sunday in santa monica with jonathan.


a lovely day in santa monica – and a quick whip around the farmers market in santa monica with the newest resident of This Coast just before lunch!

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.07.49 PM

so happy when lovely people decide to escapewinterinmanhattan move WEST!


what else?

let’s see…..

we popped over to Lamill Coffee yesterday and they had ever such gorgeous blooms on the counter top.08cbc256551511e3bc39120ce0231231_8

we managed to s l e e p through an entire night and wake up at dawn so the #jetlag is subsiding at last!47a04660551911e38b1612aeb095b634_8

and our gift to William has been framed in Whitstable, by William, because we only carry hand luggage so we had to put in rolled up in our case and not encased behind glass which is what he has done Now (and this is our version annotated – digitally with a virtual stylus on our Galaxy Note – oh thank you! yes, how clever – from William’s Own post earlier today on Instagram – how Modern)d9af1b4e548d11e380340aca97abc920_8

and it being a Weekend we’ve been drinking rooibos tea (deeply South African) and reading the Financial Times (Very European) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this was Santa Monica early this morning where we went to meet some friends for a sort of non-breakfast (chatting but no food – actually rather nice). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this FANTASTIC creature was at the tiny petting zoo where small people can give nutritious looking pellets of food, we assume, to the small animals therein, at the Farmers Market on Main StreetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

here’s a “wide shot” as the say in the movies (actually not that wide, they’d probably call this is a 2-shot if we hadn’t caught the hooves of some other type of creature top of frame) just to get the full effect of that bona riah (do you speak Polari, love?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then after our lovely chat with the newest resident of Los Angeles (Jonathan, not the bizarre creature with the fluffy “do”), we took a drive up into the Hills above Sunset Strip to admire the view and dream wistfully of what’s next..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is the Sort of view that gives itself to Wistfulness as I’m sure you can see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as do chandelier lustres. theNTlikedYourPicture

and *gasps* nice “likes” from the National Trust on Instagram (terribly Modern as William would say) – looks like somebody learned howtosearchforhastags ;-)

f84e8bc4555611e3924b12f247178dfa_8-1and now we can admire the apples we bought at the farmers market before heading out into the evening (hopefully we can stay awake!) to be sociable and see friends we’ve not been Able to see because we’ve been asleep by teatime since returning from Abroad.

how lovely.

how nice.

in fact.

did you have a delicious sunday evening?

which television program(me) did you end up watching?


did you see Doctor WHO?

we’re dying to see that one……..we’ve been promised it on a thumbdrive in the Post.


that’s how we receive Television Transmissions over here.

it’s perfectly lovely.

what’s that?


excellent point.


you want to know Where we bought William’s artwork gift?

do you remember the Wish List where all that lovely tulle and beauteousness lived?

we bought it there.

yes, then.

we were Dying to put up a picture at the time but William might have seen it so it would have Ruined the surprise.

we’re good at keeping secrets special information hidden.

just so you know.

care and feeding of the soul: roses, friendship, fresh tomatoes and blood red oranges.


feeling very grateful and sprightly this morning – settling down to write early before the day begins – a large mug of strong coffee to hand – blood red oranges from the farmers market on the counter for a mid-morning repast, tomatoes getting all silky and juicy with sea-salt and olive oil in the fridge (another find at the farmers market), palest creamy-white roses (again, direct from growers, at the market), a Conference Call at 10am (proper grown-up psyche prepped for that) about a digital Project (#weadoredigital but #onlywhenitdoessomethingUsefulandBeautiful) and then………well……..there’s lots more…..but the Muse(s) call (it feels like there’s a lot more than one as we have So many disparate characters in The House on Church Row) so We Must Write!

see you later, darlings.

for now – some photographs and perhaps you can feel us smiling out of the window across the power lines and the clever 802.11 beams through the interweb and waving (in a non-scary way, of course) through your own digital device.

if you were here, of course, we’d offer you a coffee – there’s a full pot on the burner and some 1 per-cent milk in the fridge.

wouldn’t that be lovely?


not with the coffee cup aloft this time ;-)


did you have a delicious sunday?


Do. Tell.

A delicious sunday?

We did.

In fact it was one of those sundays where we had to Stop for a moment and *giggle* because it was Exactly the sort of sunday that we Imagined when we were very small.

Not as small as this (we are 2.5 in this one)


But maybe not long after…..

The sort of sunday where we woke up with the sun – prepared Tea and Strawberries for a fellow Writer friend (this being George.)


And he arrived bearing incense from an ashram (naturally – this Is California, darlings and fragrant gorgeous incense it is Too).


Then we both sipped tea, delicately enjoyed the fruit and talked a long while…


Before heading off to the Farmers’ market where we purchased salad greens and more delicousness for Later.


And en route au Casa once more, we saw a chandelier!


Now the reason we had a picture to hand of us as a small person is because there’s a Meme going around.

No – this isn’t some strangeness – it’s an idea/concept/interestingness going around the interweb where people tell #5curiousfacts about themselves and then “Tag” others to take-up-the-baton (small sporting reference – rare, for us, we know So little – it took a phonecall with Barry on the Other Coast – for us to find out why everyone at the supermarket last night was frenzied in Buying Of Potato Chips. Apparently they go down well watching large men in vast shoulder pads pass a ball back and forth while someone sings the national anthem – curiously enough)

We digress.

The Meme.

So Here Is someone We tagged who shared her factoids + most excellent they were too.

And Here are ours.


Would you join us?

In the comments or tag us on instagram and we will come and say hello over there.

But if you put your 5 Curious Facts below we would be Thrilled.


We adore Factoids.

Don’t you?

They are particularly appreciated on a sunday.

so this is what happened to the boys from the hacienda #CaliforniaSolo

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 10.31.43 PMso this is what happened to the boys from the Hacienda – they became the men sketching out an existence far, far, away from the troubles, keeping their heads down, trying not to bother anyone, to make a decent living, to hide out, to escape, from what – from Everything.

because that’s what we were all doing at the Hacienda.


from everything that everyone escapes from.

but oh.

Robert Carlyle is Astonishing.

the pain behind-the-eyes.

the flick of the hair and the defiant gaze and the shot glasses and the guitar, un-played, in the corner, for years.

California looks gorgeous.

such a perfect place to escape to.

but we cannot ruin the ending for you as there are two Very Interesting Twists that you think you see coming but you don’t – there’s a very Hollywood turn – that the movie does not take and it makes you lean forward in your cinema seat, in the darkness, wondering how this will all play itself out.

and then the Mozart interlude.

just wait for that.


we needed a good cry.

bloody brilliant.

of course not everyone made it out of the Hacienda.

but the movie is about them too.

when we get back to los angeles, we’re going to look more closely at the tired and beautiful people behind the farmers’ market stalls just in case we recognize any of them……