take off and landing.


we took off from JFK – lightly packed and ably fit with reading materials…..


and six hours later – whoosh!


11:40PM LAX and a smooth ride home.

Not sure where our spirit is – it takes longer than the corporeal self to touchdown. Perhaps it stopped off in Chicago to admire the windy city and the soaring skyscrapers of Ad-Land.

It may even have decided to re-visit Kansas.

There’s no knowing until we realize it is back.

Of course with the amount of Travel we did for the Day Job, we often wonder if Bits of our psyche are scattered with the four winds throughout CHINA, Paris, Milan, INDIA and near that lovely temple we visited after work meetings in Taipei.

We will just have to go around the world again (more slowly and quietly and reflectively) on our Book Tour and re-configure our fractal-shaken-soul into a new cohesive CPU (central processing unit for the less geeky of our Friends).


But first we  s  l e e p.