to brooklyn for breakfast with eleanor then a boat trip down the east river #eastcoastportraits


a splendid piece of devil-may-care-nes yesterday – we went on the East River and felt glorious – the sun trying to peek through the december gloom (occasionally it did and we Captured it instantly on the grown-up camera while trying not to fall Off the Boat) and the wind blowing hard on our Agnes B cloche hat (why yes, the one we bought in Paris during our Travels there).

but first we went to Brooklyn, again (we have gone so rarely during our time in Manhattan because we were Always leaving Town for the day job but now we are there Quite Regularly which is lovely).

and yesterday our Trip to Brooklyn was to have breakfast with Eleanor.


Eleanor ALSO has a book coming out in 2013.

isn’t that delicious?

we will be writing about it instantly it comes out (and probably being Very Clever and linking to it from this post in-retro-ness – we adore the interweb and its confluence of hyperlinking and permanence in a world of Change).



as you can see – Brooklyn was in Fine protesting form again – we do find the place Exhilarating in the extreme.

and then we went on a boat on the East River!

an extreme way of “taking the long way home” – because we can – everything is Wrapping up now for the Holidays and we’re off on Monday to find a new home on the Other Coast.


so it felt appropriate and also glorious to get on the boat and say goodbye and thank you to Manhattan on a beautiful winter’s day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we then slipped into manhattan proper (on the East Side which is Very Proper) and did our last two meetings to close loops and perform endings (tiny bit hard but we bit our lip and moved gently on). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then SUDDENLY there were BUBBLES.

on park avenue (what would the Vanderbilts think?).


how perfectly delicious.

east coast portraits: Kim, Randy, Luke and Drew


as you may have noticed – we usually spend time with grown-ups – and often in very glamorous places Abroad – *blush* – but whenever we meet small people (what others call Children, apparently) – we are Fascinated.

they have this sheer force of will that is Exhilarating.

none of the niceties of Boarding School etiquette forced into one (with the Constant Threat hanging over one’s head of a nuisance, order or conduct mark – yes, that’s what the levels of punishment were at the Establishment where We were soi-disant educated in far-off-England so many – gulp – years ago).

so when we met Luke yesterday (3’ish, we forgot to inquire the Exact Age) we were Stumped. In a most delicious way.

This is young Luke – on the left.

the others in what feels like a rather late 18th century lit portrait if we do say so (blush) are Randy (face not shown in this shot – we needed to say “Oh, Randy, could you possibly bring your face as close to the childrens’ as possible?” And he obliged because Randy is one of those Quiet and throughly Nice Americans and a splendid dad), Kim* – doing the lovely cheekbone-enhancing expression – we love a good pair of cut-glasscheekbones – she’s the Mother (or “Mom” as the Americans call their maternal parents). The tiny little cutie with the bow? That’s Drew. And she’s quite a poppet.

*btw: we used to work with Kim in-a-large-skyscraper in the sniper-fire-of-midtown and so got to see Luke and Drew in situ, if you get our drift…… know, before the Stork delivered them (or some nice Ob-Gyn on the upper east side as apparently happens these days).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut we have to say that Luke was the one that captured our heart.

He had Definite Opinions about the layout of the living room where we were going to shoot.

In fact (not shown) all the Cushions were Removed (quite boldly and brashly) from the lovely three corner sectional sofa and not thrown on the floor, more placed into something of a Fort – or perhaps a lounging area that one might have enjoyed at Halston‘s place on a late (very late no doubt) saturday night. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then he looked around, in some alarm, looking for something and then Dashed off to his bedroom and we followed – highly curious – and it was his Belt (a lovely three stripe – red white and blue with a two ring buckle) that he was in search of – and so Kim knelt down and helped him to fasten it and he looked Adorable.

but determined.

Kim and Randy looked slightly askance at the sofa arrangement but teamgloria is Equal to such Revolution in interior design and said, “Oh! It seems that Luke is a Creative Director, with ideas on the Set”.

But Luke is smarter than that.

He looked sideways at us as we pointed the camera at him and then RAN AROUND THE SOFA CUSHIONS so fast that he knew we couldn’t keep up because we didn’t have one of those TeleFotoLens that they use at horse races.

He smiled, triumphant.

But we’ve been around the block……drew

so we asked Kim if she could tickle Drew and we started to take their portraits.


that did it.

Luke was outraged (in a Splendid and forceful way) and completely ignored the cartoons playing in the background which had taken up his Whole attention (something about a piglet in a sweater – Olivia? perhaps?).

and then Randy and Kim took charge and we started to really take some beautiful family shots. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALuke

and then Luke said, quite firmly and clearly (he has superb diction, actually).

I am Not In the Mood.

and we stifled a giggle.

it was:

very Garbo.

but we’re not sure he would understand.

so we turned our lens on Drew and she was a Trooper.

look at her working that bow and the slight giggle and the Big Eyes.


but we have to say that Luke was the one we want to watch – the choice of sofa-cushions-config-ness, the belt, the firmness of Opinion, the Garbo-esque defiance when one has Had Enough.


There’s a big future ahead for that strong and glorious personality.

we know.

because we were Rather Similar ourselves, darlings.

Thank you to Randy and Kim for the photoshoot and the Tea and the lovely morning on the Upper East Side!

healthy, holistic and with hair by kenneth – #eastcoastportraits – Jamie


we’ve started to collect precious moments in manhattan as the countdown (just a smidge over 3 weeks before we Fly to the Other Coast to find an Apartment – powderpinkwithbluepoolbuildingplease and a car – something easy-to-park and sweetToDrive – then we return – not sure for how long but probably just a smidge over 3 weeks in Jan and then………we go.)

one of our fairly recent precious moments was sitting in a late night Parisian-style cafe in the environs of greenwich village (a world away from greenwich, london or greenwich, connecticut, of course) and talking over french onion soup (oh! look! a Recipe Redux from our friends at the local newspaper…….1907: Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée) about visions and the Future of one’s career and dreams with our friend Jamie Whitney.

isn’t she healthy and vibrant and full of the joie de vivre?

Jamie Whitneythat’s because Jamie is an Holistic Health Coach.

now she’s not our Coach (although we probably could have used the services of one after you-know-what) but we do enjoy Learning and listening and understanding and Most Especially hearing about Jamie’s future plans in the world of health and wellness and visions and dreams and helping people and generally La Vie Vibrant.

which, of course, is very different to La Vie Cashmere (an example, here) – a lot less languid and probably fewer layers, some of them even with that special “wicking-away” underneath fabric now we come to think about it… in the Athleta catalog(ue) which, yes, does arrive chez teamgloria because we have purchased from the “swim solids section”(which is less scary than it sounds).

but back to Jamie (for this post is about our #eastcoastportraits of her).

the thing that Most Impressed us about Jamie (before we heard that she was an Holistic Health Coach) was her hair.

take a look again.

Jamie Whitney

do you know what those curls signify?

Hair By Kenneth. 



Hair By Kenneth.



Marilyn, Jackie – and Jamie Whitney.

Her curls are part of a long-term plan (they do that at Kenneth’s in the Jewel Box at the Waldorf Astoria) and come from an era that not screams but lightly laughs in a very MGM sort of mid-1960s way with Elnett non?



hair by Kenneth on a Very Modern holistic health coach.

why yes, darlings…….of course we still use the bubbles to free up the cheekbones and the face muscles (under a light dusting of Parisian powder in a click-to-close compact) and engender a laugh and a giggle and a delicious smile.

we love these moments of countdown from manhattan Life.

especially with our friends who are holistic health coaches with hair by Kenneth.


thank you Jamie :-)

#eastcoastportraits: stacy and zack and sidney.

to everything there is a season.

we’ve been thinking a Lot about this, darlings, mainly because we have seen many-a-season change (especially in NYC which has at least four, per year, L.A, not so many, apart from cRaZY santa ana winds season, occasional rainy day and mostly SunnyAnd70, and, of course, in Europe, one might experience the Fashion Seasons – or at least, we once did – as who-we-were-in-RL) and in Asia-Lands we recall tumultuous rains and blistering heat, seasons in themselves, if rather Dante-esque, tis true.

but (yes, yes, getting Back to the Point) we have seen many people recently go through their own seasons-changing and starting anew and afresh and building new Lives and houses and plants-growing and children-learning-language-and-ideas and starting Something that will carry one ever-so-elegantly on to a new land (metaphorical or Actual).

and knowing people for a while, as we have now, in Manhattan these past (very nearly) seven years (if one is Rounding up to 2013 instead of admitting the Actual date of July 2006) well, we have seen many new seasons starting for Friends true.

like stacy.

who has been many roles and always-herself and yet-changing-changing-always-too in a Most Glorious and goddess-like way (with the closet-of-unfathomably-goddess-heels to boot).

we used to work together in a skyscraper.

many moons ago.

and we connected instantly and there were Many quick and happy brainstorms and Ideas and Projects and Launches of new technology-concepts (for tis such that we both worked on together in Those days).

we always came away Energized and invigorated and Very Smiley after a time in Stacy’s office or when meeting-for-tea or a lunch during a conference where we slipped out to Think and digest and sip italian fizzy mineral water and brim over with ideas.

and then there’s Zack.

freshly becoming 9 years old, a Rather splendid age, and with a Great Deal going on and a beautiful soul emerging.

who knows where Zack will go and all the Places he’ll see.

and then there’s Sidney.

Sidney would like you to sit on the rich darkest hue of emerald velvet 1930s-style couch, near the eau-de-nil walls, which sets Everything off so beautifully, just near the softest-of-soft cashmere-mix-warmest-blanket and only then will he jump into your lap and look adoringly into your eyes.

for Sidney there is not a season – there is the world of the couch.

for Zack we will look intrigued as he emerges into his seasons and shows us what is in Store.

and Stacy – Stacy is the Phoenix.






#eastcoastportraits martyn

isn’t our friend martyn divine-with-a-naughty-twinkle?

and Rather Soulful too….

did you notice that we linked his name to Another Site on the interweb?

that’s because we asked Permission (we always do – and we give Picture Approval which we finds makes people relax – especially when we ask them Naughty Questions and they start to crack up laughing).

you see when we first sent a (very modern) text message to ask martyn if we could take his picture for our #eastcoastportraits sessions we said:

can we tell them who you are in real life?

because we adore martyn’s photography and he creates these Gorgeous Books, one of which we owned Years Before we met him and when we realized that he had taken all those delicious photographs we had perused and dreamed over during Very Long Nights of yearning and good-for-the-soul deep thoughts we were Quite Shy for a short while.

and he said:

yes, darling

because martyn is both english – and grew up in the land down under where unfeasibly beautiful people live and thrive – and so the way he says the “arl” in darling is Extra special.

did you notice who did the introduction to martyn’s book?


Ilse Crawford.

a very quick side note about Ilse.

before we became teamgloria we lived in London and wrote a lot for newspapers and magazines (this was before the interweb mostly so we’re not linking to any of them As Yet – and also because some of them show our Extreme Youthful naivety.) Anyway, Ilse was the Founding Editor of the UK edition of Elle Decoration. One day we happened to be in her office and she said (from her great height – she is impressively tall, or at least appeared rather willowy and Head Girl like to us in those days):

“could you go and write about Shoreditch?”

and we gulped because in all those movies where the Understudy is asked: “Can you Ride?” they always say “YES!” or they don’t get to go on the Set and take over from Gloria Swanson or whomever has a cold that day and can’t appear in the Scene and then get spotted and become A Star.

So we said:


but we had No Idea where Shoreditch was because, in those days, Shoreditch was, if you get our drift, Totally Nowhere (now, of course, we hear it’s Terribly Hip, but then – shudder – nope).

anyway, it was a lovely piece and we got all excited when we saw it in the magazine.

that was a long digression.

Back. To. Martyn.

the other reason we love martyn is that he has one of those Lofts that we always imagined only existed in the early 80s in manhattan – you know – one of those Lofts that looks Really Perfect for rollerskating around with a glow stick around one’s neck and some probably neon-brights-spandex.

it is a bit nerve-wracking taking photos of a photographer but martyn was most kind and indulged us and didn’t look nervous that we didn’t check the light meter/metre/counterthingy Once (because we have a clever camera that does it for us you see) and we just kept talking and shooting and admiring the general glorious new-york-ness of his place…..with all the books and the paintings and the Art and the textiles…..

and the silk flowers and the lighting and the Huge windows and……Most Especially martyn’s shoe collection which is straight out of Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Carnaby-Street-1979-love.

such a fabulous morning………

thank you, darling.

Peter #eastcoastportraits


a delicious saturday morning – the Financial Times, a cup of (very strong) coffee (with chicory from New Orleans #weadoreneworleans such a naughty yet soulful place and we know of what we Speak) AND a portrait session with our friend Peter.

…………and the day has only just begun (thank you, west coast, we love the contrasting baritone, we always hear that too).

back. to. peter.

isn’t he just divine?

we love the way our friends can do pensive…….

……..and also Full of Joy.

such a good quality in Friends, non?

we feel something exciting is about to happen to Peter.

sometimes you can just feel new chapters start.

and dreams coming True.

east coast portraits: from before the storm: olga and family.

our relief at the end of the dark-time-following-the-storm reminded us that we had not yet posted the 10th in our series of East Coast Portraits!

so here it is – our first Three Generation portrait and two of the wondrous wide-eyed small person. 

thank you to Olga (for everything these past three years – we are Very Grateful to have met you) and to Melissa (kind hostess with delicious coffee and blog-chat) and the wondrous wide-eyed small person for whom we have Great Hopes as a future Manhattanite herself. We shall watch your progress from afar with much curiosity and hope.

thank you, ladies – it was a lovely afternoon.

east coast portraits: strawberry fields and late night conversations in diners forever

as you know, darlings, we like to Obtain Picture Approval before posting any of our east coast portraits and our friend NmP does not Do Email (which we Adore as a stand-out against the world of cruel distraction and late night meanderings on the Interweb) so we had to wait until our next movie occasion so we could ask him to Review the Work in a red plush seat in a large auditorium (which was so pleasurable a picture approval opportunity that we may well have to ask Everyone to do that in the future, if at all possible).

(we adore Proust but that was an Awfully long sentence, we do hope you didn’t attempt to read it out loud).

but there was success! and some pictures were duly Liked and here they are – yes that is Strawberry Fields and we met outside the Dakota to gather up our thoughts and conversation before heading over to Central Park to take photographs.

a most elegant man – and isn’t that a splendid waistcoat (english friends) or vest (english friends – yes, that’s what the Americans call a waistcoat – it took us such a Long time to understand that they weren’t talking about an unmentionable undergarment, darlings).

the book* prop is our own – we always have a prop in our photo-session-bag – either a book or some bubbles (and not just for children to blow – it often gets Grown-up People to relax and giggle which we enjoy – especially when shooting couples when one might be a Little bit Serious or wondering why on Earth they are doing this tom-foolery).

we often carry a blue-blue-cashmere scarf too – just to bring out people’s eyes (and we get very over-heated for some reason doing photographs – the concentration and element of Performance therein, perhaps, so it always gets stuffed into a bag with the rest of the props).

now our friend NmP is a Movie Fan, like us (in fact he can quote many of the movies we adore and so we have Quite a riff going back and forth during our late night conversations post-Movie in the Diner).

the Diner is an important feature of many of our movie nights – it’s where we dissect (in a positive way – never cruel in manner) the movie and the Plot and the various attributes of leading Stars and they way they light up the screen.

on that note – did Ben Whishaw completely steal Cloud Atlas? we think he did. And so beautifully – well, he is British Trained and if one can compete against the Talent in The Hour (we talk about the BBC program/programme/serial here, amongst other things, scroll down to see That Segment, it’s a long post) one can probably act brilliantly in whatever situation, even if it entails what happens Post-Fall after Neo Korea collapses (you have to see it for this – a Good Twist and we’re not spoiling anything by telling you that).

oh. wait.

Ben isn’t in the Post-Korea-Fall scenes.

we digress. but he’s Very good.

*just in case you’re curious, the book prop is the slim and Utterly Affecting and Sad and Beautiful memoir: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which was made into an Incredible movie, which we saw with NmP and so has special resonance for us both. A most deep sigh inducing tale indeed.

NmP and teamgloria spent a long time in quiet contemplation in a late-night diner after that one.

east coast portraits: michele

hello again!

this just in…….(because we like to get Picture Approval before Posting and the email just popped in to say “yes!” so we thought we’d post Right Now before heading to the swimming pool and then off to meet nMp to see Cloud Atlas – quelle luxury of a day)

we took a trip uptown this morning and did some more east coast portraits, (before we move to the Other Coast) and followed Michele around the most lovely pre-war apartment with a lifetime of family memories of New York and the fashionable set and a life well-lived intertwined with a life being planned – such a splendid and inspiring combination indeed.

we do seem to know the Most Interesting people who live in the most Splendid of places.

we actually suspected we knew that before – but traveling around NYC (and upstate too), taking photographs and drinking tea and having the Most Interesting conversations, we are now convinced that we’ve had the most incredible experience living in NYC for 6 years and have the evidence to show for it.

it’s actually quite breathtaking and sort of a-steady-one-self-on-the-kitchen-butchers-block sense of gratitude to be honest.

it took taking pictures to understand how great it really has been, thus far.


east coast portraits – so far – and a confession.

oh this has been Such a divine project so far – and there are still many to go.

we realized how happy we are with camera in hand, a cardigan discarded on the sofa, listening intently to how someone sees themselves and how they’d like to look and – when there’s children involved, working out distractions (cartoons) or puppies (snacks) or older dogs (stroking the ears – actually that works with humans too but then you just call it “may I just smooth out your eyebrow?” but it’s really touch and being kind and connecting – shhh – don’t tell).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

we have an odd and yet necessary confession to make.

when we were at university (we talked a little about our experiences there – real and otherwise fictionalized – in the Library here) our happiest moments were with-camera-in-hand (in those days, of course, there was film in the camera and celluloid canisters rolling around our pockets ready to be loaded into the camera, when needed).

we took courses in photography and learned how to Print (oh – the joyous hours spent in the darkroom with Joni Mitchell on the tape player – yes, children, a tape player in those days) and the smell of fixer fluid (always slightly dangerous to the brain and fuzzy when we were printing at 2AM – ah, the heady enthusiasms of Youth).

during those days – and for a couple of years after – we did headshots and band album covers (or the ones in their heads – sometimes indeed even ones that got pressed as vinyl and covered with our photographs –  gosh, no, they are all gone to the four winds – we kept nothing, sadly) and Many theatrical productions.

there were photo sessions galore (we have very beautiful friends) – especially late night in our kitchen (in south london, by those days, having Graduated and living with lots of actors, writers and people-who-did-creative-type-activities) with a strong light and a Vivid Imagination (and a wardrobe of ballgowns, gloves and waistcoats/vests which we liberally dressed everyone up in).

here are a few.

we even took some photographs (sadly lost now and the book is Out of Print) which got Published (and then ripped off by some club promoters in NYC which was daring and exciting and sort of naughty but thrilling to see them pasted over downtown on our First ever trip to the USA)

but – here comes the confession – we messed up a professional photography job (Many Years ago) and the film got ruined and we were so Mortified that we Didn’t Pick Up A Camera for almost Fifteen Years.

we went and did other things.

and became successful doing those other things.

but the heart was broken.

you get that, don’t you?

it hurt for a long time.

and doing these most recent East Coast Portraits (and having been on Instagram for over a year now and slowly, shyly, trying to accept that we Adore taking photographs and sharing them) has helped us, you know, feel a lot better.

which is completely delicious.

and if you’re in our pictures – we thank you for that. Immensely.

how’s your Monday?

we swam, had some work-y type meetings, saw our Financial Advisor (and was Remarkably grown up and enjoyed the experience a lot actually – always a nice surprise) and generally felt Rather hopeful about the future.

do you?

you know – feel hopeful?

we hope so….