even laundry can be fun if you know how to behave.


we finished our work tasks at a nice and early hour yesterday and realized we had a TON of laundry to do.


(that wasn’t just for laundry – although we will admit that in Manhattan, we dropped it off every friday morning, super early before heading to the office, and picked it up when we got the saturday edition of the Financial Times, Times Have Changed – we do our own Laundry now).

back to *horrors*!

because the (small but perfectly sweet with a view of the front plantings and fragrant they are too) Laundry Room at teamgloria (apartment) towers – was CLOSED (new floor being put in, which is very nice, but rendered the room Unavailable).

we *thought* for a moment about dropping off the two (rather large) bags for a Service Wash and then we reconsidered (we have time, and we are being Prudent with cash) – popped the bags in the perfectly Prius and drove to the nearby Laundromat/Launderette.

It was an engaging experience.

Because ANYTHING can be so if one has an eye for Adventure and a nose for a Hollywood reference or two and just takes a look around to sink into the Atmosphere.

so. we. did.

at first glance it was not a Great deal like the Levi’s 501 advertisement (if you can’t see this transmission in your territory ask your mr.local.google for “Levi’s 50s nick kamen”, you’re welcome)


but then it WAS (the actors woke up and came to do their Laundry before heading out to the gym and, hopefully, an audition).

we took a look around (the wash cycle is 29 minutes and the drying cycle 30 so we had some time to Observe our surroundings).

there was a Spanish soap opera – telenovelas – playing – and then we switched to a ladies-in-a-row-at-a-roundish-table talking about Matters of the Day (movie stars, something clever with a fillet of fish and a beauty treatment), a 3D bas relief mural on the back wall, several vending machines (for washing powder – but we bought our own – and snacks – again, we brought a small picnic), outdoor tables (this is california, despite being March), a gossipy attendant (we chatted for a while, because she put up a postcard for the book a while ago and remembered us) and Lots of People Watching.

magic clean++4-2-2011-14-51-42

we did feel a little Doris while folding the clothes (always nice).


while also remembering our (mis-spent but useful for material) Youth watching ground-breaking films like this one. 

we always keep an eye on the Machines because there was that One episode back in – when? 1980-something? when Cindy Beale put her washing in the Albert Square launderette and it Got Stolen (this would be SO awful – not the programme – we quite liked it – strangely enough – and its Still Running!).

EastEnders-bartenders-Cindy-19finally – after all the People watching (and writing in our moleskine and enjoying the small picnic outside on the white cast iron tables not bolted down but you’d be hard pressed to nick them) – the laundry was done and folded and another engaging experience was made Better by a good Attitude.


Thankful that the laundry room is now Open in teamgloria (apartment) towers, we may not have to see the Laundromat again for a while – but we are open to (many) new experiences. Or even re-inventing old ones.


so we went to the Movies.

3c249b66b6de11e3a787123c4a08efd0_8 b7ffc7cab6dd11e38dfb1285e255b5db_8always delicious to see a chandelier – especially at a movie picture palace.

where we saw…….


what’s that?

what did we Think of it.



let’s see.

it was perfect for a friday after doing laundry.



it was sensuous and full of longing but little meaning apart from why do we meet the people we do and what happens if we follow them up to hotel rooms (probably best not attempted outside Paris) and tell them Secrets that we cannot tell the people in our real life – whatever real life is – does it exist?

even the middle bit – where they hold hands and see amusing street musicians and feel close-in-a-crowd (we are not ruining the plot for you – it’s a Film/e Francais/e – being a bit Violette LeDuc there et pourquoi pas?) and have Big Questions about their Lives and France (the two are Always intertwined), trains (might) be Missed or Caught and regretted, or not.

yes, it’s a French movie.

and that’s why it’s perfect for a Friday after doing Laundry.

just so you know.

what have you seen recently?



oh, glorious.

hello, saturday.


and all our clothes are freshly washed.


whistle a happy tune. Or some other psychological trickery that works.

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

as much as we adore the tinklingly-beautiful-voice and correct pronunciation of Marni Nixon aka voice-of-Deborah Kerr, we have to say THIS is our completely favo(u)rite version.

or maybe this one……(although we’re not sure about the peach macintosh)

we digress.

what do you do, darlings, when you’re afraid?

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.23.18 AM

do you watch The Muppet Show?

(did we ever tell you that every time we drive up – or down – La Brea – we wave to Kermit?)


do you settle down against the back cushions of the couch and watch a Doris Day and Mr. Hudson movie?


do you admire the natural beauty of the mountains while driving-to-sunday-lunch in the Valley beyond the Valley?


do you go for a long walk at twilight and take photographs of twinkling nights like pearls between buildings softly settling down into the evening light?



perhaps you wait for dawn to arrive, poised with grown-up camera and just sit quietly at the end of the bed and take deep breaths and know that everything will be ok.




do you buy yourself white roses and polish up a small silver cup – just like you admired in a magazine years ago and create a still-life? 


do you take a nap under cool sheets and warm comforters/duvets and listen to the birds sing outside?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you get in the car and drive-drive-drive while listening to the radio and sing along to all the bits you know from sappy-call-in-love-songs-shows?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you go and sit by the Ocean and let the sound of the crashing surf block out the cRAzy thoughts?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

do you ask people (nicely) to help with stuff or maybe just listen?

do you take a swim and let the sunshine tickle the back of your neck?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

we actually don’t whistle very well.

and yet we do Try.

the rest of the psychological trickery we are Very good at ;-)

what do You do?

do. tell.


where do you go to escape, darlings?

hello darlings

are you having the most delicious FRIDAY?!

do. tell.

we had the loveliest cup of (non-caffeinated) tea today with a new friend and we got into the discussion about Escaping.


as you know – we adore to escape.

into being a virtual character with her own book deal

into movies…. 

and music that sears into the soul and is Particularly evocative on a full moon, listened to in the dark with the shutters open (just a suggestion)….

we escape by slipping into bubble baths, sipping tea, listening to Radio 4 podcasts, going to live events–hangingOutOnTheInterweb–and BBC program(mes), pouring over glossy Novels of Life-in-Beverly-Hills (when everyone wore Giorgio and burned exotic candles like slightly caramelized gardenia-on-sunburned-skin) and most particularly flying off at a moment’s notice into Foreign Travel Adventures 

what do you do?

do. tell.

we love to hear from you.


we almost forgot (getting a Tiny bit serious and cerebral for a quick second).

another way to escape the trials and tribulations of every-day-reality (strange and curious word), for us, is to meditate.

like we did this morning.


isn’t that delicious?

OM. darlings. OM.

new words (to live by)

we brought a couple of new pieces of typography deliciousness to the Day Job today to inspire – do you like them?

it’s from bill. this bill.

we find such words Useful.

we also find looking out of the window Useful. and Inspiring.

isn’t manhattan looking GLORIAous in the hazy first days of heat? apparently it will hit 80 degrees (whatever that is in old money) – blimey.

you can’t make them out but there was a small photoshoot taking place on the rooftop down there – we saw the glint out of the corner of our eye and wheeled ourselves over in the wheel-y Mad Man Office Chair-ness to look.

and then – in between Lots of Important Work – we wrote some thank you cards.

one to Hal Hartley

and a couple to New compatriots of Corporate America.

one to someone delicious we Just had tea with….

then this one – to someone who is feeling somewhat down and sad and needed a little cheery definitely, Doris, up-and-at-em-lady sort of a card.

we love to write those.


in the spirit of loving-other-people’s-blogs…………may we recommend William’s Most Amusing description of a night with Patrick Gale (it was a public event of some literary note so there were Other people there – it’s not one of Those blog posts, darlings ;-)

we enjoyed it Immensely.

giggling on the sofa-in-soho-while-reading

but there again we get to spend a Week with William (yes, in Real Life) in Cornwall so we have Much Merriment to look forward to.

oh yes.


definitely, doris.

sometimes you just need to start – and end – the day with Doris.

wouldn’t it be utterly delicious to go to a sumptuous party in a darling apartment all festooned with Tiffany blue walls and taffeta gown drapes and sing a little ditty with Doris by the piano?

we watched a little of please don’t eat the daisies en route to the Day Job to prep ourselves with a Sunny Attitude and a rather imaginative slant to what turned out to be a pretty grey/gray/mushroom colour/color/shade day (cloud cover wise, we hasten to say).

off to SWIM soon.

and then – be still one’s beating heart – to the IFC to see Hal Hartley.

yes, in the flesh.

although being Hal Hartley, we bet he’s in a Very Sharp suit with a smart polo neck underneath.

we’ll let you know…

by the way – we met the next Nora Ephron recently – Drew Grant – remember her name.

phone love.

this just in –

we just wanted to share our phone love with you.

william‘s phone in the boudoir in england (note the camp-yet-tasteful danny la rue coffee cup coaster)

the one hanging on the wall in his kitchen (lovely soothing shade of green paint behind the heavy cream ceramic)

and a rich tomato shade for the sitting room

just in case you wondered, they are all variations of the GPO 746 series – but of course you knew that ;)

and here’s the teamgloria doris day princess phone (we just have one but it’s on a 50 ft cord so we can use it at our large farmhouse table, on the sofa, in the boudoir or – in the bath like doris herself)

ever since we saw pillow talk we wanted a phone we could use in a bubble bath spot of flirting-ness

although, on closer inspection, doris’ phone looks more like those in the house-of-william. 

what’s your phone like, darlings?


please don’t eat the daisies, doris.




it’s going to be a movie night chez team gloria’s – with our absolute peach of a fragrant and quite naughty-at-times star – DORIS! (as in Day. although we think Doris Kenyon is dreamy too.)

we need something from you………….if you’d be so kind……….would you send a list of YOUR favorite/favourite movies, darlings? we are compiling a list to purchase (keep it legal, sirs) and watch while we – you know… RECOVER with-a-silk-scarf-around-our-neck (cue small strangled sob and silent movie-esque hands-in-the-air-with-thumbs-pointed-at-dimples – yeah, they came back….we’ve reduced considerably ;-)

say uncle.

I was on the phone (baby blue princess one a la doris day movies to give you a mental image) with eric shaw quinn last night (he was on a headset – I’m sure it was a modern one but in my head it was one of those stenographer contraptions as seen in the best of everything) and he told me Say Uncle is available as an e-book for new devices (and in good old-fashioned curl up in bed in your PJs style”book-book”). most exciting. highly recommended. a good read.