coffee and a column and a rainbow.


we had a most glam (and slightly overwhelming) day yesterday (due to the nature of the Helmut Newton Press Preview – we adore a press preview – more on that later – piece goes Live at 2PM!) and in the middle-of-it-all, we checked our digital device and said

hurrah!  our column just went live at noon

which is ever such a nice feeling.

would you like to read it?

oh. you are Most Kind.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 7.21.43 AMwe also heard of some Legal news from our friends who are awaiting such things yesterday.

several of our friends are married (more of them are d.i.v.o.r.c.e.d but we live in difficult times, darlings) and some of them are married to men and some are married to women and some of them Are men (who are married to men) and some of them are middle-aged hollywood executives who have trophy wives (and yes, are women themselves but it seems a mid-life crisis of fast cars and faster blondes can hit anyone, love).

it’s not something we’ve ever done (marriage or d.i.v.o.r.c.e) – and we’ve not Yet reached a midlife crisis although our Friends of who-we-are-in-RL have raised an eyebrow at Some Of Our Choices……


so when we heard of the Jubilation in the Streets of West Hollywood, we knew that the learned Judges in Washington had made a good decision.

our friends at the Guardian have a nice piece here if you’re mystified by the discursive nature of our dialogue.

so that’s lovely.

can we be a Little Controversial for a moment?



we have to say we are disappointed that everyone felt the need to be so Acceptably Corporate and dressed-for-the-middle-cubicle in their Attire – *sighs* – we get the point – they don’t want to shock the horses but really?

we wanted to be Different.

we never wanted to Fit In.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfly your freak flag today darlings.

don’t let your beauty fade.

the reason we went to calabasas, darlings.


this week’s column is here!

so exciting.





it IS exciting.

we love meeting all these glorious new people with who-we-are-in-RL (some of them not-so-new-to-us but equally precious a meeting-of-minds-and-aesthetics) and writing about them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 3.52.49 PM




That’s why We Were In Calabasas the other day……

isn’t life delicious?

postscript: we went to a certain place for lunch today and sat at the same table where we wrote this piece previously (and *coughs* actually ordered exactly-the-same-thing) and the lovely waiter said:

are you familiar with our menu?

(note to europeans: they say that sort of thing in Los Angeles)

and we smiled (prettily) and said (demurely)

why, yes.


we were DYING to say –

actually we wrote a rather lovely piece about this place for Los Angeles, I’m Yours

but we decided against it.

so what we did say was:

a pot of tea (P G Tips is fine) with milk on the side please (cold, skim – you have to ask – Angelenos don’t really do hot tea) and the lovely salad with the green goddess dressing.

then we opened up a selection of poetry (thank you Los Angeles County Library Request Materials Service) and proceeded to dream of far-off places and Adventures.

dodging questions and saying goodbye.



we just had to answer a Very Long Questionnaire.

and it has left us quite Bereft of inspiration.

we don’t like Direct Questions (if you hadn’t noticed).

we Much prefer to dodge the question or diffuse or demure (so eighteenth century-with-fan-and-eyelashes) but sometimes one Must respond to the Q&A.

luckily we have other people who can edit and suggest kind modifications and so on.

it’s good to have friends.

and columns in lovely online publications. 

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 9.06.53 AM

that’s especially delicious.

you know what else is delicious?


tea and biscuits with friends at a house and talking about books and life and love and then a walk at twilight and bumping into someone one knows and stopping a while under the moon (burgeoning full) and stars and palm trees while wearing one’s most excellent silver shoes.

another delicious thing is even earlier in the afternoon – not quite warm enough for a wrap, so it hangs over one’s (slightly narrow) shoulder – and stopping to smell the roses.


but there is also sadness which makes the delicious things that-much-sweeter because life is so Ephemeral and Fleeting.

this pains us to say but we wanted to record the passing of sophie.

our hearts and arms go out to envelop blair in his loss.

54c5a244a7c811e2b4e822000a9f130c_7sleep well, sweet princess-with-fur.

vinyl, voyeurism and a very good day.


a Packed 24+ hours!

and yes, the lights are back on chez teamgloria towers (thank you to our friends at Southern California Edison) after the mass (or maybe it was just our street) blackout.


(yesterday) silver lake:

where we spent a very splendid hour having a “re-touching” lesson (in the Cecil Beaton photography sense) with the very gifted (and terribly Patient) Mr. Reuben Reynoso*

*click here to see this sumptuous underwater mermaid-ness from Mr. Reuben Reynoso’s portfolio – isn’t it truly delightful and wondrous? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there are streets in silver lake that look exactly like exterior locations from The Wonder Years (and maybe they were) circa (fictional) 1961. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there was also Lots of driving yesterday – mostly around twilight. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we felt this was portentous.

maybe this year (or next or the one after, we’re really quite Patient these days), we’ll get a red-light-from-a-studio.


we mean  GREEN LIGHT.

well-spotted larchmont-adjacent.


someone asked us if we’d take a photograph that denoted – how can we put this – the portent of true love.

so we took two today – the subtle hint of fertility with the bumble bee (or is that a wasp?) – ahem – fertilizing a lavender plant (or is it just having a scratch on its bottom?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but we thought This one hit the spot – we watched these two people Flirt for ages while we sipped our tea and thoughtfully spread (raspberry) jam on freshly buttered baguette – it was most deliciously voyeur-like (in a French 1960s movie director sort of a Chic way, naturellement). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we also spent sometime today planning-our-next-column for Los Angeles I’m Yours (there will be Vinyl and there will be freshly buttered baguette with jam, no doubt – how real-life-inspires, darlings).


apparently (who can keep up?) cassette tapes are making-a-comeback (we only just got the memo about Vinyl).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat Very nice man (and co-owner of Vacation Vinyl), Mr. Mark Thompson, gave us a very kind look when we found This Treasure languishing in the 1-dollar-bin (Thrilled!) – and wouldn’t even take a dollar for it – we really are Raking in the karma right now for reasons we can tell you and those we can’t because we-have-not-got-permission (and it’s awfully fun to keep things Quiet and sort of refined and elegantly sotto voce from time to time).

here’s something we’re NOT sotto voce about – our column (it’s been So Long since we could say those two magic words).

the 2nd one (in hopefully a long and deeply popular and yet somehow still cultish way) came out today at noon. 

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.27.07 PMwhy, yes, those Are somewhat familiar Jackie O sunglasses, darlings – we do all our own photography too (and thanks to Mr. Reuben Reynoso – our own re-touching as well).

isn’t life just delicious?

we. think. so.