a tiny moment of parisian heaven in studio city.


we were in Studio City at teatime, interviewing a very glamorous person for an upcoming column (you may have guessed, yes, we’re stockpiling articles because we’re about to start on a New Project as who-we-are-in-RL and get Terribly Busy) and There it was – – – –

– beauteousness


and about five chandeliers.

in a shop called “swag”.

we stopped dead in our tracks and slipped inside and in a reverie sought out the owner (a certain Diane Peiffer, interiors expert/designer/collector/genius for the last thirty years in this Tinseltown) and said (in a hushed whisper so we didn’t disturb the chandeliers)

may we take pictures?

and she said yes.

so here they are – isn’t it a GORGEOUS place?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhite and creme floaty fabric roses for a Décolletage on a sumptuous ballgown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsoft linen wraps and bijou-bijoux.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAah, notes for a billet-doux.

so – we asked Diane – as we floated around the shop taking photographs –

how often do you go to Paris on purchasing trips?

there was a pause.

Diane smiled.

I’ve never actually been to Paris.


but everything in here is so-very-Parisian!

we said, with delicate confusion, and surprise – the entire shop was a tiny corner of Parisian late 18th century boudoir-gloriousness.

my grandmother was French……..

said Diane.

clearly it’s in your blood

we smiled.

and it Is.

there’s no way someone without French blood could put together that particular combination of glittering lustre, gilt mirrors, cherubs, crosses-be-jewel(l)ed and a low glow as if from candlelight behind a Chinoiserie screen a la Madame Chanel.







there was even this adorable glimpse into 1930s english “gels”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

now this made us *shiver*

do you know why?

it’s a shop in the very town where We Are From in RL..


which is (according to mr. google) 5437 miles (or 8750.35 kilometres if you’re european) away.

how did it get HERE?

and it is over one hundred years old (all the prints are at witch ball print shop)

so there must be a story.

or at least a story.

for some reason we didn’t buy the print.

not sure why.

perhaps because we knew someone will be in soon and it’s theirs to buy (yes, we think like That).


now you can’t go On the interweb and look at swag because, well, there’s not an interweb site per se (as yet) but Diane has some Pinteresting Items for swag Here.

and if you want to visit swag in RL – here’s the address and a helpful map.

4332 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.44.02 PM

and if you Do visit – let us know and we’ll drive over the hill and meet you and we’ll have a cafe creme here – it’s just down the road from swag.


not the only spot of parisian paradise in studio city as you can see – the whole street is full of frivolous delicious beauty and the aroma of chicory-laden sweet embrace of caffeine.

who knew?


the glamorous person we were interviewing today for an upcoming column, that’s who.

it help to know people who know where the chandeliers are kept in this town.

just saying.


and now if you’ll excuse us, we must retire with a suitably naughty companion to tell us scurrilous tales of the louche life (and, coincidentally, we’ve just got to the chapter on Paris……)


we shall return tomorrow with an Extract.

either from Rupert’s book – or from one of our (forthcoming) tales.

goodnight, darlings

let’s all dream about Paris tonight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhere’s a little night music to soothe you into the slumbering hours……..

[just in case Your Country doesn’t allow you to see this clip – it’s the glorious Cecilia Bartoli singing “Ombra mai fu” is the opening aria from the 1738 opera Serse by Maestro Handel.]

pampered princess.

A Day of Pampering, darlings.

And cultural education.



It’s So bloody cold in NYC today that we dashed from the swimming pool to the newsstand/newsagent/purveyorofglossies to brunch (thank you mC!) to a Brisk Walk to the hairdressers (thank you divinely lovely Peter!) to a quick moment with Andree Putman (sadly only between the Assouline covers, love) on the sofa/chaise/restfulsymphonyoftextiles to the spa (nihao, xie xie, M!) and now home.

we shall remain here, slathered in moisturizer until sunrise.

Oh. We forgot.

We also went to Therapy.


We have more Issues than we thought, darlings.

At least we are well-groomed to face them ;)

upper east side dinner for nine.

so chic.

we went to a Very Important Occasion last night. It was a dinner party for nine. With an honoured/honored/special guest (gosh, no, can’t reveal on Guide’s honour/honor – although team gloria never made it to the Guides as we were somewhat bitchy – there may even have been a 7 year olds slapping session – to Brown Owl’s priggish daughter whom, we felt, gained a badge rather more swiftly than team gloria and so we were asked to turn in our unflattering mid-brown dress).

so last night was chic and clever and we were indulged with elegant repast and returned the compliment with rather glittering conversation.

however grown-up we might be Out There, a little team gloria slips into the general flow when we get animated.

as, for example, when we were explaining how an illegal IP address re-router opens up a channel for naughty file-sharing and thereby provides a wormhole into one’s hard-drive…….to enhance our message we found ourselves doing a visual (we put our fingers around our eyes to mimic goggles) and everyone stopped talking.

Cue: giggling.