well hello, saturday.


it is really Le Weekend?

how glorious.


we are Ever so exhausted by this wonderful week just gone by – and now we must rest.

after we show you a few pictures (and thank you so much for dropping by en route to the kitchen to make tea and the bookcase in the hall to select a new novel to read – what did you decide on in the end?)


our new doctors’ office (we use the punctuation correctly – tis a Group Practice – which always sounds like Extra Netball on Wednesdays after Prep) has a rather subtle Scandi-Style (as the British call it – we’ve been reading magazines from across the Pond – such fun).

and we now have the strange experience of two of our three doctors here in L.A being Younger Than who-we-are-in-RL (staying perpetually 28 years old chez teamgloria darlings – like so many online, of course).

and when one doctor admired our notes (medical ones) and we Talked Through Everything that Happened and they tapped our chest and listened quietly through the Listening Instruments we said:

well, at least we got a nice scar – and a book deal – out of it.

and they just looked mildly curious and Moved Right On to the next question.

oh. right.

we thought, checking our reflection in the reflective surfaces of the instrument panel.

not an unusual occurrence here in L.A – the book deal ;-)

or maybe a book deal doesn’t mean very much in the Land of the Screen of Silver.

anyway, she was perfectly lovely (yes, a lady doctor, how Modern as William would say).


and then there was lovely Driving (doesn’t this look like the opening title Sequence for LA Law?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and earlier in the day, judging by the Light here, perhaps we could have re-jigged the order here but we’re very tired so just, well, can’t today – forgive? we had a couple of Very Important conference calls (doesn’t everybody do these in the comfort of one’s Boudoir?)


and then a bit later (after the Doctor) we stopped by a cafe that has vintage Posters (and this reminded us of reading about JustAddAttitude’s vintage poster spotting in the fair Isle)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Gitanes always remind us of Richard Bohringer.

Because we kept him in smokes* during the shooting of a certain movie at a wonderful Film Studio outside London.

*we no longer smoke, children – this was a hard Habit to break – but we did – many moons ago – and anyway have-you-seen-the-price-of-cigarettes-these-days?! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ah – the slippery sandy oily teenage summer memories of the left – and the checking-ones-sunburn-under-a-cafe-umbrella in Estoril, Portugal sipping a Perrier and reading a scurrilous novel. #happydaysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then it was time to drive again (can you spot the seagull posing like a statue on the Left?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but only after we browsed a little in this new shop for fashionable children (yes, 3/4 size furniture – including the chandeliers – we adore a chandelier) – actually seriously tempted by a few pieces – we going to ask who-we-are-in-RL to set aside some of the cash coming in from work to do a little shopping before Thanksgiving!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then there was a peach sunset. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand a quiet cup of mint tea with @tjenamoss.


it’s a Swedish word and someone from NYC who now lives in Sweden has a nice explanation here.


that was a whirlwind of thoughts and memories in one day – from Estoril to Elstree and sweden to santa monica and all the way over to silver lake and back.

and now we rest.

the coffee is ready.

and we’re almost finished reading Miss Pym.

have a beautiful saturday, darlings.

you deserve it.