recipe for relaxation: hot milk, candles and contraband television transmissions from Abroad


as you know we’ve been Awfully Busy (in a very good, productive, Being Useful and earning-money sort of a way) – travel(l)ing to Portland, Carlsbad, Brooklyn and Manhattan, returning to Los Angeles in between to indulge in some jetlag (a State with which we used to be Rather Familiar).

despite taking Good care to keep up with the vitamin regime and healthy repasts we find we May have the beginnings-of-a-cold (not a common cold, we don’t do those).

and so we Took to our Boudoir with the teamgloria recipe for Relaxation:


warm skim milk in a cup from Mr. Conran with cardamon and cinnamon spices to warm the spirit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the wafting of incense to purify the air. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand a chic candle from a French couture house.

while lying back against the vast soft pillows and enjoying some contraband British television which arrived courtesy of someone splendidly well-connected Abroad (thank you!)

the Trials of the Titled are ever so diverting when one *might* be coming down with a cold.


morning thoughts of storms, exhibitions and building a new life.


there was a terrific windy storm in los angeles last night – the windows rattled and the gusts blew – so we lounged inside, slightly exhausted from the long drive back from palm springs (a delicious Trip!) – and sipped warm milk with a chunky cinnamon  stick and watched Danish TV on DVDs (as one does).


while the wind raged outside, we remembered the Last Time we drove back from Palm Springs – do you recall? It was just-over-two-months-ago and we were driving into the city of angels to start a new life – full of apprehension about apartments and leasing cars and getting a new drivers license and setting up utility bills.

so we did what any pampered princess would do – instead of setting up the aero bed in an empty apartment with no furniture (still on the truck heading West) and no low soothing bedside lamps – we – (ahem) – checked into the Mondrian for the first night back.

and now here we are: 06:57AM, los angeles – in the apartment – with almost All details smoothly-sorted to build something quite fresh and new.



fueled gently by lovely cups of coffee from new orleans.

so – we just looked online for some mention of the storm last night but old news is not good news in Hollywood – unless it has a cultural crisis attached – so while we could Not find anything about Last Night – we did find this delicious headline for a similar storm last year.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.18.44 AMisn’t that just the Most marvel(l)ous juxtaposition?

we love it here.

Life is unfolding slowly.

sometimes Not in the way we thought at all.

but deliciously.

and in its own sweet way.

which is perfectly fine with us.

for now we book our Next Trip – to NYC – May 1st – if you’re in Town too – to stay with the lovely B, J & sparky (thank you ever so much, chaps) while we open The First Picture Show (gulp) of our photographic Work. *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.45.18 AM


success never smelled so sweet: Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter #lovebutter

someone that we believe is the next big e-commerce genius (we’ll interview her in due course – we think you’ll like her a Lot) recommended Lisa Price’s book “Success never smelled so sweet” about the inspirational creation of Carol’s Daughter.

we loved the book (especially her humility and boot-strapping approach to business and looking for inspiration in all-the-right-places and finding the women-who-love-her-product-and-tell-everyone and that leads Halle Berry to give Oprah a gift basket which leads to Lisa on Oprah’s show and – c’mon sister, you can guess the rest ;-) good for her, she worked bloody hard.

when we read something that inspires us we like to write to the author (will be doing that this evening with our Very Nice new Crane cards) and also buy their product.

so en route today (between brunch with mc – of the lovely Woodstock mala beads) and seeing Footloose (shhh! omg, loved it, not as good as the original but hey we’re not – cough – that young anymore) we stopped at Sephora and asked for Carol’s Daughter (a very nice display unit – and the packaging is all cream and bronze and autumnal shades).

now Carol’s Daughter’s products are created primarily to fulfill a need within the black community for hair and beauty products (especially gorgeous curly hair that needs special care) and, if you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll have guessed that we are Very Pale (and interesting) with the bloods of three-warring-nations (irish, french and english) and while our (growing) mane has a definite kicky wave to it, no curls here, love.

so we passed on the hair milks (yes, in sweet little churn-type packaging) and tried the body butters and Fell intensely for the “love butter” (great name, who wouldn’t?) – a rich and sumptuous consistency with the fragrance of musky cinnamon and cloves and vanilla

just plain yumminess and we can’t wait to run a bubble bath in the next hour or so, light candles and listen to soothing Mozart before applying aforementioned gorgeousness.

note the Very careful “oh my god, is that an elephant in the living room?” practical approach to business. Does it feel right? No? Then, hell, no, sister, don’t do it.

we wish more business people would take this tack – be careful with investors – that’s all we’re saying (because of the Day Job, yes).

isn’t she FABULOUS?

here’s a link if you feel the need to purchase something yummy for yourself (or a friend or a lover or anyone you feel might need a tiny bit of soothing deliciousness.)

night, darlings.

sleep well.