thoughts from a motel room somewhere in southern california


we always get a little reflective in motel rooms.

there’s no distraction (and no fancy furniture like in the ritzy places we stayed in during our tour of duty as a lady executive).

so it’s rather Monastic and peaceful (when one removes all patterned materials and pops them into the cupboards and unpacks a brown paper bag of delicious groceries and some real milk for the fridge – well, actually for the little coffee machine because we don’t do fake-milk-from-packets).

we had some work last night down here, not far from the Ocean, but over 100 miles south of where-we-live-in-Los-Angeles – a digital check-up actually (that was meant to be a link to our own site – not theirs – we relish protecting their privacy unless otherwise asked to do so in a more public relations type exercise – there’s something so deeply respectful about doing so). 3b16732aafb811e3b4800e12fd739921_8and while we smiled kindly and encouragingly at our Pupil as she chose font, theme, widgets, header treatments and wrote her first two blog posts and told the World she was now launching her OWN BUSINESS, we thought – “Oh! This isn’t really about digital – it’s about witnessing someone change their life!”


and that’s An Extremely Great Feeling.

fear around digital is generally panic at “what if they think I’m foolish and laugh at me?”


as someone who has been laughed at and told we were foolish (the actual words were designed to be more crushing as we recall) we could tell anyone that it really doesn’t matter.

what people say to us is all about Them (of course you knew that).

plus we get to be teamgloria. 1e4ca7c8afb811e3aed6123e9ac62c25_8and that’s delicious. a6a7b9acafd411e3a9a4123ce35ac48b_8

as is pausing at the crossing as the Amtrak train Hoots and whooshes past and listening to Fleetwood Mac and enjoying the people walking home from work and stopping by the late farmers market to buy soft fruit and flowers. 

we have a day of consulting on one of the projects that who-we-are-in-RL is working on until June and it’s possible that some of the people there read teamgloria (it’s not always easy to tell who they are) so – “hello!”

and yes, we’ll be wearing the pearls and shiny patent leather doctor martens as usual.


sitting quietly at walt disney’s table, imagineering about the Future as the first responses to #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld flow in from You



such a lovely day yesterday.

we went to visit Miss. Vickie Lester at her virtual bungalow on the Studio Lot and while who-we-are-in-RL helped with some digital-ness, we enjoyed the rain spattered plantings outside (yes! it RAINED here yesterday! we are all in s h o c k but the plants are juicy and fed again so that’s good).

then we decided on a detour (we adore a detour) to stop and have lunch.

now we’ve Often admired the Tam O’Shanter from the road as we drove past (is that the right word? perhaps ‘done-a-double-take’ is a better allusion – as it looks EXACTLY like a Scottish hostelry from the 1920s, which is what it is – but landed among alien people in Los Angeles).

by the time we took our detour yesterday it was most definitely an (early) lunchtime so we insisted (gently) on stopping for the first time and oh! it was delicious.

mostly because we asked for a “quiet table” (we always do this, being a tiny bit over-sensitive at the best of times) and the maitre’ d said:

would you like Mr. Walt Disney’s table?

without Any Prompting whatsoever!

that would be delicious.

we said, using our most Special British accent.



it’s a little dark (part of its gloomy olde world scottish charm).dbe1b86a8f6e11e3a5680e8d44f2f955_8

and we wrote and read the newspaper – probably much in the same way as Walt (can we call him Walt?) did.

more of a story about him here  – – – – –

in other news:


a subtle rosy sunrise this morning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and ballet slipper pink roses on our desk french farmhouse tableOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld got her first Amazon Review!

very early copies have been arriving all over the USA *gasps* and (very kind) people are already responding to the Text (as they say in all the best Symposia in Oxford)

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.55.44 AM

I had to creep out of bed after sipping this magic elixir of a book and when the last drop was swallowed and the thought was glowing in my mind… I thought I would respond to your request.

Exhalations 1) a book: “Prince” by Ib Michael (Danish)

“It begins in mist. Far up on the top of the world, where no one sees, the ice splits with a crack that rings out over white fjords. The sea shows blue between the floes; the night that has lasted half the year, with the sun lying low below the horizon, is over. The ice rim creaks and groans, fissure chases fissure as a mountain of glass—the size of the palace of fairy tale, with turrets and crenellations and windows long hidden by the snow—breaks off and puts out to sea in howling winds.
The long day has returned.”

(none yet, it seems in Europe – soon, we hope – we did get this from all the way over there near Lisbon, Portugal)

Good news – your pre-order is on its way

and delicious friends have been posting pictures as they arrive in their Place or sending most lovely bon mots via email and text.

  • your book came today!‏

j just texted me. he didn’t open it. can’t wait to go home and see it. xo

  • Very exciting delivery today!

Your book!! Yay!!! Xx

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.40.25 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.42.04 AM

well, well, well, this is EVEN more exciting than we thought.

and a tiny bit scary.

if we’re being Totally honest.

because (*pauses*) not Everyone, it seems, pre-ordered a copy.

shocked silence.

even the people whom if They Had Written A Book we would have been the First To Have Bought It.


so we’re trying to focus on the GLORIOUS people who have done so and told us how much they enjoyed it.

(yes, we’re self-obsessed – but this was a very long process and it was painful at times and exhilarating and well, it’s our job to sell copies as per our Publishing Contract darlings – so we Are ;-)

but it’s a little bit painful realizing that not Everyone (how can this be?) shares our delight at being Published.

which is why we like to distract our good self with taking photographs and walking-around-with-a-notebook nodding and asking (very interesting) Questions – for example, at Mulligans yesterday.

do you recall that we found a clipping in a 1980s era copy of Architectural Digest while on our road trip last week?

to be helpful – here it is again:

p1011756at 3PM (or 1500 hours if you’re in Europe or just a europhile which sounds vaguely icky now we see it on the screen) we sat down with the New owner of Mulligans to write our column for next week’s Los Angeles I’m Yours: Where Shall We Meet.

sneak preview?

of course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwho doesn’t love a beautiful reproduction of an authentic American Swedish influenced antique furnishing room set?

nobody here, that’s for sure.

it’s friday.

go and have some fun.