late afternoon sunlight falls on manhattan


super tired #jetlag now.

but wanted to share a few pictures before we turn in for the night of late afternoon sunlight falling on manhattan as we walked up 7th avenue (felt very Calvin Klein and fashion-y saying “7th Avenue” so freely then – could you feel that?).





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then we had chicken soup and did some study-hall-stuff in companionship with B.

yes, white roses.

wonder who bought those……


one day two glorias

serendipity abounds.

at the doctors we got up by mistake and had to sit down, giggling silently.

they called out for GLORIA and a little spanish woman got up and went in.

as you’ve probably guessed by now, our name in RL is not gloria ;)

and then – at the restaurant after when we treated ourselves to a delicious gumbo (for our british friends, this is a dish from new orleans and yummy) and – guess what – our lovely waitress/host gave us the check – we looked down – did a double-take and said:

oh gosh, is your name GLORIA?!

It WAS! and we talked for a while about illness and not needing so much stuff and Never Seeing Things The Same Way Again and we felt comforted and pretty smiley to be honest.

plus she had the Nicest tattoo.

we’re off to see One Day (movie) now………

Vogue | November 1968

stopped by the flea-market in chelsea after brunch with friends nearby and found this rather battered (but wonderful) copy of Vogue Nov 1968 (in those days Vogue was a bi-monthly so this is the Nov 1st issue).

Curious fact: there are three women called Gloria on the masthead:

1. Gloria Schiff, Special Projects Editor

2. Gloria Gersh, Art Department

3. Gloria Lister, Public Relations Director

Those in the know will recognize the name Gloria Schiff as one of Slim Aarons beautiful people. Here’s a snippet of the picture below (the birds in cages made me too sad in the full shot but you can see it here.)