if you don’t succeed at first…..


We were Mortified at the department of motor vehicles today.

You failed the written test, please try again


We got so confused by having a Picture taken (as you’ve probably noticed, we are Terribly photo shy) and the different windows and the clicking numbers and the Forms and everyone was So.Nice because we had gone on the interweb to make an appointment First (actually there was a long line/queue of people who didn’t look so friendly because they had Not gone online to make an appointment and nor did they seem to be Carrying a Book like we were, ready for a long wait.)


We were WHISKED through and suddenly given a Written Test which had So many Questions that we had Not thought about (situations involving questions regarding carpool lanes and whether people in convertibles can use them if they have an adult and two children but Not – trick question if there’s a carpool Driver with no passengers Or an adult, a small person and the family Pet – clearly confusing to an English person as we consider animals most definitely fully fledged family members if not actually Human).

So – ahem – there were a few we got wrong and we had to Take the Test again (we have Never had to do this – even with A Level Latin).


But now the owner of a California driving license (they renewed our original one from when we lived here before but sadly needed a new picture.)


Luckily there was a bookshop en route to our next appointment so we could realign our chakras again and had the lovely experience of seeing the owner go a little Pink when neighbor popped in to give him a pie to say thank you for something.

Of course it was an Angeleno pie so the neighbor made sure to tell him that it was gluten and sugar free.

The owner appeared to be from the Continent – most probably from France – so looked a little bemused at the Tarte tatin sans tout.



We found a Treasure.

M. Cendrars and his visit to Hollywood for Paris-Soir in 1936.

A splendid translation.

Excerpts soon.

Rest of the Day?


Let’s see.

Some special advisory work.

A lot of driving.


Buying roses for the vases we inherited from lovely Alexia’s aunt. 


A most excellent chandelier was spotted.


And we spotted a Landmark while heading West – this bank with the oddest mural at 26th and wilshire was once the site of an apartment building…….where Frances Marion lived.



Frances was the sine qua non of screenwriters of her day – along with our other gem lady scribe extraordinaire Ms. Loos.

Who would probably have appreciated all the twinkle lights strung between apartment buildings in los angeles today.



It certainly took the Sting out of the embarrassment at the department of motor vehicles earlier in the Day, darlings. 

Did you have a seriously delicious Thursday dear?


Any twinkle lights in your ‘hood?

Pictures please!

good morning from the sunset strip


it. is. so. delicious. to. be. HERE!


we watched dawn come up over los angeles with a great deal of awe and much silence. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a perfectly peaceful night’s sleep. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a quick glance at the chandelier to say good morning.


as you know.

we are suitably attired for the sunset strip. viewer-1

and writing-writing-writing in the new moleskine (#146, if you’re curious). viewerand – for the first time since the dreaded plague hit us – we SWAM!

yes, it was barely after 0730 hours in the morning.

yes, it’s not that warm (but, hey, it *is* January).

and yes, everyone stared at us as we merrily made our way with a slow yet elegant breast stroke up and down the Pool overlooking the twinkly morning-ness of los angeles below.

and – we shyly admit – we were still coughing a bit – but oh! OH! it was bliss.

but now real life (who are we kidding? we wouldn’t know RL if it presented itself on a silver salver with a hand-written note that said “real-life”) intrudes.

so – how to get a driver’s license when the first appointment is not until Jan 24th – we need to get a car lease – but we probably can’t get a car lease without a California driver’s license and we probably can’t get a driver’s license in exchange for our NEW York license because that one expires on feb 8th (the last date of the last Visa) but we DO have an employment card which does not expire until August 2013 – and yes, we wait for the green card – but it has not yet been awarded/arrived – and we’re Pretty Sure you don’t get a lease for a car when you only Officially have seven months left legally in the USA.


not exactly a major issue – and, we agree, a Quality Problem.

but unless we want to catch the bus or the metro (which we have done – the former – but not yet the latter) – we need a car.


we do like the one we have in the parking lot right now – it’s a rental – um – something silver and chrysler and convertible and lovely-to-drive

but we can’t keep the rental (far too spenny as one used to say in england).

not sure what to do.

but we’ve noticed that by putting it Here, some magic seems to happen.

darlings – you are delicious for reading this – we’re going to get ready now and take a little walk down the sunset strip before checking out and (gasp!) heading to our new apartment.

which we could probably spot from this window looking out from the Mondrian but we have the Haziest idea of geography.

it’s all terribly exciting.

yes, there Could have been more planning.

but we’ve noticed that sometimes it’s best to just jump in and stuff sorts itself out.

and if not, one goes to the movies.


at the DMV: only given a license for 6 months (arghh!)

at the DMV (quelle Joy)

where they only gave us a NY license for another six months….

…….because that’s all the time we have left (officially) in the USA.



nice to be in an unfamiliar part of town.

and to saunter down seventh avenue feeling All Fashionable with today’s copy of WWD and a random magazine which is in Swedish (yeah, we bought it for the luscious pictures)

and then to Rush into a meeting from the Day Job and see a fabulous pair of shoes.

people are becoming used to us walking into meetings then suddenly saying “gosh! glorious shoes/bag/shade/jewels! may we take a picture?”#teamgloriastyle


six months left on the NY driving license.

roll on green card.

and – ahem – a Los Angeles driving license once more.

we hope ;-)

see – keep looking on the bright side.

or you’ll CrACk up, darlings.