what the Dickens?

to dispel gloom-of-monday, we are casting our minds back to yesterday, which was Ever So Nice.

we had a small alt. family outing with jw/1 and jw/2 to the housing works bookshop to see a multi performer reading of A Christmas Carol.

tis the time of year, of course, but we are also delighted to say we are attending a full performance of aforementioned text with Cheltenham Lady on Christmas eve.

we adore the theatre.

we actually have a degree from London University (many years ago now, darlings) Partly In Theatre (and film and lots of curiously deep philosophy and Semiotics and Russian theory and other useful Very Late Night conversational material.)

but we never talk about it at the Day Job because everyone that counts either has (or wants) a business masters ;)

funny though – when one of the performers yesterday got stuck on some Very British Idiom and laughed:

I can’t do the accent

we had to physically restrain ourselves from jumping up in a declamatory Fashion….

we can!!!

the Urge to perform is getting stronger.

Just saying ;)