wow. #depecheMode


almost entirely impossible to explain what happened at the Depeche Mode concert last night.

but let’s try – actually we can’t.

so here are the Visuals.








f6e114d22bcb11e3846522000a1f9d5a_7this wasn’t part of the concert – but where we ate before in Chinatown – a glorious run down moment of CHINA inside downtown los angeles with a once-illegal kitchen supper club 

3a842f102bf111e3a1fa22000a1f9261_7can you imagine the exhilaration of Twenty Thousand People on their feet singing and dancing and remembering when they first heard That Track and going back into their memory to locate Exactly how they felt now and contrast/compare/lingeringwinsomelydream with how they Are Now?

we cannot explain it.

but it was MAGICAL.

emerald goes to see #DepecheMode (29 years later)


we’re off to a Musical Concert this evening.

and suitably attired.

in black.

because the Concert will be given by our delightfully leather-clad friends called Depeche Mode (as an ensemble they are called that – they have individual names too like Mr. Gahan and Mr. Fletcher and Martin (he’s very much a Martin and less of a Mr. Gore, you’ll know that by his outfits which often contain spangles in the body paint which is delicious)

we got ready Early (because we are dining with our friend GB first – in Chinatown – and it can take up to 90 minutes in heavy traffic from here to There *wavesvaguelyEast*) and then started to giggle at the outfit who-we-are-in-RL is adorned within.



Chloe (original 80s version – found a stash of it in a perfume emporia with some glee)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Doctor Martens – originals. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

black liquid eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and mascara. and who-we-are-in-RL used to dye her hair (various and many colo(u)rs – marmalade was our Favo(u)rite circa 1993) but she stopped in 1998 so this is the same as when she was Fifteen (we did up the saturation on the digital printing device and lit her carefully but that’s the benefit of talent in the virtual darkroom, love).


bob. and beauty spot. and black t-shirt (there’s a shortish black tunic and black leggings – Not Shown but most certainly worn).


the EXACT same outfit from 29 years ago when she ran away *coughs* from boarding school with her friends and went to see our friends Depeche Mode play at the Hammersmith Odeon in London and she remembered everything as it was and then fictionalized (because there was no Henry, sad to say – sometimes it’s nice to make up a special friend for one’s lost teen self) in Emerald.

ooo! listen! the BBC (doff cap) were There too, back in 1984:

may we share that passage with you again?

you are Very Kind.


shall we wait while you make a cup of tea?

no problem.


welcome back.


         The Hammersmith Odeon loomed large and bursting with life as the cab swung round the last roundabout. A long queue of black leather coats stretched as far as the eye could see. They swept in on Sven’s special VIP status tickets and waited in the vast auditorium for what felt forever.

Suddenly the loudest, most insistent drumbeat shot out across the thousands of souls gathered in the darkness.

A single spotlight burst onto the stage, looking for something or someone.

A white t-shirt, taut, stretched across an emaciated frame, already drenched in the sweat of an adrenaline-fueled god. The light pool expanded to expose shockingly revealingly tight black leather hips, then motorcycle boots. The beats became louder and louder, pulsating through each body.

Then, like a crack of lighting breaking across the stage, strobes shot across the bows of the frenzied throng gathered for this intense experience at the end of a working week they had already forgotten.

It was the most seductive, enticing opening – but it felt wrong, bad and somehow sexual. Emerald was confused and excited. The crowd was on its feet dancing wildly, Bacchants all at the feet of the on-stage Dionysius. Ancient, spiritual, decadent – all this flowed through Emerald Katz and she felt re-born.


Something inside her said to let go of Henry’s hand. She knew there was another road she could take. She did not have to feel like this. But then, suddenly, Henry broke away from the boy and kissed Emerald and the rest of the world faded into insignificance. She fainted onto the floor and was carried out by the ambulance men. Henry faded into the crowd. Sven was gone. Sebastian ran away into the night.

The next thing Emerald remembered was Darcy standing over her, holding his coat.

“Well, decadent beauty – a Depeche Mode concert? Whatever next? An Otto Dix exhibition in a bare studio Berlin or Lou Reed at the Academy?”

Emerald smiled, weakly. Those all sounded delicious.

And they were. In time.


such a gloriously Tragic recounting of the fictional aspects (as we said – no Henry in RL) of a truly splendid Musical Concert from 1984.

and so we head out of the door of our apartment in Los Angeles 29 years later in remarkably similar an outfit.

but considerably happier.

in a holding pattern until being published is strangely delicious.


we’re in a Deeply interesting holding pattern.

due to the nature of publishing cycles, we won’t be asked to Talk about the book until sometime later this year (for the magazines with Long Leads – as they call it in the Business) – the beauty-of-blogging (and there is much beauty there) is that we can have a conversation with another blogger who wants to write about the book just a moment before going to Press (preferably on the Princess phone – but how much nicer over a cafe creme in a Foreign Airport) and still see a Review and a Link and lovely new people to comment and *blush* – we profoundly-hope-enjoy-the-book in a few seconds flat (depending on how fast the blogger’s Typing Speeds are).


hang on a moment.

we just got a little #memoryShift when we said Typing Speeds.

it reminded us of Lucie Clayton (do you know about Lucie Clayton?) – it was where Very Pretty (code for early-to-marry-Well) gels (posh English for “girls”) got “finished” (if their parents couldn’t afford a Swiss Finishing School) in typing and deportment and Typing Speed improvement so they could get a job as a Secretary and ensnare some nice but dim chap.

what’s that you say?

er, no.

we didn’t go to Lucie Clayton.

but many of our friends did (or Le Cordon Bleu if they were meant to marry Well to someone with Prospects of a Foreign Posting in the Diplomatic Service).

how were We “finished”?

good question.

let’s see – late night clubbing under the arches by the Pier in Brighton, waitressing on saturdays, long walks in the rain along the Sussex Cliffs (in despair, but with notebook to record teen angst for posterity – and no, we didn’t keep them) and University adventures (where we’ll send Emerald soon to write about Those – *significantlooktocamera*).

back to Today.

so while we Wait (to talk about the book and Other writing-ness), what do we DO?

there’s Consulting and special advising and Meetings and interesting (many curiously fulfilling) work stuff to do – as who we are in RL – and a Launch (which we’ll get permission to talk about if we can) Rather Soon of something digital and Stylish.

and of course we have to tell the story (because it is being Terribly Insistent) of The House on Church Row and deliver it to our Literary Agent in New York (such a delicious sentence) and see if anyone loves Emerald and wants to Publish her and then probably start writing out Laurel………


have we told you about Laurel before? we already wrote it as a screenplay – or a scenario as the French deliciously call it – but it wants to be a Novel too – here’s the Movie Version synopsis:

Releasing Butterflies | 

A Hollywood executive gets fired for being toxic and finds out she can’t get hired. The last job in town is running a half-way house for teen girls straight out of rehab. She takes it. With both hilarious and poignant results and the wayward teens help her get her career back – but does she want it?




thank you for asking.

it *is* somewhat autobiographical, darlings.

and while we Wait – we Study.

yes, study.

you see we’ve been Busy for a Decade (or more) and yes, we read and saw movies and Travel(l)ed but it was all squeezed in around the Day Job and NYC and Life and so forth.

we’ve been exhausted for a long time – which probably and no doubt created you-know-what – so to be Completely Honest – we’ve been Studying and LOVING IT.

we Request Materials from the Library system here in Los Angeles (they are most mystified when we pick up, on average, 5 books a week and return them almost instantly, we binge-read – in an Attractive way we hasten to point out).

and find Treasures in used bookshops in Pasadena and beyond.



and meditate or just sit quietly and think in front of a full moon…………OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and sleep eight hours a night (haven’t done that in forever – if ever, actually). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and dream of travel writing (when we can leave the country again which we can’t until we get – or get turned down – for a green card – more on that when – well, when We know ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and we Swim (sometimes at night because as you can see – it’s lit par nuit and heated) – ah, the sound of Laps by moonlight. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this one is for JW/1 – we’ll be attending this and Reporting back, dear digital cousin!viewer-1

the latest gift from the Postman – Thrilling!!viewerwe may Even go back to School with some of the Advance from the book……………..who knows (well, we will a bit later – going to visit Los Angeles Film School at 11.30AM today, darlings).

you see – there’s Lots to do.

it’s sort of our own Finishing School Curriculum when you think about it.

which is Terribly delicious.