frames and black and white movies and through scala and London and photography and more #posteritati


Have you ever been to posteritati?

We were there this morning (with pictures to get all glassed-under-encased-in-black-wood-frames, ready for the Move West).

Daga and Stanley were both there.

Which fairly guaranteed a lengthy pause and a leaning on the russet leather 1940s style chairs for a Talk about London and movies and the scala and Stephen woolley and monika treut and the NFT and grittiness and hidden lofts and swimming pools inside buildings and hockney and roller-skate spaces and artists and Poland and travel and so Much more…..


Posteritati is on centre street in nyc and frames gorgeous photographs and vintage breathtakingly chic Italian movie posters and more and there’s also a reciprocal relationship with the Film Forum (check back tomorrow, darlings, as we are popping ovner to their programming office for a chat…..)

Just saying……

Worth a visit.

And say hello to Stanley and cześć to his better half, as the British say.


They say better half. Or her indoors (what happens if she is Abroad though? Curious look to camera).

cześć is what our glorious cousins in Poland say, of course.

And probably beneath layers of warm burgundy scarves tucked into a heavy coat (double breasted, with brass buttons, no doubt).