eating a cheese sandwich in the rain on fifth avenue

It’s not exactly breakfast at tiffany but we Did enjoy the remains of our cheese sandwich while walking up fifth avenue in the rain.

We ruminated on Life.

And running our first Ever so exciting report at the Accountants.

Just learned quickbooks.

No revenues, as yet.

But a General Ledger feels Jolly Important.

We even took a diner-bought greek themed cup-a-coffee, for the Full new york Effect while we frowned (prettily) over our numbers with our Kind lady accountant.

To shelter from the Rain, before our next meeting, we stopped in at grand central station.

Mostly because #weadoreachandelier

But you knew that already, didn’t you darlings? ;)

Hoping william feels better soon. He has a Rotten Cold back in England.

Waving in wellness from manhattan.