poetic license over beirut coffee then fun and spangles with anita loos.


oh we do love writing a weekly column.

and sometimes it’s adorable to re-read and realize that one Can get Rather poetic over a cup of strongly aromatic Beirut coffee.


indulge us. 


of course we haven’t actually eaten anything as sweet as the Outhmaliyyè since we went to rest awhile at Pi On Sunset due to the (gulp) stats provided by our new doctor *coughs* but there you go – fiction is sweet – and we did get to have a Lovely Nap after eating there.


talking of fiction (moving swiftly on) – we Happened to find ourselves between appointments at the Academy of Motion Pictures Margaret Herrick Library yesterday – as one does.


we adore a library.

especially one that has Actual paper clippings in Manilla Envelopes and is Very Strict about only bringing in pencils (and it has been Years since we swooned over the sound of an electric pencil sharpener darlings) and no digital-devices (bliss).

we poured over the Envelopes that we requested and thought we’d share a few Quotes with you here.

yes – quite naturally we spent Some Time lingering over the Anita Loos cuttings (as we know, we adore Ms. Loos)

(The Fun and the Spangles, July 10th 1974, New York Post, Eugenia Sheppard interviews Anita Loos)

“When I see today’s movies with sordid plots and much less pretty girls, I remember the fun and the spangles.”

“Most of the stars just read their own lines to find out what kind of clothes they were going to wear.”

(on the occasion of Ms. Loos’ 80th birthday: April 26th, 1973)

“She wouldn’t stay in bed,” Miss Loos said, sipping coffee at the Russian Tea Room. “She’d be up hustling, getting to a job in some public relations organization.”

(talking about a modern Lorelei Lee)

“I can’t wait to get to my desk each morning. As soon as I found out there was money in ink, I dropped acting and stocked up on ink.”

and we thought our friend The Perfumed Dandy would enjoy these moments-in-beauteous-words from our friend Lorelei herself, helped by Ms. Loos of course, from Harper’s BAZAAR April 1964.

Perfume and what it means to girls like I 
by Lorelei Lee

“But if, on entering a taxi, a girl fails to inspire the Driver with a compliment about your perfumery, I always feel the trip is a failure from the start and she really ought to go back home and consult her perfume bottles.”

“For I always find that the perfume most adored by a Taxi Driver of distinction will also intreege (sic) the more affluent types of gentlemen on Wall Street.”


what fragrance are you wearing right now?

and are you impressing a Taxi Driver or a gentlemen on Wall Street at the same time?


you are clever.


and deeply glamorous.

rhapsody in blue cotton #lavieConran


an audio-visual moment for you.

first the audio segment of our program(me)


oh. for. our. own. radio. show.

and now the Visuals.


why yes.

that shade of our favo(u)rite new shirt (we bought x 3 – it’s the new uniform for this delicious climate) is Terribly Terence Conran (deliberately so). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso there it was – our blue moment.

doesn’t everyone do an art project after buying a new shirt?




do you want to know the real reason we were feeling rather blue-hued?

well – *clearingthroat* – the medication to replace you-know-what is either Not Working as well (if it ever did) OR we’re in acceptance that we need to eat less cake more salad.

we went to the DR yesterday (new one – california-style – lots of yoga magazines in the waiting room – smiley floaty reception staff) and they did a check-up and we blanched (and not that prettily) at our Stats.


but the blue shirt looks ever so delicious.

as did the caesar salad (would any of the rulers in Suetonius’ book seriously have eaten it though?) we ate today.



as we said.

a lovely new blue shirt (or 3).

so that’s good.

for now.

btw (as the young people say) there can’t be many places on-the-interweb that get Terence Conran, Suetonius and caesar salad and thyroid medication into the same post.

apart from yours, of course.

which is why we love you.

did we mention that yet?


after the doctor.


And more tests.





………….and elsewhere #sigh


The doctors office (not the surgeon’s in the hospital annex, another One) has an Awfully Nice Terrace.

We sat here between various bits of the appointment.

Then the Surreal bit.

Going back over everything that’s happened.

And how we feel Now.


To tell the truth.

Best bit?

A breakfast downtown with someone Glam and Foreign and somewhat connected to the Day Job. Followed by a walk around to kill time before the doctor appointment.

Funny curious oddness surreality abounds.



Shocking, even ;)

Now here: resting.

The tests have wiped us out entirely.

We must return home to lie down for a while in a pool of warm sunshine; like a cat.



Send kind thoughts of novels and tea and quiet soothing-ness, darlings.

The medical establishment is caring.

But the whole re-counting and re-calling and prodding and Tests are rather nerve-jarring……

smiling weakly.

we are Awfully sensitive ;)

a thousand thanks, even in the rain.

so it’s raining again.

to someone who grew up in england there’s a resignation about the rain.

to someone who grew up with a sense of adventure, the sight of a pink umbrella is like spotting a Kindred Spirit across a crowded room of people-in-suits – a Friend!

thank goodness there are Lots of Pink Umbrella people in manhattan ;-)

on the subject of Thanks:

we had an extraordinary moment yesterday where we suddenly (don’t you Adore Serendipity?) we saw the name of the person who first sponsored our Very First Visa to the USA – just there, in an innocent email – we had Quite forgotten them (we didn’t know them Very well as they were in Another Country for most of the time and we were charged to work on the Other Coast eventually – a long story – for another blog post – or perhaps another blog…)


yesterday, we found their email address and said Thank You.

thank you.

and we invited them to Lunch (because they’re a business Chap and chaps-do-lunch – quite short lunches, but lunches nevertheless – however with the Lady – or more Cultured Executives and Glam Types we suggest Tea at the St. Regis because then there’s the Tantalizing prospect of cake. And Real teapots and china cups and cherubs and a grand piano and a harpist and Really Good Lighting – via a splendiferous number of Chandeliers…….business chaps don’t usually understand the Swoon factor of a Chandelier.  or cake.)

it felt great to say thank you.

then we said thank you to Kathleen Turner.*

it was a mid-week-oh-god-it-is-raining-and-we-are-tired sort of a feeling post-work-meetings so we took ourselves to the Cinema, because That Always Helps and saw The Perfect Family.

*we don’t actually Know Kathleen Turner – not yet, anyway. But we sent her a note to say thank you for making the movie.

what did we think of the movie?

well – it’s curious.

because the Trailer is cut (see – use of professional term alert ;-) to render the text (cue Academic treatise-style) as a comedic force.

but actually it’s a heart-warming, deeply serious look at faith, families and expectations and growing up with unbelievable pressures to conform and then – it being a movie – all hell (sorry, couldn’t resist) breaks loose and as the Original movie poster says “heaven help them”.

highly recommended.

a little slow in parts.

which was perfect for a wednesday – and the subject matter.

and yes – tears were shed somewhere around Act II.

so thank you to the Chap who sponsored our Original work visa to the USA – AND Kathleen Turner.


one more…..

we’re Back At the Doctors this morning (no, not the surgeon’s office where we first heard about Tobias the tumor (before he had sisters and then there-were-three) but to the Other Doctor (it’s NYC – we have several – unlike England where we barely saw one our entire life until emigrating ;-)

this doctor is the one we said Thank You to as she (for tis a Lady Doctor) found the first lump.

don’t like the feel of this

were her exact words.

did you not notice this?

she said.

and we replied (Rather Wittily, we thought, despite the Great Fear of the word LUMP coursing through our Neuro-core at The Time).

gosh. no. um. that Is a Lump, isn’t it. Well, we don’t usually put our hands around our neck – or get into Those Kind of Relationships anymore so we didn’t feel it.

she looked sideways at us, was there a faint smile?

and then the World crashed in.

and you know the Rest.

so thank you.

to the Lady Doctor who-found-Tobias

thank you to the Chap who sponsored our first Work Visa to the USA in 2001

and a final thank you to Kathleen Turner.

for being Kathleen Turner – but also, most recently, making The Perfect Family.

which made for the Perfect Wednesday Night at the cinema.

a thousand thanks.


a warm glow.


that Did Feel Good.