to the casino, by night.

Tonight’s event was at the casino de madrid

And it was glorious…….







We are Beyond exhausted…..but have to admit it was Rather Glam at the casino de madrid this evening, darlings.



Not gambling.

But celebrating.

That’s all we can say.

The scarlet pashmina was a (Spanish-themed) success.

And now we can pass it on to a new home…….

The ballet shoes are a keeper.

We bought those very good quality leather soled Italian ones and Thoroughly enjoyed the way they encourage one to g l i d e through the streets of late night Spain, pashmina pulled tightly around one’s shoulders, satin clutch-clutched-to-the-bosom, long (black satin) bias cut skirt floating prettily like diaphanous butterfly wings beneath the tightly woven helmut lang knit-to-the-ground.

Not sure we Really want to dress like A Lady that Often (one feels awfully stared at and yet invisible and powerless and a Bit Silly all at the same time).

But occasionally, we now know, it’s something of a Pleasure.

And a Certain Very Chic person gets a kick out of it (you know who you Are) and that Pleases us Tremendously!


Sleep well, darlings (or have a safe commute home to our American friends and good morning, Asia!)

So Modern, as William says.

noel, libraries and new lives

we look at you over the tea cup as we are waiting for the black saloon car to drive through rainy manhattan and take us to the airport – we are Bound for Spain on a flight this evening.

In the meantime, a short note before we do Last minute chores (check windows, leave note for Betty the post-mistress to Hold Mail/keep post at the sorting office until we Return, empty trash/rubbish disposal et-cet-era).

Yesterday we had the Good Fortune to spend time with jM, who has just completed his Day Job – forever – and is now engaged in the Most Delicious life of the full-time writer.

Isn’t that glorious?

jM had suggested an Afternoon at the performing arts division of the New York Public Library for the exhibition on the life, genius, work and mordant wit of Noel Coward.

Splendid is the word.

It was Splendid.

If you are in NY we do recommend it – lots of Telegrams and Scrapbooks from Cutting Services in the employ of a certain Gertrude Lawrence, playbills and opening night notes, the silver frames on the Piano (including a Most alluring Nureyev) and the opportunity to Don Headphones and watch snippets of ITV (oddly not BBC) television programs/programmes and Movies, featuring Noel.

By far the most smile-inducing glass cases were those with Noel’s dressing gowns.

We own a blue-blue dressing gown that is Awfully Similar, in homage, darlings.

See you in Espana!!

connecting: studio 60 and snice, soho.

we were late (time zone non-compliance)…….

And we did Our Best at the Day Job but still……there’s so much to do and know and stuff (being totally non-specific we know but that’s actually how it feels).

The view helps.

It would, right?

As does a few moments of studio 60 on the sunset strip

But the stuff that helps The Most since you know what is telling the truth.

Which we did again today. Over a lovely lunch. Thank you b.

And in a surprisingly enchanting encounter with a friend of a friend of a friend.


Makes all the nonsense and angst and confusion and omg-which-data-points-are-we-meant-to-Know-Now somehow recede.


And cafes.

Especially cafes with friendly (flirty) staff and soft lighting and healthy food on simple white plates and subtle lighting and warmth and Interesting Art on the walls.

Like this place.

state of high alert #underPressure

we can’t talk about it for obvious reasons.

but the pressure and state of High Alert and machinations and politics and so on (careful) is sometimes just Too Much.

thank goodness for weekends.

we’re not picking up work email and we know people will be Cross.

but we are so Tired.

solution? (always need a solution or one is Stuck whining/grousing/pouting in the problem and that is so Terribly Draining and Unattractive.)

have a Sunday.

be grateful for the salary, health insurance and forthcoming (when??) card-of-green. And the abundant opportunities to be Kind, helpful and complete assigned tasks with as much Grace as possible. If not gloriously. But not today.


Today is a lie-in/sleeping late/dozingFitfully.

Then coffee, calling England (people we know, not just Randomly,darlings) newspapers (lots), swimming pool (steam gently and sauna too), Uptown to have tea with a Most Gracious writer and then back downtown to meet up with friends and have a late supper with a new person with a curiously similar name (to the RL one, not another Gloria ;)

And breathe.

And avoid the stress.

Just for today.

gentle morning: cashmere, Chanel No. 5 and slow cab ride to a (secret) conference

shhhh, secretly incognito at a Day Job conference……..will share lovely moments as they occur…..

as we weren’t going to the Office, we had a Nice Slow start to the day.


Laying out cashmere, Chanel No. 5, and letting the windows steam up from the shower running in the ensuite.


Executive Life alert: our housekeeper (Mario) is coming today, so we pulled out fresh linens and thought you’d enjoy a shot of the wall of decoupage (aka/”spells”).


#sigh. Isn’t life just delicious?

back at The Day Job. *send instructions*

so what happens now? we’ve sort of forgotten how to be an executive in Corporate America.

today was like a mime. we weren’t sure how to be, how to act, people stared at the scar (and a few people said “it’s smaller than we thought it would be” and we weren’t sure how to respond – thank you? or er, we had plastic surgery on top?

or………[answers on a postcard ;-)

and then we sort of got back into the tasks (as you can imagine – after three weeks away – there were lots).

but we made a Big Change already. we brought bubbles and we asked our trusty deputy to blow them so we could take a picture. and then we talked. you know, about Real Things. and then we got back to work. but it already felt different.

things are going to be different.

we know that now.

especially when we were asked into a meeting to:

“get going on some outstanding issues”

and we said

“we’ll ask our assistant to talk to yours to set something up for next week”

hell, no.

not jumping on the first day back.

and no – many asked – our office wasn’t festooned for our arrival.

but some Very Nice People quietly and respectfully and quite lovingly (for Corporate America) put their heads around our (glass) office door and said:

welcome back. we hope you feel better, in time.

which was Very Kind.

and now we’re off to see a gentle foreign movie after a slow stroll through central park at the Paris Cinema near the Plaza (yes, we may well get there earlier enough to have a cup of tea with Heloise, darlings).

we’re not in england anymore

and so – jet-lagged, foggy from time zone change and exhausted from the day job travails on the Continent – team gloria returns to Manhattan.

the city where you compete for a decaf.

how does that song go again?

but if you make it here, one is usually so burned and over-stimulated by the experience that one needs a very long lie-down.

preferably in a delicious garden in santa monica canyon, with a bright blue Hockney-esque pool.

not one of the largest hospitals on the east coast but heigh ho.

the humour/humor shall return shortly ;)