walking, talking, inspiring over tacos.


A full day.

Much magic.

A lot of Writing (sending the completed YA novel to our Agent on Monday – a book which has a working title of “Emerald” but will probably be called Emerald’s Adventures at a Terribly British Boarding School – for clarity and because we have already started writing the one where she goes to University and it is Entirely Possible that we could squeeze one in about her Sixth Form Adventures too.)

In answer to the (no doubt in your mind) Question “are they all autobiographical, dear?”

The short answer is No.

But the more deeply considered multi-layered response which attributes some time given to the study of semiotics and semantics is Yes; everything happened. But not necessarily to Us and not in that order.

If that makes sense……?

So in between doing a final once over before we send the File on Monday, we had a few adventures of our own in RL.

Actually today saw Two lovely encounters with people we have hitherto either just met in RL once (Eleanor) or never met before at all in Person (Jonathan) but have followed them on instagram and so observed and commented and shared their lives and work and band gigs and movingacrossthecountry (J) and wantingtomoveacrossthecountry (E) and so much intensity and a mutual love of twinkle lights in one’s home (all year round) for Quite a While.


We met eleanor at the pacific design center early this morning.



And took a walk around the not-yet-sunny streets, ducking into small verdant courtyards to admire Foliage and pick up business cards at Interesting shops and potential new acqupuncture spa-like nooks. 


We would like to mention that eleanor has a BOOK coming out and we can’t wait to read it.
Talking of Talent – we drove across town – towards east LA to meet Jonathan at a proper taco stand. The sort of taco stand that has fresh cilantro (coriander for our English friends) and Mexican soft beverages and chiles that bring Tears to the eyes.

Jonathan is a graphic artist and gave us a small envelope with a Wax Seal (don’t you just adore knowing people who seal their Correspondence appropriately for the etiquette of the early eighteenth century?)


We cannot yet link to Jonathan’s site – tis in Progress – but here are some of his stickers (which are going straight in our scrapbook and moleskine directly for Posterity).


A very creatively stimulating day.

As we drove back West, we sang along with Simone emoting something glorious in Italian (we don’t know All the words but we do a passable aria)…..


At home, much later, we found ourself reading cookbooks by Sophie Dahl, while sipping decaf and warmed milk from cafe du monde (the coffee, not the milk, that’s from trader joes) and musing on Quelle inspiring people we know. And have just met. And might well meet Next.


So exciting.

Sunday, tomorrow.

As heather says, the best day.

to brooklyn for breakfast with eleanor then a boat trip down the east river #eastcoastportraits


a splendid piece of devil-may-care-nes yesterday – we went on the East River and felt glorious – the sun trying to peek through the december gloom (occasionally it did and we Captured it instantly on the grown-up camera while trying not to fall Off the Boat) and the wind blowing hard on our Agnes B cloche hat (why yes, the one we bought in Paris during our Travels there).

but first we went to Brooklyn, again (we have gone so rarely during our time in Manhattan because we were Always leaving Town for the day job but now we are there Quite Regularly which is lovely).

and yesterday our Trip to Brooklyn was to have breakfast with Eleanor.


Eleanor ALSO has a book coming out in 2013.

isn’t that delicious?

we will be writing about it instantly it comes out (and probably being Very Clever and linking to it from this post in-retro-ness – we adore the interweb and its confluence of hyperlinking and permanence in a world of Change).



as you can see – Brooklyn was in Fine protesting form again – we do find the place Exhilarating in the extreme.

and then we went on a boat on the East River!

an extreme way of “taking the long way home” – because we can – everything is Wrapping up now for the Holidays and we’re off on Monday to find a new home on the Other Coast.


so it felt appropriate and also glorious to get on the boat and say goodbye and thank you to Manhattan on a beautiful winter’s day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we then slipped into manhattan proper (on the East Side which is Very Proper) and did our last two meetings to close loops and perform endings (tiny bit hard but we bit our lip and moved gently on). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then SUDDENLY there were BUBBLES.

on park avenue (what would the Vanderbilts think?).


how perfectly delicious.