care package and relatives of the furry kind.

so our father (shhh, who doesn’t Yet know about teamgloria) sent a Delicious Care Package from Lisbon (yes, we’re very well-domained as a family, darlings ;-)

or maybe it was nearby Lisbon at estoril, at the english stores – known as the GB Stores (helpful link from the global expat info site – who knew there was such a thing – but yes, in our Youth, there was even a newspaper and our father threatened to put our arrival in it one summer – we were Mortified, age 15)

perfect care package – full of tea and english television programmes/programs/movingpicturesonthesmallscreen

AND – a portrait (in the clearly ironic and Delightful Victorian Family style) of our siblings (the ones with fur).

and this is the card he sent too.

now we have a confession to make.

he has No Idea (as far as we Know) about teamgloria.

and he’s Never sent a card like this before…….

either somebody told him (although we’d be hard-pressed to work out who)……..OR our brand goes deep (and belies the DayWear of head to toe black and doctor martens, clearly)


curiouser and curiouser.