come with us for a moment to Florence, darlings


we opened our email (so Modern) this morning and almost fell back onto the plump white cotton pillows as the satin robe fell off the edge of the bed (bear with us) and the SOUND of BELLS from FLORENCE rang out in the early morning…..

courtesy of the glorious Mr. Sophisticate (still anonymous but we hope against hope to persuade him into chronicling his Life and Travels via a “blog” at some point) – here they are:

aren’t they just the most gorgeous thing you ever heard?

shall we stay in Italy for the briefest of moments?


Charlotte Bartlett: In my small way I am a woman of the world. And I know where things can lead to.


“It is fate that I am here,’ George persisted, ‘but you can call it Italy if it makes you less unhappy.”
― E.M. ForsterA Room with a View


“Then she lay on her back and gazed at the cloudless sky. Mr. Beebe, whose opinion of her rose daily, whispered to his niece that that was the proper way to behave if any little thing went wrong.”
― E.M. ForsterA Room with a View


George Emerson: My father says there is only one perfect view, and that’s the view of the sky over our heads.

Cecil Vyse: I expect your father has been reading Dante.

dearest Sophisticate – thank you thank you.

more glorious travels ahead please.