dogs in portugal, flowers in berlin and the hollywood prom.

hello darlings!

the sightings are coming in thick and Fast now!

here are our (furry) siblings in Portugal.


you see – the last time who-we-are-in-RL was there she could not mention the name gloria so we are always touched with a little sadness – and hope – but we did our Best while going through the whole Tobias-and-his-sisters time…….

you know how it is..


IMG_0026 IMG_0028our (furry) siblings look like they are slightly bemused by the book (well they mostly speak Portuguese or “dog”)

but Toby really got into the “inspiration” section because, in a former life, he was a world travel(l)er and did the Grand Tour, you see.

IMG_0025AND 1726.6 miles to the East – Maggie in Berlin got her copy and sent pictures of the Book enjoying the scent of freshly cut flowers:

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 presetartfully arranged (well, tis Berlin – Art is Sustenance over there).

and she also wanted to express her deepest affection for the book – and her choice in chic turtlenecks (isn’t aubergine a striking shade?)ca390eb4a22511e3ab8c0e26c82a83f6_8and some of her friends (also in Berlin – and one in Austria who is still waiting for her copy to arrive as mr. Amazon hasn’t got over the Alps yet) made some nice comments:

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.25.16 PMgosh.

we Are feeling Terribly Continental all of a sudden.

what else?

let’s see…..

ah yes.


we went to El Royale to see Le Duc yesterday for a cup of tea and an elegant bowl of mixed berries and we *giggled* at his fireplace (apparently Miss. Netflix has an eternal looping virtual fire “screensaver” one can transmit on one’s largescale television unit). 793782faa22211e3be7a1240bc19271b_8

back at home, it’s been Raining (we didn’t take photographs because we’re certainly Not going to dash your image of Los Angeles – it only happens once a decade).

so we curled up with a new find – the Autobiography of Audrey Withers (yes, darlings, the Editor in Chief of Vogue – “brogue” – the British one during the 1940s and on into the 60s). – more from Miss Withers when we’ve finished the book – it’s a delightful read. d558b246a19d11e38bd40e22c5f7ee48_8as was the Financial Times yesterday (not the front section, that was awfully depressing, but the interiors and arts coverage and fashion and the rest of it).


so there you go.

DO send word as soon as your copy comes up the garden path wrapped up in brown paper and string with the cheery postman.



gosh, how modern, good for the Royal Mail in your part of the world!

what’s that?

Not Royal?

you live in a place without a Monarchy?


we DO?

no, no, no darlings.

we have Royals.

it’s called Hollywood.

and they’re having their prom tonightfc724170-4bb5-0131-d459-5a526f42d8c1gosh.


we’re not going to the Prom tonight.

although we are going to see some friends not far away, up in the Hollywood Hills actually.

one day we’ll go to the Hollywood Prom.

but not in a dress.

at least we don’t think so.

and we’ll be there because they’ll have made the movie about us which who-we-are-in-RL spent Ever such a Long Time Writing (and it’s very good, and we don’t say that JUST because it’s about us, we’re not on every s i n g l e page).

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.43.04 PM


of course we can dream.

dreaming (and a vast amount of obsessive work) gets us into ever such interesting places.


and the Book is seeing the World.

unverified reports say that it has reached ASIA!

isn’t life delicious?






jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

a tiny bit Frustrating #houseHunting

The day started Early (east coast time) and there was a delicious sky over west hollywood once the Rain Storm (curious – this is LA – luckily it was over before most Residents woke up so they had No Idea).


But then……..oh! EVERYTHInG went wrong.

The realtors said there was no room at the inn (apartment buildings on streets that we Preferred).

And then we spent HOURS on the phone trying to find space in Other places (even buildings that we Really weren’t sure about) but no dice (as they say in Italian movies).


So we took a pause (not the one that refreshes but the one that avoids a Meltdown).

Sat outside the swimming pool that is a not so distant cousin of the place we swim in new york, until, well, until the end of December which is Fast Approaching.

And Dialed.


And Finally got some appointments for tomorrow.

To see apartments.


At 3pm we gave up and went to see Holly.

We had a lovely winding down and forgetting the pain of finding a place to Live answer splendid conversation and a negotiating Leashes (not leases) which got twisty Around glorious dogs (6 of them! 5 came for a walk)

There’s something about dogs that makes everything ok.

And sharing a booth at a diner that’s been in situ since the 1940s (very LA as a decade) and talking about Everything and laughing a Lot also helps to assuage the Panic over finding somewhere lovely to lay one’s head while we wait for the next chapter to unfold.

This picture is courtesy of tjenamos as we left all devices back at the house to just do the dkny leather jacket, lip salve, debit card, stretchy black fabric new york/Russian retired ballet mistress look, with boots. No bag. A tiny bit liberating after the Frenzy of driving driving driving and pulling over to -write -down-numbers-where-vacant-signs Appeared all Over Town (well, the nicer bits).


The Brite Spot does a lively lovely light fitting. Non?

Wish us Luck for apartment viewings in the matin!

We are being so self-involved!

Peering closely into camera.

How was your Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s darlings?

Do. Tell.

Sporting events? James Bond marathon on the TV? Juice cleanse? We hear all three are popular right now.

a day in Portugal.

a day of driving, dogs (both excited and dozing in equal measure), lunch, Family of Origin (both heart-warming and full of sadness in equal parts), British television via satellite and excellent supper on-a-tray and more driving and much of it photographed to share with You.











We’ve always known a blog helps.

Even when we can’t write in Great Detail.

But sometimes just knowing that many of you walked us through you-know-what. Both those of you who know us in RL and those of you who only know us Here (and goodness knows we are More us here than Out There it feels). The thing is, we couldn’t tell them about Tobias the tumor story while it was happening. For many reasons. Some were good reasons (how do you tell your parents you are waiting to see if you have cancer?). Others were not necessarily good but necessary reasons (not everyone can Cope when stuff is not happening to them but to others and they are frightened and perhaps ill equipped). And god knows they have Their Own Issues (there are many reasons we find it Helpful to Have. A. Therapist, darlings).

What we are trying to say is that today was easier because we knew you’d be there at the end of it.

Thank you.

Hope you like the photographs.

It made today more beautiful looking for beauty to share here later.

A couple of times we almost let the name gloria slip ;)

In time, we guess, we will tell.

And if you’re reading this then – we did the best we could at the time.

care package and relatives of the furry kind.

so our father (shhh, who doesn’t Yet know about teamgloria) sent a Delicious Care Package from Lisbon (yes, we’re very well-domained as a family, darlings ;-)

or maybe it was nearby Lisbon at estoril, at the english stores – known as the GB Stores (helpful link from the global expat info site – who knew there was such a thing – but yes, in our Youth, there was even a newspaper and our father threatened to put our arrival in it one summer – we were Mortified, age 15)

perfect care package – full of tea and english television programmes/programs/movingpicturesonthesmallscreen

AND – a portrait (in the clearly ironic and Delightful Victorian Family style) of our siblings (the ones with fur).

and this is the card he sent too.

now we have a confession to make.

he has No Idea (as far as we Know) about teamgloria.

and he’s Never sent a card like this before…….

either somebody told him (although we’d be hard-pressed to work out who)……..OR our brand goes deep (and belies the DayWear of head to toe black and doctor martens, clearly)


curiouser and curiouser.