east coast portraits: strawberry fields and late night conversations in diners forever

as you know, darlings, we like to Obtain Picture Approval before posting any of our east coast portraits and our friend NmP does not Do Email (which we Adore as a stand-out against the world of cruel distraction and late night meanderings on the Interweb) so we had to wait until our next movie occasion so we could ask him to Review the Work in a red plush seat in a large auditorium (which was so pleasurable a picture approval opportunity that we may well have to ask Everyone to do that in the future, if at all possible).

(we adore Proust but that was an Awfully long sentence, we do hope you didn’t attempt to read it out loud).

but there was success! and some pictures were duly Liked and here they are – yes that is Strawberry Fields and we met outside the Dakota to gather up our thoughts and conversation before heading over to Central Park to take photographs.

a most elegant man – and isn’t that a splendid waistcoat (english friends) or vest (english friends – yes, that’s what the Americans call a waistcoat – it took us such a Long time to understand that they weren’t talking about an unmentionable undergarment, darlings).

the book* prop is our own – we always have a prop in our photo-session-bag – either a book or some bubbles (and not just for children to blow – it often gets Grown-up People to relax and giggle which we enjoy – especially when shooting couples when one might be a Little bit Serious or wondering why on Earth they are doing this tom-foolery).

we often carry a blue-blue-cashmere scarf too – just to bring out people’s eyes (and we get very over-heated for some reason doing photographs – the concentration and element of Performance therein, perhaps, so it always gets stuffed into a bag with the rest of the props).

now our friend NmP is a Movie Fan, like us (in fact he can quote many of the movies we adore and so we have Quite a riff going back and forth during our late night conversations post-Movie in the Diner).

the Diner is an important feature of many of our movie nights – it’s where we dissect (in a positive way – never cruel in manner) the movie and the Plot and the various attributes of leading Stars and they way they light up the screen.

on that note – did Ben Whishaw completely steal Cloud Atlas? we think he did. And so beautifully – well, he is British Trained and if one can compete against the Talent in The Hour (we talk about the BBC program/programme/serial here, amongst other things, scroll down to see That Segment, it’s a long post) one can probably act brilliantly in whatever situation, even if it entails what happens Post-Fall after Neo Korea collapses (you have to see it for this – a Good Twist and we’re not spoiling anything by telling you that).

oh. wait.

Ben isn’t in the Post-Korea-Fall scenes.

we digress. but he’s Very good.

*just in case you’re curious, the book prop is the slim and Utterly Affecting and Sad and Beautiful memoir: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which was made into an Incredible movie, which we saw with NmP and so has special resonance for us both. A most deep sigh inducing tale indeed.

NmP and teamgloria spent a long time in quiet contemplation in a late-night diner after that one.

mon dieu holy motors. mon amour cloud atlas.


mon dieu.

we have no Earthly idea what it was about but Holy Motors was possibly the Most Beautiful piece of cinema we have seen for Quite a while (and, as you know, we watch a Lot of Movies).

when we tried to explain it to someone on the (baby pink princess) phone last night, we said, something garbled and breathless like this:

there was a man – and a very chic femme d’un certain age chauffeur in probably couture, possibly vintage – and the man kept changing shape/appearance/character and there was some stylized violence and realistic declarations of love and clearly intertwined sub-plots and dark alleys and rooftops and then there was Kylie, singing.



Kylie who has a very big gay following and has dated some of the most gorgeous men of our generation, that Kylie?

yes. and had breast cancer and triumphed over all and is now rather splendid in her 40s. that Kylie.

didn’t you say it was a French movie?

yes. Kylie speaks beautiful French. completely sans accent.



so – do you recommend it?

only if you want to be truly absorbed by beauty and strangeness and don’t mind having absolutely no idea what’s going on……



a bit like the movie you’re making me see tonight, then?

ah. yes.

quite probably.