How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World (the book promo!)


we DID IT!

funny enough, we had Another idea (before this one of a simple slideshow with some cute inter-titles like in the silent movie days) and we went to visit our friend “Dub” Williams and had a “script meeting”; which was very nice because he has such an interesting Take on things (as well as an incredible View).

IMG_8771this is one of Dub’s latest piece of artwork – isn’t it splendid? limited edition prints are available via the interweb (so modern!)

do you recall our prior creative engagement with Mr. Dub?

wasn’t that a fun evening?

which is sort of why we asked him if he could help with the Prep for our Promo this afternoon.


so we sat and talked a while and Dub drew and we actually did some filming of him drawing and it was fun but it wasn’t quite working when we came to review the footage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and yet what Helped the most was talking through Everything and generally feeling heard and seen as a Creative Person. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

while smiling a Lot at the postcard on Dub’s drawing board.


this is the view from Dub’s pad. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

creative people live here, you can tell. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and he was hard at work when we left.

to come home and edit.

and VOILA!

we’re so pleased.


do you really like it?


would you – *gulps* – feel like sharing it on your own site (or a friend’s place if you’re still waiting to get a room of your own)

(if you need help sharing the link, feel free to ask in the comments below – we love to be helpful).

it’s also available on Vimeo:

and now we wait.

because apparently the “first bound” books will be arriving *gasps* by the end of this month and we are Faint with Anticipation.

you’ve been so kind to stay with us this long.

we do appreciate it.



downtown with dub at the #downtownartwalk

hello darlings


it’s (almost) midnight.

but we just had to tell you about our evening….

there was something called the “downtown art walk” in los angeles tonight (and as you know, the words walk + los angeles are rarely seen together so this was a curious Happening indeed).

we went with the artist dub williams and looked at all the galleries and walked around (as it was the downtown art walk) and sipped a little iced coffee (which is why we’re still awake at almost-midnight *sighs*) and then some faerie-like-being came up to us both and said:

would you like some chalk?

and we looked around slightly askance (downtown was riddled with cops this evening), wondering if that was a New Code Word for *coughs* narcotics.

but no, she meant chalk (as in blackboard/school/lessons/small people)

the faerie-like-being (long drifty skirt and Joni Mitchell cleanly washed henna-enhanced hair to give you a visual) held out large chunky pieces of chalk to us both.

we shivered.

(we don’t like the texture of chalk, gives us the creepy-crawly-feeling-down-the-spine)

but Dub took a piece and thought for a while.

we got the Distinct Impression that Dub was Going To Create Something (he is an artist after all).

and we like to make movies, as you know.

so we started to film.

and Dub began to draw…….

and thus we both made our own art show (and it was only afterwards that we thought of LA Story when Ariel shoots Harris. K. Telemacher roller-skating through LACMA) but everything in L.A makes you think of a movie reference, eventually.

which is delicious.

here’s our movie, darlings:

a very different sort of evening downtown @chocolateandart


you may recall (if you visit us regularly and we’re Tickled Pink that many of you do – tis Most Kind) that we went to an art show last night

and this evening we went to a Very Different type of art show – and twas glorious – and a stunning combination of sweetness and disaffected Youth and musicians-in-dark-glasses and graffiti-encased-stucco-walls and a taco stand and twinkly lights (we adore twinkly lights) and, we don’t think we’re overstating the case:

the re-emerging forces of Counterculture railing against a decaying world

there we said it.

that’s how it felt.

probably because we were Downtown (very far Downtown – in fact East of Chinatown at what is known as KGB Studios in a complex from 1925 no less – could we Get any hipper, darlings?)


probably not. but who knows.

we even got to walk around the show with the Artist known as Dub Williams (not his real name, of course) and to discuss one’s Impressions with the Artist him/her/combinationOfBoth_Self is such a Rare treat (and could not have happened at the show Last night as sadly most of those collected at Paris Photo are now on the other side of the Veil of Life)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe have to admit we became very Energiz(s)ed by all the Activity and body adornment (are we the only person in Los Angeles who is not Inked? It’s entirely possible……) and painting canvases and drop cloths (note technical term, we adore new vocab) and Inspiration.

it took us back to Camden Town and watching the human/android-like (as in Bladerunner, not the operating system for mobile devices) peacocks outside the Tube Station circa 1988.

something’s starting to emerge.

and we’re here to witness it and report back.

now isn’t That delicious?