notes from friday: 1844 californian adobe, #HuffPo, message sent to berlin and received from JAPAN #glorious


we are so very excited – who-we-are-in-RL is writing film reviews for our good friend Arianna – isn’t that splendid?

not many know, of course, that she (RL, not our good friend Arianna) started writing film reviews as a young (and so very deeply naive) student at the London University newspaper which is (still!) rather aptly named – London Student.

ah yes.

the years in the dark, looking up at the silver screen……..




on another note.

our writing research for next week’s column in Los Angeles, I’m Yours took us to Calabasas and back in 90-degree burning sunshine (whatever that is in old money) yesterday.

we weren’t writing about the Leonis Adobe per se but we can’t resist popping into a museum when there are a few moments free on the calendar.

why yes!

we *did* take pictures.

you are most kind for asking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA so as we cut down from the extreme heat of Calabasas through Topanga Canyon (cue 60s music) and down to the Pacific Ocean we paused at the red lights (befitting all traffic regulations) and this is the picture we took for our friend miss jules who is Heading HERE from Berlin on Monday!

we posted the picture on Instagram (how modern, as William would say)

and then one of our virtual friends from JAPAN


yes, JAPAN!

left us a billet doux on the photograph to tell us that the blue we had captured (we adore blue-blue-blue) reminded him of Kitano.

well, this was a cultural reference we did not hitherto know (which is very exciting – we love new knowledge pod moments).



don’t open a new browser window and visit mr. google – we’ve done it for you….

and an article here



isn’t that amazing?

a european-Living-in-LosAngeles visits an adobe structure built in 1844 and drives to the Pacific Ocean – takes a photograph for a friend in Berlin and someone in Japan tells us about a whole cultural movement around the shade blue-blue-of-LA-Ocean_and-sky that we did not previously know – in the space of a few  h o u r s.

now that, ladies and gentlemen and undecided gender warriors, is The Future of storytelling and communication.

right here.

a m a z i n g.


we must tell Arianna – she’ll love that.

there is something tragic yet sensuous in the state of Denmark #aRoyalAffair


From the opening scenes in 18th century England – all repressed lips and licentious guidance and heaving bosoms – to a long journey into the kingdom of Denmark – by coach and horses with scandalous novels in the trunk and a virginity as a ticket to survive…….as one might expect – thriling, darlings.

And That was just the first five minutes.


a royal affair is astonishing. 

Yet we must warn you.

Tis a European historical Tale.


Corruption, anguish, the plight of women and nary an upbeat ending or message.

Actually, that’s not Entirely True.

Happiness. No.

Hope. Yes.

take our word for it. You’ll find yourself longing for candlelight opera houses, rough horseback galloping through misty rain and hiding a key to the secret back staircase and slipping notes inside banned texts from The Enlightenment.

Or at least cooking to Handel and opening the blinds to the inky night’s sky to dream.