un flic. une marvel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

can you see how hot it was (and this was the evening time)? #phew. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we took the (very) long way home. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

because we could.

before you go!

justaddattitude wrote a very lovely and poignant and deeply interesting piece here about media-that-is-sociable and we just wanted to share it in case you didn’t get it in your post box today.

isn’t life delicious?

we. think. so

englishwomen in california.


there’s a reason why englishwomen come to california.


the weather is a Huge Factor.

but also the freedom to escape one’s roots: whether one was born top drawer, middle of the road, or packed off to an orphanage, like Sheilah Graham, Hollywood Columnist from the 1930s. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.27.57 AM

we picked up Ms. Graham’s fascinating book “College of One” at the Requested Materials shelf of the Los Angeles County Library yesterday.


like many smart women she used the premise that would get her written about (she was the last love of the sadly doomed F. Scott Fitzgerald) but expanded and enlarged and other-words-that-mean-made-bigger her own Tale and created a glorious autobiography.

another smart englishwoman who is forging ahead with her own Life is Rachel Ashwell and we just happened to write about her beautiful creations in our column this week.  Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.52.54 AM

and then there’s our story.

we’re still not sure how that one ends (obviously – and hopefully not at all soon).

the beginning we’re also not sure about (because we’ve been told various myths and memories and there were not good circumstances at the time, put it that way).

early years – well – mostly in our Head (and at times, out of it and often imagining climbing inside other people’s heads – that way madness lies – although one Can make a living doing that in later years – it’s just weird when you’re seven).

Yet – by being an englishwoman (nominally and passport-wise – if not in looks or the greater part of our blood lineage – from time to time in Accent, when required) in california one thing we are completely comfortable with –

……..there is no script.

nothing laid out – no expectations – no path to follow – no people to have to fall in line with – one is free – scary as that is.

but you know that don’t you?

because we’ve noticed recently that (almost) everyone that visits here and leaves nice comments is not living-in-the-place-where-they-were-born

we all seemed to have e s c a p e d.

isn’t that delicious?