and now we’re sipping sleepy time tea #aftertheexhibition


just got back from the exhibition.

it was Quite an Oeuvre – in not a bad way at all – but we’re so overwhelmed by seeing all the lovely people and the nice things that they said and quite frankly realizing that because we had the Flu when we left NYC, we didn’t really get to say goodbye and so perhaps tonight was goodbye or not but yes, probably and there were people from all areas of our life which was a little bit uncomfortable at times and sometimes Rather Lovely and Sweet and then strange again and we Did take some pictures but couldn’t get the angles that we wanted and so we’ve just got one to show you.


Lisa and Lyn who looked beautiful.

and then it was all over – two-and-a-half-hours-later and we drifted outside and there was talk of cabs and uptown/downtown and meeting friends and going on somewhere and we just wanted to sit down quietly and take it all in – the seeing-the-photos-on-the-wall and the Friends and More Friends and then take a walk into the Village and turn left up sixth avenue a bit, turn left again, can’t quite remember where – after bleecker anyway, and then feeling a bit tearful about who-knows-what we suddenly thought “oops, forgot to have supper” (that can happen here) and so we ducked into a bodega and bought a Manhattan-Walking-Snack (seltzer, string cheese and a lemon gluten-free bar with nuts if you’re not sure what that Is) and felt a little less weird about everything and Called a friend back in L.A who made us giggle (we ducked into a chemist/drugstore/purveyor-of-aspirin as it’s Far too noisy to talk on a cellular telephone on the street in NYC and the sad-late-night-love-music made us rather Melancholic – does it sell more aspirin? surely not guvnor) and then we got distracted by the Chinese balloons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAaren’t they delicious?

isn’t there a scene in either Working Girl (party on staten island right before Alec buys her the inappropriate underwear) or Desperately Seeking Susan (when they all pause to watch the commercial in Jersey at Roberta’s house) where we see chinese lanterns that are really similar? or was it Nobody’s Fool with Rosanna Arquette? hmmm.

can you picture it?

can you send us a picture of it?

we couldn’t find it from Mr. Google.

yes, that’s how easily we get distracted from Vast Feelings about where-we-have-lived and who-we-have-known and how Kind people were to come and see the pictures and so on.




and movies.

seen anything good recently?

we need to fly back to L.A tomorrow and catch up on movie watching now that our exhibition is Alive and has a Life of its own on This Coast.

we hope people sit in ‘sNice on sullivan and get to dream a little about faraway places and  so on while sipping their soy latte.

that would be nice.

that’s why we did those pictures anyway.

to engender a smile and a day-dream.

thank you to everyone that came – and those that wanted to but couldn’t get there – and those of you via the Interweb who came in spirit – that was lovely.

but we’re sort of relieved it’s over.

to tell the absolute truth.


trembling before the exhibition


we’re getting a Tiny bit apprehensive about the show’s opening tonight.

sort of not-wanting-to-be-the-centre-of-attention (which is deeply odd consider we spent so many years desirous of the limelight – and we don’t mean the dodgy club on leicester square in London either – although we did spend a few nights of our Youth there, tis true)

and – well – it feels so official – the new life, and all that.

which is good.

but scary.


in the meantime, we take pictures.


sparky was unwilling to wake up this morning – so we made the coffee instead (and rather strong it was too – magnificent blend) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we went to visit our friend Donna at her company Buy My Closet which is tremendously exciting a place.

although we did notice we seem to have taken pictures of two completely nude mannequins instead of the vast quantities of gorgeous designer threads on offer at the site itself – do lookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

she even has a Chandelier!



manhattan in springtime is most deliciously fragrant and floral.


and still stern and impressive in Other Parts (this being Madison Avenue as we strolled by).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and there was lots of time to pause for thought. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and reflect on our Life here – and there and elsewhere.

then (and it was only just lunchtime at this Juncture) we took our immigration attorney to lunch to say THANK YOU FOR THE GREEN CARD at a groovy parisian-esque bistro

where we saw the Bourdain himself.


all those times spent sipping black coffee and staring moodily into space during seven years in manhattan – not a peep – back for a mere few hours to pick up a green card, open an exhibition and say thank you to our immigration attorney – voila!


remarkable in fact.


getting a bit nervous now.

and Must get a fresh slim-fit sky-blue t-shirt on with black jeans and the merest dash of chapstick before heading out to meet our friends and *blush* a little at the pictures on the wall that we took.

hanging the exhibition at #snice #soho


tis strange and surreal to be back Here (where we lived for 7 years if you’ve just joined us – and Welcome if you have *winninglooktocamera*)

and rather Glorious, of course.






we had a coffee and a bagel at the counter of a 1929 coffee shop on Fifth and it all felt very teamgloria if you know what we mean – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then we met up with the lovely Jonathan (yes, from one stop nyc) who helped us Hang The Exhibition!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the landscapes (from L – R = Paris, Manhattan, Hong Kong, Taiwan) are on the large wall on the right as you walk into ‘sNice on Sullivan Street (in, SoHo, we are Enormously Grateful that we got to have a Show in SoHo, darlings)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

greg and jim are on the inside right of the front (french) doors. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

brooklyn is above the water cooler.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

nick is centre (drew is to the left but someone was standing there and we couldn’t quite ask them to move as they were Admiring the photograph) and Stacy & Zack are to the Right on the Left wall (if that’s not Too Confusing). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jorden is above the sweetners. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Portugal is to the right of Taiwan (not in RL, just in our show – the Taiwan image has a lot of orange in it so we were trying to blend the colo(u)rs/shades/hues in some sort of Artistic Way).

and then we had Lunch with our Literary Agent at a very chic eatery and felt Quite Overwhelmed – by jet lag, by the exhibition opportunity, by being Back Here, staying with lovely friends and generally Life.

in a very good way, of course.

planning for the exhibition…


as you may recall *looksquicklytocamera* – we Did mention this, non?

we have An Exhibition.

isn’t that glorious?

just checked in with the owner of the cafe/artSpace back in SoHo *blush* NYC and we Are Agreed on the materials therein – just waiting now for extra permission slips from the people-in-the-portraits so they feel comfortable being stared at through a lorgnette or two.



so – as it stands – here are the Pictures Chosen *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 10.09.31 AM

the landscapes will be printed Large (as posters) and commercially available (the polite british words do still amuse) – the portraits will be smaller (11 x 16 most likely – still discussing this With Our Printer) and given as gifts, after the exhibition comes down, to the owners portrayed.

so exciting.

more nearer the time.

it runs throughout May 2013 in a small cafe/artSpace in NYC.