7 pieces of random-ness for a sunday inspired by @Madame_de_Pique


the most lovely Madame de Pique has graciously bestowed on us a nomination for an award, which is Most delicious, *humblecurtsey*.

Versatile Blogger Award

however, we are going to break the rules (and not make any New nominations ourselves) because we have engaged, quite recently, in a long (and some might say exhausting) round of a similar experience of nominating and reading and commenting and being re-nominated and we just can’t face putting people through that again…..

so just because it’s Sunday and we’re feeling a tiny bit jet-lagged but generous – do check out Madame de Pique’s nominations so we can expand our family of aesthetes around the world a little more each day.

Nominations from Madame de Pique

(in a perfectly random manner) 

  1. Tiaras and Trianon
  2. the Pragmatic Costumer
  3. Empress Chronicles
  4. Life Takes Lemons
  5.  Saints, Sisters and Sluts
  6. teamgloria (note to self, you’re already here, darlings)
  7.  Splatter
  8. Sifting the Past
  9.  Good Gentlewomen
  10.  Versailles Gossip
  11. Cafe Royal
  12. Education of Madame X
  13. Les Favorites Royale
  14. Edwardian Promenade
  15. WTF Art History

and now our 7 random facts:

  1. a ripe peach with feta cheese (small cubes please) is our preferred breakfast fare
  2. this is our favo(u)rite photograph (taken by someone else) of all time (we have a large copy of it in our boudoir)
  3. celestial blue and slipper satin pink are the most soothing shades and we have accents of both all over our house
  4. we don’t like distractions so we don’t have skype, cable (television) or a facebook account
  5. we long to have a house in new orleans and work with Patrick Dunne on its decoration
  6. we wear three fragrances, depending on mood, time of day or activity ahead: Vivienne Westwood Boudoir, Chanel No. 5 and Chloe by Chloe (originally launched by Karl – may we call him Karl? in 1975 – not easy to find as the market has all the updated ones, not nearly as evocative of estoril, portugal circa 1984, but we just visited a classic fragrance seller in manhattan and found a single bottle which we brought home)
  7. we are slightly scared by writing because it seems to come from somewhere else and is a most insistent energy when it wants to be expressed, no matter where or what we are doing at that moment

and now here are a few photographs from our sunday-back-in-the-city-of-angels (basking on the sofa in sunlight, writing in bed, heading to the farmer’s market any moment – #divine – as one Does in this beauteous Land.)


how’s your sunday so far, love?

and merci to Madame de Pique for inspiring this post.