the last sunday on the east coast. #aDayInTheCountry

a delicious and poignant and lovely day in the country for our last sunday on the East Coast.


grand central station was lit up by the shimmery weak but welcomed winter sun. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we stood awhile by the clock.

and thought of all the times we have stopped and thought awhile by the clock at grand central station since our first Ever trip to NYC in (can it have been that long ago?) 1996.

as well as All the Movies we have seen where characters stopped and waited for Someone Important by the Clock.


and an hour or so later – there we were – In The Country. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there was a Friend (JW/1) and a dog (always important for Days in the Country to be Fully successful we think) – this one is called Arden. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there was a bubbling brook (not sure if we’ve heard a bubbling brook for an Age – probably not since England). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a hardy red rose peeping through the SNOW!



the Country had snow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there was a Pause by the stairs and a looking out at the trees while the kettle was popped on in the lovely big range kitchen and newspapers ruffled and sorted and Read Out Loud From.

beans on toast and more-tea-please.

and British Telly (giggles on the two couches).

with Lots of quiet talk and catching up and lovely connection and then……..
Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 8.24.51 PManother Long Pause in the snowy crisp air with Arden and JW1 and the countryside said, “take a breath,”

and. we. did.

all will be well.

or so we believe.

did you have a delicious weekend?

tea? beans-on-toast? conversation?

do. tell.


a night in the country.


We are In The Country!


It’s super quiet and very beautiful.

There’s a roaring fire…..


and the delicious supper was delicately inspired by the glorious barefoot contessa herself and re-configured with a soupcon of elegant joie de vivre (no, my loves, we cannot show you our Hosts as yet – we need morning light, the grown up camera and Picture Approval before we do)……

But we did get a nod of acceptance from the Lady in the house……Miss.Daisy.


Who looks extra lovely by candlelight.


We do adore a candleabra.

And tea on a tray after our Train (thrilling and romantic a way to travel).


A bubbly-bath and an armful of coffee table books and a glass of water and an Ironwork bed with striped comforter and Lots of kind linen pillowcases. 


And marvel(l)ing at the Quiet outside in The inky black night softly lit by a waxing moon.


we needed this.

Thank you.

to the country.

happy sunday darlings

we slept so beautifully because we went To The Country yesterday and took great gulps of that delicious air, strolled down the little main street (high street to our english friends) with white clapboard houses and picket fences (also in white – probably Wimborne White from Farrow and Ball if our eye was correctly adjusted in the bright sunshine of Connecticut and we’re not mistaken) and so many high bowery trees.

isn’t it lovely to get Met At the Station by Friends? (the J/W and J/W2 of Connecticut) – they sat waiting in a freshly-humming car with the windows open to the breeze as we approached, gift in hand (magic products – more on that later) – we had also dressed almost Too Autumn-ly – tis still a little warm but we are Ready for the long scarf around the neck in fetching cerulean shades and a long black thing from donna-karan to wrap around us while reading in the Train Carriage.

we went straight to Lunch and then took a wander around the town where a celebration (right choice of words? not sure – depends on where one was Raised as they say here) of the civil war was taking place – Quite by surprise (to us – obviously not to the Townspeople who had clearly been planning it for months, right down to the excellent snacks and cannon that shot potatoes)


there were people shouting on the village green in some re-enactment of events from far-off years gone past. and there was music. we love music. especially live music – a fiddle or two and a winsome voice. especially when we recognize it (Hard Times) from one of our favorite/favourite/choicest movies Elizabethtown – who knew it had such early provenance in the American history? It’s amazing what one learns on a day in the Country).

we digress.



of course!

and then we repaired back to the automobile and had tea chez JW1 and J/W2 – but of course it was the fine P G Tips. Some of us are English. Others are just Very Considerate of Englishness.

we sat on the deep comforting sofas with the windows all open to the cross breeze and talked quietly while enjoying the sound of a flute in the next door garden.

a lovely aspect

we said. looking at our situation all nestled between the woods with the magical musical sounds playing.

we almost forgot – just before the chaps drove us back to the Railway Station – we remembered our magic gift.

we had brought wish paper (have you even done this? we did it once in Silverlake at a late-night gathering by the night of the Full Moon and it felt Very Portentous and delicious) – you write a wish on the very thin wispy paper (for our british friends, it is the consistency of late 1960s Basildon Bond Airmail blue) and then light it and it flies up (or, rather worryingly, one of ours just dropped onto the floor and refused to even prettily flame before extinguishing itself – oh well – good to know) – J/W 2 had a Very Good one and it soared towards the trees and then down onto the gravel path capturing flames and dreams into a light lilac smoke. Lovely. Most Satisfying.

at the train station we unwrapped our egg salad sandwich from its splendid wax paper packaging and sipped a Perrier and mused on a lovely afternoon.

grand central station was still shimmering with chandeliers and people-with-parcels (it was still a Saturday, after all, time to stock up on supplies) and we were so energized by our day that we set out on foot (too mellow for the subway, not needing to be anywhere fast in a yellow taxi) and walked all the way down Lexington from 42nd to 13th at which point our feet complained mightily and we continued on, by cab.

but it had been so long since we had taken the time – a la flaneur – to drift down Lex and through the cinnamon hot air of Little India and past Temples of one religion, then another, and see the sunlight fall into twilight.

we kept taking the new grown up camera to try out different settings and found the Film Noir button on the Very Long and complicated Menu.


but isn’t it marvelous?

the bucolic to the damned in one fine day.

only in America, darlings.

or perhaps if one had taken a train far into the verdant countryside of Germany and then back to the still-decadent quarter of Berlin one might have had a similar experience.

have you?


do. tell.





hello from the country!


We’re in The Country!



Somewhere Deep in Connecticut.

With a pub lunch (scrumptious English food with lashings of tea).

A long drive back to the House with a view from the back of the car, all sleepy, listening to The BBC World Service.

And there’s a DOG!

Downstairs, we can hear the sounds of jw/2 baking (with jw/1 being sous chef) which means there will be Hot Cross Buns for tea…..

We brought Celia Imrie with us.

Sadly only in book form.

Because this is Very much the sort of place we know she’d Adore, darlings.


We all gathered on the lovely sofas to browse some UK TV choices (teamgloria having missed Loads of it since 2001) and watched an episode of kingdom with Stephen Fry AND Celia Imrie

Guess what?

Celia’s character is called…….Gloria.

You couldn’t make our life up ;)



jw/2’s genius take on a Delia recipe.

Oh. And a delicious walking-the-dog-sunset-moment…..

Very Grateful.









Supper – Blackadder – quiet reading…..




And sweet dreams….

This is your clandestine columnist in Connecticut for the day and night (and toast, coffee and commuter train to grand central station signing off (it’s very 1940s radio announcer up here, can you tell, darlings?

Thank you to jw/1 and jw/2 for a divine Respite in the Country…..

sunday morning in the country.

our view this morning on awakening.

somewhere deep inside the state of CT, we awoke to birdsong (such a contrast to downtown NYC!) and a drowsy bee and the shimmer of cool breezes through gossamer cotton at the window overlooking a verdant wood.

oh, yes, we understand now why people have a country house

we sat on the deck with our half a pink grapefruit and a large pot of coffee percolating – plunk, plink, plunk, in the kitchen behind us with dew on our brown feet (toe nails “splash of grenadine” lilac since you ask) from an early sunday morning barefoot walk on the grass and lingering look at the brook below.

we ADORE having friends like the 2J/W with a delicious house in the country.

more later: TONS of photos to share from our proper camera.

train journeys; proper luggage and roses.

we are off for what know will be a delicious weekend in the country with j/w and j/w2!

it’s a mini vacation to prep us for the flight west (monday) to the Other Coast………

yes, we have roses as a gift.

and we brought our celestial blue brooks bros chap’s robe (lightweight summer version) and comfy socks for late night milky tea and gossip session in the kitchen later.

feeling terribly noel coward en route to see the Lunts!