The Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club


beyond frustrated (and can’t go into the Details) so we looked around for some blog-ness-respite and found two delicious places to dream:

1. The Perfumed Dandy went to the coast and took such ever such nice pictures and, as befitting the nomenclature of his place-on-the-interweb – told us about the Fragrances that such images brought to Mind (which is awfully clever and Tremendously Chic actually).

2. And then we heard word of something MAGICAL called the The Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club

and so we’re going to join (if they’ll have us – so we’re posting our Responses below and adjusting our cloche hat and waiting patiently with our gloves on our lap outside the door while the Board deliberates).


Sandy over at the delicious place called “Another Lovely Day” sets out the Idea:

If you would like to be a member of the Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club, simply:

1) Make a list of six things you’ve basically given up on or that more often than not seem impossible/improbable.

2) Look at the list every morning before breakfast, “seeing” yourself being/doing/having each one.

Sandy has written her 6 impossible things if you scroll further down the page here:



without giving too many intimate details away ————-

1. How To Stay Sane In A cRaZY World becomes a best-seller in 2014 (when it comes out – because it wouldn’t be possible a moment before but we hope not too long after ;-)

2. We find a movie agent and he/she (or a gender warrior of both) sells all our movie screenplays (and do let it be someone who happens to like our literary agent in NYC because then they can Plot together because we’re a Tiny bit exhausted by doing all the Writing bit).

3. Our weight returns to pre-surgery (and – ahem – pre-cake-eating) levels of 2006 (without the drastic measures we took to get there Then – yes, we’re asking a Lot but you said Impossible made possible – voila)

4. Emerald gets published and a lot of teenagers get to say “blimey” (if they’re actually British or have a British-fetish) “that’s Exactly how I feel.”

5. A famous gallery owner sees our exhibition at ‘sNice and then buys a lot of work at our shop on Redbubble (yay! Australians!) and makes a decision to Launch teamgloria as a poster brand so regular people can have beautiful images (just like the Athena Posters we had on our bedroom wall when we were small – they enabled us to Dream Big – and here we are).

6. (ahem). something about Love. (no details). maybe. perhaps. at some point (cough).

We almost put down Really Impossible things like Time Travel, being the next Doctor Who (wouldn’t that be fun, we’d be ever so good at it), Living in Positano while making a film starring someone from another planet – we do think about these sorts of things.

But 1 – 6 feel impossible right now.

we had a frustrating late afternoon into evening (something with trying to put together a “talking head” thingy which was horrible and we Trashed the whole thing – Most Depressing) and to be honest, it really helped writing these 6 impossible things down and sending them out into the interweb by clicking……………Now.

we’re with the band. @HarperJSimon


we stayed up Terribly Late and went To a GIG.

it was an event to launch the New Album by the very gifted Mr. Harper Simon and took place at a legendary venue that used to be called Spaceland (nice musical history lesson here) and is now called The Satellite but Once Upon A Time was a 1970s gay-gay-disco-queen joint (cue: shiny lycra catsuits and glitter on the cheekbones, darlings) called Dreams (*sighs* – quelle deliciousness).

the GIG it was completely splendid and melodic and LOUD and guitar-gorgeous and vibrant and rushingly-excitingly and we Stood at the front and sort of got-down (when no one was watching) to the Beat and generally had a truly GLORIOUS time.


mais bien sur!

viewer-1 viewer-2 viewer-3 viewer-4 viewer-5

we had a tiny bit of a Flashback, actually, last night because *looksintomiddledistance* we used to take photographs of bands, many moons ago (when we had a Vidal Sassoon black bobbed hair-do and a tiny blue stud pierced in our left nostril – chic) and stay up Very Late and take photographs at gigs and on soundstages in London’s SoHo where bands were making-a-pop-video (MTV heyday, darlings) and we would take the film (yes, young people, the days of film-in-cameras) and go to Joe’s Basement to wait for the chaps to “develop the rolls” and sit on a stool at Bar Italia waiting with a frothy coffee before rushing over to the Production Office to show them the Marked-up-Contact-Sheets.

ah. heady days of Youth.

this is our completely most favo(u)rite Track by the deeply talented Mr. Harper Simon – he didn’t play it last night (because he was doing the event to say “hello to my new album” but we thought You would enjoy this one because it’s gorgeous and makes you want to get on a bicycle and sip raspberry cordial through a stripy straw and lie around making daisy-chains and probably kissing-a-great-deal.

here’s the Video – click on it and it will let you visit Mr. Harper Simon’s own site.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.43.32 AM

and Right at the end of the GIG (which was After Midnight and we were Shocked we were still up so Late, darlings) a special guest was announced and a man came onto the stage to Great applause and popped on some dark glasses and we were ever so excited to see a movie star on the tiny stage at a music venue in east los angeles.


but things like That happen all the time here.


thank you Mr. Harper Simon for a splendid evening and best of luck with your new album.




She is juniper and roses
She is amethyst and pearl
And though she makes her home in Hollywood
She’s really just a Berkeley girl

She’s the breeze on Sunday morning
Blowing down a country lane
She’s got the style of Paulette Goddard
And the smile of June Fontaine
And she drives a car in gear
Through the streets of Silver Lake
And the hills are Velcro Park

She is criminal in satin
She is leopard skin and lace
Hard to believe that she believed in me
When I was such a hopeless case

And she knows from love and service
Yes she knows from peace of mind
To be not sinister in purpose
And to never be unkind
And she loves a Tulsi garden
And she loves her rock ‘n roll
And she’s never far from my mind

She is juniper and roses
Guess I’ll sing it once again
And though we are no longer lovers
I know she’ll always be my friend

So if you’re ever right beside her
Drivin’ down the 101
Be thankful that you’re with a Berkeley girl
Who’s beautiful beneath the moon and the sun


weekly photo challenge: future tense


we know we Just Posted but we caught up with the lovely people at WordPress who were doing a Themed selection and a Photo Challenge and suddenly our imagination was captured and so – Voila!

here’s the theme:

In today’s challenge we want you to grab an image from your world that holds the promise or portent of the future. It could be:

  • As everyday as the experience of waiting for a bus or train.
  • As abstract as something that symbolizes  your ambitions or hopes for the future.
  • A note, prayer or promise jotted on a napkin or cross-stitched with exquisite tenderness.
  • The promise or portent of spring, sunrise, or storm in nature.
  • A street candid of someone nervously waiting on their date to arrive.
  • A piano falling from a third storey flat into the oncoming path of an adorable kitten. Or any other action about to take place.
  • Anything that involves the present and a hint of the future all in one frame.

We spend so much of our lives thinking back, or looking ahead, and even though a photo captures only one moment in time, with a bit of thought it can freeze the process of moving forward, or the promise of things to come. Your challenge this week is to seal one such moment in amber.

and here’s our Response:

taipei national palace museum 2010we were in taipei, taiwan on a business trip for the Day Job and had a few stolen hours to jump into a waiting car and visit a museum and it was rushed (too rushed, sadly) but we Took in what we could and then we stood, just looking at this statue and saw the woman to the left of the frame look back too – we caught them both – and thought – one day, we would love to see someone else look back at something beautiful we have created and receive grace or joy or thoughtfulness or just full-of-personal-reverie-and-meaning.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 8.55.50 AM


cut to three years later…..

a book deal

an exhibition

and a new life that started last september.

something shifts when one sends up a little message of hope in the sunlit lobby of a museum in taipei, clearly.



gosh. 20-13?

Well, darlings.

It is looking a bit fresh, new and vulnerable out There.



We remember writing some (much) earlier year at the top (right) of our Latin prep (homework) ruled paper-bound (yes, children) exercise Book.

And marvel(l)ing at the newness of the Year.

We make no resolutions.

Some sketched out dreams with Lists; yes (daily).

But as you know, we believe Greatly in serendipity and delight and deliciousness.


And writing-it-out.

To find out what’s next.

Responding to clues.

Often when curled up in a cosy corner of the couch with a pashmina perfectly-soft-ness to hand…….inside a book (the clues – we can’t climb inside the book – only metaphorically).

Isn’t it all glorious?


And all. That.


(you knew that was coming……and may we say what a classic shoulder shimmy that was – who knew ;) once a club-kid……..ah. Memories – oops. That did it. Barbra on the brain (or did you get the Elaine Paige version floating into Your head?)

We digress.

Which is fine with us.

Start the year as we mean to go on.

With a light tan (rooftop swimming at L’ermitage last week, darlings), a collection of journalism from Djuna Barnes (a Find indeed at the local library) and a View over Manhattan fire escapes behind which Others dream and plan too.


what did You want to become, darlings?

when you were small (playground size and we don’t mean those dodgy clubs south of the river where the cabs don’t go)……what did you want to be?


we used to pour over Magazines (we still do) and dream of becoming Noel Coward and (note Not Or but And) Cecil Beaton and Nancy Mitford.

plus ca change then darlings….

but You?

what/who/inWhatForm did you want to become as a “grown-up”?

we never really became disillusioned with our dreams because we sort of don’t listen to dull people (Noel, Cecil and Nancy taught us well). viewer-2 viewer-3 Yes, there are moments when we think: “oh dear god(s), how are we going to make a living Next?!”

but then we remember we’ve done this So many times and had So many Adventures – real ones – in Foreign far-off Lands or just dreamed of in the back of a pub in Camden Town or while a teenager and walking despairingly across the cliffs of southern england with nothing in our pockets but a crumpled pound note (pre coins, love) and then suddenly (or, you know, a decade later) there we are – in Milan – about to get up on stage to talk in front of a room of GORGEOUS people after a famous fashion designer (ok, Donatella, there, we Said it) and thought, “Yes! this is Exactly how we imagined it”.

plus who could get worried about the Future when there are twinkle lights and a portrait of Jean done by Bailey to enjoy chez teamgloria.

as we said to a good friend the other day – the point is to Dream.

and then we made them smile, slowly, when we said:

we never wanted to be Moneypenny
we wanted to be James.
and now we’re heading towards being M (Judi, not the new chap – oops – did we just ruin Skyfall for you?)

so, darlings.

what did you want to become when you grew up?

and are you there yet?

it’s good isn’t it?


and all that jazz.

(we saw you at the back on the Other coast with that hand action – very good – actually remarkably sprightly if we do say so – Bob – can we call him Bob? he would have loved that move. well, Bob invented that move. right?)


new ideas, new projects, and sticking to the slow lane – for now


happy sunday!

we SWAM today. for the first time since the surgery (which was four weeks ago today).

we stuck to the slow lane and cried a Tiny Bit after a few lengths – relief? body releasing old pain from surgery? happy to be chlorinated? scar liked the blue of the pool? who knows….and who cares….it’s not that important what we think – it’s important what we do.

and dream.

we have five ideas. of things to do next. while we’re waiting for the green card. and starting to emerge from the cocoon of life-before-when-we-had-damaged-glands-and-didn’t-know-until-tumors-grew.

exciting times.

do share your news.

wishes and hopes and dreams and fears and a small box

this is our box for all the stuff that’s just too bloody big to cope with. we put tearful scraps of paper in here. or little notes so we can sleep. whatever we write in here flies away – we don’t know where – we’ve been doing this for years and it just seems to help – so why not continue.

except we forgot about it until a wonderful spirit emailed us with a story (more on that another time, we need to ask her permission) of something very similar and we sent her this picture.

and then – deeply curious in a most minxy team gloria way – we opened it (we do this periodically or we’d need a MUCH larger box ;)

these heartfelt notes all unraveled in our hands. all this pain we needed help with.

the magic thing was – and we stared and stared for a very long time – everything was sorted now


and then we realized we hadn’t asked for help with, you know, the surgery and the other stuff going on, so we wrote a nice note and put it in the box and got ready for the day job.

all will be well – but wear sunscreen anyway, darlings.