Portland, Oregon: home of Autumn, coders in beanie hats, great bookstores and coffee lovers


it’s really beautiful here.

this is the land where they keep the Autumnal Season (which as you know, we’d not see normally this time of year, being a Los Angeles resident).

take a look:

magnificent bookshops



with excellent staff picks (and people who stop randomly and talk to you which was a tiny bit unnerving but rather charming – we talked about Tom Robbins because, well, keep scanning down through the pictures and you’ll get the idea)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA










ok – we need to stop here – so there are lots of divine vintage dress shops here with quite remarkable 1960s and before-hand-fashions.

this emerald green satin was so beautifully shining from the racks that we bought it and no – not going to wear it as a Dress – but we’re going to slice-it-open with dressmaking shears (or, most likely, as we do not Own such implements, a local seamstress/chap will do this) and wear it as a sleeveless sort of glamorous thing over a black outfit (you saw that coming right?) for the Gala Evening at the Bookmarks in South AfricaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

back to the gloriousness of Autumn. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAisn’t it amazing here?

now we have to admit we were Bundled Up in a warm wool coat and hat at 08:35 hours this morning when Taking these last two shots – but it was worth it.

we’re also b u z z i n g from the dark embrace of caffeine – because Portland, Oregon is justifiably famous for its coffee. 

so work calls – and then a supper – before a Flight and so we Travel.

but we’d like to come back to Portland.

this has been an exceedingly nice Trip.

New York in the Fall: the shoes, sunsets and sequins.

it was a delicious autumnal day in New York yesterday – were you here? Or was it also glorious where You were?

the view over the park in the (early-ish – ok, not so early to be honest) morning was crisp, green and dewy.

it’s an odd weather time – one needs a little cashmere (just a very light one) for the evening – perhaps just over the shoulder – especially if one has been swimming (hurrah!) and is heading up to the Upper East Side to meet up with friends.

isn’t the upper East side different?

even the typography on the buildings is from a different era and the hair – don’t get us started – there’s shades of blonde up there that haven’t been seen anywhere outside of 1930s Hollywood – the creamy waves-set-into-a-fall – amazing and inspiring –

you know – we do believe we feel a Set At Kenneth’s coming on:


so the cashmere was also useful when enjoying the Tremendously beautiful sunsets over the Park – at 90th (we Rarely go up this far – quelle adventurous)

talking of textiles and draping and fun stuff – we almost felt ready to shimmy up the look (post Corporate America) when, during a Very Lovely meeting we looked down at the shoes and saw darling 1920s sort of t-bar (the line is called Joy Chen, apparently, but the designer’s name in RL is – Glory – almost the same – isn’t that splendid? and even more splendiferous that she’s a designer from the Other Coast)

and the sequins – there were lots of tiny sequins in palest cream, lemon and chiffon around yesterday from (another West Coast Designer) Maria Bianca Nero.

so that’s decided:

1. a set by Kenneth

2. some tip-tap-shoes

3. tiny sequins

feeling all Rather Modern like Julie Andrews doing-the-tap-tap-i-oca

shall we?

so – for autumn – hair, shoes, sequins and a Lot of Sunsets.

Fall sounds lovely. Or Autumn for our English friends and – Rather Confusingly – Not in the Southern Hemisphere where they’re starting to choose athletic swimwear and stock up on Factor Whatever.






the last peach of summer and the first umbrella of fall

today we ate the last ripe peach of summer……..

drizzled with some fine portuguese olive oil….(that’s not true but we wanted to use the picture and tried to tie into the narrative but honesty overwhelmed us suddenly).

and lost the first umbrella in the first rainstorm of fall (autumn for our english chums).

and in between there was a Mad Men lunch with a Deeply cool person (no names, darlings) in a Very Manhattan joint (downtown).

remarkably, we’re still on West Coast time.

Or are we just adjusting to the seasonal switch?

Whatever it is, we found ourselves being a tiny bit sociable after work, swimming lengths (and Trying not to get cross with the Super-competitive chaps in the Lane – we’re so much smaller than they are and we get Irritated when they overtake our graceful yet a little bit languid breast-stroke…….bless you for listening).

Bumping into D in the local Greenwich village grocery made us feel all native new yorker (especially in our respective choices of soy milk – him -and overpriced designer water – us – hey, it had minerals and something electrical, whatever that means, but the black bottle swayed our purchasing decision this time, however it tasted like London Tap, we were Ever so disappointed.

The decision we’ve been waiting for has been put off at Least another ten days. #sigh

So we stocked up on more DVDs.

A Julie Andrews (Modern Millie), an Award Winning agatha Christie TV drama costume drama deliciousness on a train to somewhere glam (and no doubt Deadly) and, um, one we are a Bit embarrassed we bought (but Diane Lane has great hair in it and it’s not the one with the large dog).

Hey, it’s fall in NYC.

You have to stock up on early night’s-to-bed-in-PJs, cold cream and hot tea, darlings.