La divine Deneuve.

Oh, darlings.

…….a transcendent evening.




La divine Deneuve was feted by the assembled glories of french cinema and Hollywood.

There were Absolutely No Photographs once the Gala started so we cannot show you her sumptuous slinkiness in blue.

Or Marty (as we are sure he’d ask us to call him) or her daughter Chiara, nor The Utterly Charming Francois Ozon who directed her in 8 Women.

But the best line went to Susan Sarandon, most definitely.

I am the only presenter, this evening, who has actually slept with Catherine Deneuve.

so naughty ;)

a small amount of decoupage

as we eat our morning grapefruit, and “cool down” from the brisk five-thirty AM walk and twenty minutes of yoga before encasing ourselves in black, preparing for the sniper fire of midtown ahead, team gloria admires our own fruits of reflection this weekend…………….yes, we decoupage and we are not afraid to tell you.

ah – the black and white 1930s movies, sophia loren, catherine deneuve, los angeles at twilight (we took that one – it’s on our business card (giggle – gosh, no, not the day job card – that’s all crisp and white and has our RL name and title and a phone extension that our executive assistant answers to protect us from the world……) no – the team gloria cards.

isn’t life just delicious?

we WERE going to take this decoupage to work but we feel weird as there are certain rather high-maintenance people whom we would slap-wrists-if-they-picked-it-up.

and we are supposed to be mature.


that’s the idea.

don’t let them know ;)