now That was Acting. wow.


did you see it?

august-osage-county-title-movie-logo august-osage-county-trailer-05102013-094815now we KNEW Ms. Meryl Streep was a genius in the acting profession world.

Julia-Roberts-August-Osage-County_TheWeinsteinCompany.jpg.600x900_q100but Ms. Julia Roberts was a revelation.


quick(ish) review?

we can’t really.

there were squabbles and fights and some Very Rude Language and a-n-g-e-r (expressed and/or otherwise corroding the stomach lining) and Family Trauma and slightly (ok) Tremendously Twisted Relations, slammed doors and funerals and Lots of lying in bed – with or without one’s beloved or with someone else’s beloved who was about-to-leave and yet – and yet…………it was compelling.

couldn’t take our eyes away from the Screen.

we felt the overbearing HEAT from the air-conditioned coolness of the cinema seat just pour sweat (a “glow” for the Ladies) down the audience’s back as we tried to crunch back in the seat to avoid the blows between the familial frights.


by the way.

the Props were stupendous.

especially the choice and placement of the (affectingly ordinary – J&J?) shampoo bottles on the windowsill as Big Pharma got flushed (you have to see it, the juxtaposition was genius – sort of fragile and oh-so-ordinary-yet-devilish).

the *only* bit we were confused by is why Sherlock was there when he wasn’t solving anything or being Julian Assange and shaming large corporations into revealing their ill-gotten gains but we digress.

bravo, Ms. J. Roberts.


and in other news:


is that the Time?

we have to dash.

picture explanations to follow inside 2, possibly three articles to follow in the next week or so – we promise.

btw (as the young people say) – you Do look well?

what’s that?


you’re doing a “cleanse”?


it appears everyone is (apart from us).

we Do miss the days when a cleanse meant with a little Olay.

morning thoughts of storms, exhibitions and building a new life.


there was a terrific windy storm in los angeles last night – the windows rattled and the gusts blew – so we lounged inside, slightly exhausted from the long drive back from palm springs (a delicious Trip!) – and sipped warm milk with a chunky cinnamon  stick and watched Danish TV on DVDs (as one does).


while the wind raged outside, we remembered the Last Time we drove back from Palm Springs – do you recall? It was just-over-two-months-ago and we were driving into the city of angels to start a new life – full of apprehension about apartments and leasing cars and getting a new drivers license and setting up utility bills.

so we did what any pampered princess would do – instead of setting up the aero bed in an empty apartment with no furniture (still on the truck heading West) and no low soothing bedside lamps – we – (ahem) – checked into the Mondrian for the first night back.

and now here we are: 06:57AM, los angeles – in the apartment – with almost All details smoothly-sorted to build something quite fresh and new.



fueled gently by lovely cups of coffee from new orleans.

so – we just looked online for some mention of the storm last night but old news is not good news in Hollywood – unless it has a cultural crisis attached – so while we could Not find anything about Last Night – we did find this delicious headline for a similar storm last year.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.18.44 AMisn’t that just the Most marvel(l)ous juxtaposition?

we love it here.

Life is unfolding slowly.

sometimes Not in the way we thought at all.

but deliciously.

and in its own sweet way.

which is perfectly fine with us.

for now we book our Next Trip – to NYC – May 1st – if you’re in Town too – to stay with the lovely B, J & sparky (thank you ever so much, chaps) while we open The First Picture Show (gulp) of our photographic Work. *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.45.18 AM


before coffee.

before coffee, we are very quiet.

during coffee, we are thoughtful.

after too much coffee, we are manic.

– such a delicate balance.

usually off-set by reading or distractions – after all, to meditate while drinking coffee would be foolish (so we stopped trying to do that).

it’s sort of annoying to be so controlled by a substance.

and we still feel that about having parts-of-our-body-removed-and-replaced-by-a-pill.

especially one you have to take on an empty stomach so need to remember to take it before coffee is even thought of, let alone brewed, or poured into a thick enamel mug and enjoyed with 1 per cent (but surprisingly rich, and, yes, organic) milk and a view over the tree tops of downtown manhattan.

it’s a mighty Pill one might say.

but it has a time clock on it.

by the time we got into a taxi cab at the corner of broadway and somewhere-in-the-60s (we were with friends, we walked a block or two or three – it’s a Very New York thing to do before one looks slightly worried back uptown and searches in vain for the flash of yellow and the light on the top of the available cars – but it’s Fall in the City and such a good place to walk) it was Very Late and our battery had run out.

it had been a long time since we fell into bed without removing the mascara.

but there you go.


by the drama-that-surrounds (still), a lot of stuff-to-do-at-work, swimming (fab), foot massage (delicious), movie (oh dear, Arbitrage, the less said the better) and supper with a Good Friend.

so it was 11pm (blimey).

and the armour thyroid replacement pill had clocked off for the night.

we didn’t even open the mail/post/parcels that had arrived – and we Adore a parcel.

felt a bit sad that we didn’t have any more juice inside.

so the coffee this morning was extra Jolt-y.


maybe when we move back to the Other Coast we’ll try and quit the caffeine (again).

we can feel the headache start to rise up in horror inside our head.


not today.

we have therapy at 10AM and NOBODY does therapy in New York without coffee.

especially the therapists.

by the way (shy smile across the interweb) – we love the new camera – it takes delicious whimsical and fluttery-light-shadow moments.

sunday, sunday.

a well-known cure for melancholy is to have a curry in Jackson Heights, with the splendid high energy BF and explore his neighborhood of pale pink saris, sandalwood and exchange a heartfelt namaste with shopkeepers smiling at our purchase of spiritual Indian texts.

Another decidedly proven cure for listlessness is to talk about magic, witchdoctors and my little pony with the sprite, lady-of-letters and her companion.

we brought roses the shade of deep creme.

Writing is a perfect way to release what ails us.

This is moleskine 129….

Packing for Paris is also a smart way to get excited about la vie jetset again.

Our restoration is almost complete, with a languorous Sunday morning with novels and the prospect of some shopping for satin items when the city awakes.
now inside caffeine’s dark embrace…

And an opportunity to be helpful to someone in the morning…..service heals, too.

So that’s it.

The immigration scariness is still depressing but We are no longer Depressed by it.

See how bloody healthy we are, darlings ;)

How’s your weekend? Do tell.

We Adore hearing from you!

JFK/T8: leaving for the Other Coast #bliss

as our friends here know, it’s been an Awfully Long Time since we pulled down the trusty silver samsonite, grabbed the black leather jacket and an ever-ready-selection-of-travel-size-products and wrapped ourselves warmly in the black pashmina (hard to find a black one but ever so much nicer and Rather Chic) and slipped into the back of a black town-car leaving manhattan in the early hours…….

if you are new to our adventures, (perhaps drawn here from instagram or the post yesterday on a delicious gift of a hat from the Basque region of spain – we Do have a most glorious set of jet set friends) here’s why we haven’t travelled/traveled/flown since late august: tobias and his sisters the Tumour/tumor story

Oh! We Do Love To Fly.

we even paid extra to get a nicer seat (this trip is for sheer pleasure so the Day Job isn’t footing the bill and popping us in the comfort of the front of a transatlantic jet……..but we were not born to riches so the back is normal and when at the front we beam with gratitude, darlings – especially on a Long-Haul flight to the People’s Republic of CHINA in our la vie jet set or paris, milan, madrid and the other points of engagement for the Day Job last year.

we must post our pictures of India (before we became teamgloria but we do have them in our archives….). Wonder how the Sophisticate is doing…….last we heard, he was watching Dawn over the Ganges. we’ll let you know more soon.

see you (in a virtual sense) on the Other Coast!

*huge sunny grin*

books and music and vintage magazines

couldn’t be happier.

wired on coffee.

and old paperbacks, vintage magazines and cheap CDs galore in the little black chevy aveo rental.


we know some people come to southern California for the beach and the sun and ice-cream. team gloria comes for dusty old book joints in burbank and great vinyl stores in silverlake. and we sit at the counter in 1940s coffee shops and eat fruit.






send caffeine

team gloria is exhausted.

send caffeine.

preferably in our special mug (see pix).

with our own beloved shade of blue (pantone 292C).

*btw, the carved stone elephant is from cape town, south africa (in our super special day job we once spoke at a rather important conference there) – alas we didn’t meet any elephants on that trip. but we did meet an elephant in india. we know! too, too, glam?!

did you know elephants are surprisingly hairy and scratchy? and their sad eyes make one weep. at least the one we met in india was ever so sad looking. but there again she wasn’t running free and wild with the other elephants in the wide open plains of life.


neither is team gloria.


back to the looooooonnnnnngggg day ahead at the day job in a conference – maintaining a steady drip of caffeine and surreptitious texting ;)

we know – it’s not exactly a hard life.

but there are movies playing at the cinema…………….

bagels, coffee and hope

team gloria was on what the french call a “regime” for many years but – since the arrival of tobias the tumor – has been spotted perched up on a high wooden stool somewhat early in the morning with a hot toasted whole wheat bagel and a little real butter (we don’t do fake – even when seeking comfort in products that can’t actually provide soothing but appear to – yes – SIGH – we are horribly evolved and have “done much work in this area”…………)

still – they are jolly nice. especially with a small mug of coffee with some warm milk and the view of advertising and design execs flowing past in top to toe black and curious shoes and capable bags.

feeling a lot like Winnie the Pooh on a post-Hunny-day.

but still culturally relevant as I do believe he has a new movie coming out……….

little italy: angels, st anthony and recipe for apple crunch

had the loveliest morning in little italy – all angels (see the one with gloria on her), watching aged and beautiful italian women heading to mass at old st patrick’s cathedral, coffee and fran lebowitz at mcnally jacksons, the morning-after-the-night-before streets of mulberry were covered in rice and confetti and other gifts from the feast of st anthony.

what a glorious place on a hot summer sunday in may.

sweet revenge: marlo scott’s cafe on carmine

Marlo Scott used to work for “The Man” – and then something happened and she built “sweet revenge” which is the loveliest place to hang out on a spring morning. Flower boxes, frothy coffee in thick white comforting enamel mugs, vintage silver cutlery, a genial spirit presides over the place. A cautionary tale that turned out rather well.

if you’re in the area…..62 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014, (212) 242-2240