back to the drawing board….metaphorically speaking (although a real drawing board would be Nice)



sometimes Things just Don’t Work Out.

but that’s ok.

even when it’s a book promo video shoot.


you see – the Industry (whomever they Are) decreed (is that the same as the sort of Tweet that King Herod might have put out? oh dear, can you imagine being His digital consultant……) – that a Talking Head is the way to sell a book.

mais non.

not when we saw it.

although who-we-are-in-RL did a valiant job but it just Didn’t Look Like a teamgloria production (because it wasn’t one – #notetoselves)

and the director did her (how modern) best. and the MUP (remember? make up and hair artist) did her best too.

but in the end, really, it’s about us (not who-we-are-in-RL).

so we’re Taking this baby over (there’s not really a baby, we just got a bit mobster’s moll for a second then).

back to the drawing board.

a cute teamgloria productions with a twinkle and inter-titles-like-a-silent-movie will arrive within the next week or so.


now we just need the Right outfit to Direct this.

something in satin (naturally) and yet which emits deep Authority.

we’ll get back to you (although if you have a link or two – perhaps one with Ms Joan Crawford, or Collins, we adore both, do Send).

and in other news:


we woke up before the dawn.

because the Hollywood Trades had arrived. 5469c7fa7a1111e3af0c12857895c600_8

and it was going to be another one of those mornings that comes under the heading of:

“gosh, yes, this is Exactly how we thought it would Be!”

because we had a 7AM (our time) call on the princess-phone with our Publisher (such a delicious word) in england (hence the early hour and location) about promotional copy for the book launch for messrs apple and amazon (for ms. kindle and miss. iPad) 99614cc8799111e3863312af00698892_8

of course the call went well because we are still *swooning* from the walk down 3rd street promenade last evening when we gazed deeply at the chandeliers in the Shop that starts small people (aka children, not people of shorter stature although we’re sure they Adore chandeliers too) Early on their journey into blingcc84f398797811e391e112f156a0a67f_8the chandeliers gave us even more pleasure because we had already spent a quiet hour in the Library.

after a delicious morning (yesterday) at – well – we think we can tell You.

you see who-we-are-in-RL was asked (very nicely, with a lovely Scottish accent actually) to join the Committee (always a dubious hono(u)r but this is a very smart one) for the Innovation Awards at Brit Week and so we tagged along and hung out near the photocopier and waited and enjoyed the view (no pictures allowed on Government Property) and thought more clearly about our Directing task for her book promo 2.0.

a thought to leave you with:

July 18th 2011

before you-know-what happened we spent a quiet night pondering what-might-happen and where-would-we-end-up (hopefully Los Angeles, but it looks Ever so Unlikely at that point) and whenever we got down (which happened quite a lot more in those days) we decoupaged (doesn’t everyone?)

and we made this.



it was a sultry day (because Manhattan does a sultry summer July very convincingly) and we got covered in decoupage clue in a most wistful way.

and now LOOK – we LIVE IT***

This year’s weekly column Where Shall We Meet by Sophia Stuart was one of the site’s biggest attractions. Where should you go if a friend and you want to go shopping? Check this out. Where do you go if you want to house a meeting? Check this out. Where do you go if you just want a casual place to hang out with someone? Check this out. All of the entries in this series are fantastic but here are a few of our favorites from this year.

and, well, we’ll be meeting Anjelica Huston next week.



time to Concentrate.

we need to start looking back at some of our “previous work” to get inspiration for a teamgloria productions book promo of our own.

like, well, this one:

***careful with the Vision boards and decoupage – it might just come True *shivers_deliciously*

now where’s our AD and grip? (vocab alert: assistant director and the biggish chap with the sticky tape who moves large objects and the camera around)

a red letter day.


today was a red letter day.

do you know the origin of the term?

we just checked – just to be sure – well, in the medieval calendars a holy, or special (most probably holy, it being medieval and all that) day was marked with a red letter (by the monks – solitary or perhaps a team of monks in the Larger Monasteries – transcribing).

the whole day just felt as if it unfolded in a way that left us no impulse (strange, but true, and Rare) to control or plan or get-anywhere-quickly (we walked for several hours between appointments across the park and back, in fact – it’s amazing to relax into a day instead of ticking-off-a-list).

a glorious day. indeed.

may we share some pictures?

here’s sort of the order of our red letter day, today.

and no – we don’t have a telephoto lens – the birds just seemed to pause and perhaps preen a little, waiting for us to take the shot – isn’t that amazing?

we felt so calm and peaceful and in-admiration watching them there, just hanging out with a “yes, our feathers are particularly fine today, on your red letter day, go ahead, take the shot, dear” sort of a birdlike smile. (do birds smile? ours did).

and then we made our way downtown because, while standing on Lexington in the 30s, at about 4.40PM – after leaving an Event of some import – we picked up a voicemail.

they made an offer!


a delicious Publisher is interested in making the teamgloria book Real.


we always wondered what it would be like to get offered a book deal.

and now we know.

it feels Rather Similar to when we Very Young (about 4, maybe 5-and-a-half) and we were in France (in Nancy, not Paris, on that occasion), and we were given red grenadine syrup with fizzy water and it went up our nose and gave us giggles and a feeling of Utter Wonder and Excitement at Life.

that’s how it feels.

like we just tasted grenadine syrup with bubbles and the whole world is Utterly delicious.

so we celebrated by telling friends and meeting-up-with-them just off Houston street (alas, no grenadine, but some excellent Tea) and some hugs and then home to mount the latest decoupage onto the wall and write to You.

smiling at you via the Interweb.

and saying a thank you to everyone that helped us get Here.

to the grenadine-feeling.

don’t snort the synthroid


so they upped our synthroid following latest (awful) blood test results (following the surgery twelve weeks ago which removed three tumours/tumors/Tobias-and-his-sisters, two glands and our entire thyroid – and, for a period of a week – our vocal chords produced no sweet tg voice At All – if you’ve just joined us, darlings)

and the effects are somewhat – how can we put this?

well – our Good Friend KOC puts it best:

our grandmother was on synthroid and cleaned the house a lot – through the night sometimes


we had a head cold yesterday (if you visited us then, you’ll know we waited it out while remaining indoors for 12 hours and only using PG Tips and soup and raspberries and a lovely homemade stew with gluten free rice noodles – yum!)

No Cold Medicine.

and yet…………..

we were up till past the small hours, madly fiddling with the Diptic photo magicness (see yesterday for results – two years of Day Job travels catalogued in arty-ness.)

And We Did a Decoupage.

Now. If that doesn’t mean synthroid doesn’t have speedy side effects – just saying…..

Can’t be the PG Tips.

and it’s been a while since we had tomato soup but we’re sure there’s nothing untoward in That……



If the weight (sigh) drops off. And we suddenly find a desire to start collecting and archiving we’ll let you know.

we don’t actually clean chez teamgloria – our lovely Mario comes in to do that – we have other skills – but, mysteriously, ALL of our drawers and cupboards got tidied last night too


What do You think, darlings?

art-y projects: we thought about etsy….and then had another latte.

so we thought about setting up a little shop on etsy* (see latest art-y projects below) – and then we gave up – and ordered another latte and decided to write more on the latestscreenplay.

why did we give up?

it’s not hard to sell on etsy (although god knows the paypal-setting-up-account-ness was a lousy UX – user experience, darlings and after the warm glow of etsy-world we felt thrust into a strange and dark Corporate scary-fraud-panic-unfriendly-arena and we’re Not Keen) but the troubles-behind-the-scenes and changes at etsy are a little unsettling.

why, oh why, isn’t Judi Dench the CEO of a lovely crafts and antiquing and arty-y site – we’d feel Very Comfortable if Judi was In Charge (of pretty much everything, actually).

so here are the art-y projects from the past week.

we Do love them.

perhaps we’ll send them to you as a gift instead. maybe it was just about the therapy of taking all those gorgeous photographs, buying canvas and glue and glaze and getting a tiny bit sticky and covered in glitter.

maybe that’s what it was about.

we don’t want to stop making them.

but we are Running Out of Wall Space chez nous ;-)

greenwich village diner. After a Most Creative day.

spent the afternoon listening to David Sylvian (Japan and post), Dead Can Dance and Strawberry Switchblade while madly decoupaging.

It’s all still drying so just a ‘mood’ shot, for now.



And then we headed out for supper with ABM at a Most Classic diner while he gave us entrepreneurial guidance for our Next Chapter.



and there was a girl with a pearl earring there too (shhhhh)


We feel most Uplifted and Hopeful.


The thing is, the Day Job is so much more pleasant if one is also living one’s dream, darlings.

Tobias taught us that much with his tumor/tumour lessons. Painful. But necessary.

oh hello, jet lag

so last night’s special jet lag into the wee small hours was actually rather nice – team gloria spent the time watching Torchwood (bloody brilliant and fully geek-ly satisfying), paying bills (awfully grateful for the day-job-salary), writing notes on our new Kate Spade “tickled pink” cards and…………….a little spot of jet lag/california-inspired decoupage.

the restraint of applying even more gilt and bronzed paint this morning was admirable.

THIS one is going to the office – to the left of the big Mac monitor so only we can see it and sigh a little at the LA story-line of what might have been, what might transpire and what we might, you know, help along a little with our various charms and machinations ;) ahem.

sod the jet lag. the mind still works beautifully.

notes: top left, malibu beach hotel – still there although rather more grand in a beach-house for accidental movie moguls now – do not disturb/The Wilshire (before it was known as BV – look at their NY reservations line # = PL 7-2981 “Plaza seven-two-nine-eight-one!”and Vuitton ads from 1964 HBZ USA (found at movie world on olive/san fernando in the Valley before our Disney meetings), BARBRA of course you recognize (team gloria has a lovely lobby card from What’s up Doc framed in the NY flat), bottom right – Top Gun with Tcruise flashing his pearlys and Dawn Steel (we read her fab book while by the pool last week – they can kill you but they can’t eat you – actually very useful tips for survival in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan) and center/centre left – Counterpoint – on franklin by the Bourgeois Pig – a most excellent late night browse for, say, early Sonny & Cher vinyl.

a small amount of decoupage

as we eat our morning grapefruit, and “cool down” from the brisk five-thirty AM walk and twenty minutes of yoga before encasing ourselves in black, preparing for the sniper fire of midtown ahead, team gloria admires our own fruits of reflection this weekend…………….yes, we decoupage and we are not afraid to tell you.

ah – the black and white 1930s movies, sophia loren, catherine deneuve, los angeles at twilight (we took that one – it’s on our business card (giggle – gosh, no, not the day job card – that’s all crisp and white and has our RL name and title and a phone extension that our executive assistant answers to protect us from the world……) no – the team gloria cards.

isn’t life just delicious?

we WERE going to take this decoupage to work but we feel weird as there are certain rather high-maintenance people whom we would slap-wrists-if-they-picked-it-up.

and we are supposed to be mature.


that’s the idea.

don’t let them know ;)